Did Captain Hull Have Three Daughters?

The Benton family were Freemasons. I suspect the Freemasons, who built Benton Hall, built a secret  underground vault where is kept the Masonic Master Plan for America, and, the account of the Masonic expidtion for the Fountain of Youth! My childhood sweetheart, Marilyn Reed, used to swim in it when she was a girl. Then it dried up. She saved some of the water from this spring – for old age! But, she used it to keep her husband alive for ten years. The Rose Water she owned, is gone. She swore she was going to save this water – for our old age! Where this spring will pop-up next, is a mystery.

Ed Ray came under the spell of Native Americans led by a Mexican whose ancestors owned a Spanish land grant in California. The war of The Twin Rose and Tower – is on! Eric Richardson has gone over to the Dark Side. His soul is be manipulated by King Philip’s Sea Lord who led the Spanish Armada against England. John Wilson celebrated the defeat of this fleet in his long poem of Thanksgiving. However, this ancient Islamic Jinn, followed Wilson to Massachusetts.

My chubby black-eyed neighbor should go climb about his own family tree, mind his own business, and stay out of my infamous Rose Tree. Stay out of trouble! Everything I write is copyrighted under a special copyright made for Ministers.

Take note of the White Roses strewn on the carpet before Empress Zita, Queen of Bohemia and the Habsburg. She fled to America when Hitler placed a price on her head. The Dark Sea Jinn…..came to America…..in pursuit.

Thomas Jefferson sent the U.S.S. Constitution and the U.S.S Enterprise to the Barbary Coast to defeat the Dark Sea Lord who was poised to declare himself Caliph, then launch a Jihad against England that was planning another invasion of the United States. Why help the Windsors? Hull captained both ships and was victorious!

John Wilson Rosamond

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Rosamond Press

One of my grandfathers was Commodore Isaac Hull, who was close with the Hart sisters. It is alleged three never married and had a child. Did they become Nuns? I don’t buy it.  Some of the Hart sisters were involved in a strange Catholic burial, and I suspect were disowned. There was a curse on the Hart home. Joseph may be Isaac’s son, who may have fallen in love with his aunt Amelia. There was a huge family feud that needs more investigation.

John Presco

Amelia, sixth daughter, married Captain, afterward Commodore Joseph HULL, U. S. N., a nephew of Commodore Isaac HULL. Three of the (Hart) daughters died unmarried.”

Isaac Hull, (USN) MP

Birth:March 09, 1773
Derby, CT, United States
Death:February 13, 1843 (69)
Philadelphia, PA, United States
Place of Burial:Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States
Immediate Family:Son of

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