My Vigilant German Kindred

Three of my German grandfathers were Turnverien who are kin to the Forty-Eighters who fought to free the SLAVS – THE SLAVES – of Europe. When they lost their Abolitionist War, they fled to America. When they go off the ship, they were given a uniform of the Union, and a rifle, then sent marching into the heart of the Confederacy. I tried to share my family history with Eric Richardson in a church, where he spoke with Marillyn Reed’s choir behind him. That was seven years ago. Two nights ago, at the Jazz Station, I heard Eric declare he owns ALL THE TRUTH! He declared he has figured it out, and, he is right! As a leader of the NAACP I own the right to contest his claims. I believe he still isn’t ready for that!

Rosamond Press

In the photograph of my German grandfathers taken in the Oakland Hills, we see a rifle hung in a tree. Carl Janke owned a German Theme park south of San Francisco where sharpshooter contests were held. I suspect my German People helped form the Vigilante Committees of California with the help of the Turnverein. I believe they helped found the Jewish Turnverein of Berlin, who were instrumental in founding the Nation of Israel.

This rifle is the symbol of the Emancipation of the slaves. The treacherous Confederacy murdered thousands in order to keep Americans in chains. When the Germans lost their battle against the Papal forces of the Habsburgs, they came to America on many ships. When they came down the gangplank, waiting for them were countrymen, who gave them a rifle and a uniform. They were now Freedom Fighters in the Union Army – and they marched against Lee’s…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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