Boho Russian Punksterwear – The Impeachment Line

Crimea’s Chief Prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya (C) carries an icon with a portrait of the last Russian tsar Nicholas II as she takes part in the Immortal Regiment march during the Victory Day celebrations in Simferopol, Crimea, on May 9, 2016.
/ AFP PHOTO / Max Vetrov

FILE-This July 10, 2012, file photo shows Occupy Eugene member Emily Semple, right, smiling as she is placed under arrest by Federal Police after she refused to leave the outdoor plaza at the Federal Courthouse in Eugene, Ore. (AP Photo/The Register-Guard, Chris Pietsch, File)

Arthur Lee of Love says Jimmy Hendricks ripped off his – look! He said he punched out Jim Morrison when he caught him going through Bryan McClean’s drawer in his room at the castle.

Right now, there in a lull in the Impeachment action. Pelosi is trying to get Donald Duke to come before Congress and MAKE A STATEMENT. Consider the term FASHION STATEMENT something that Alleybelle were constantly doing. They exploit womanhood – in the radical hood!

The Gettys were going to sue Danny Boyle when they saw ‘Trust’. Boyle was chosen to shoot James Bond 25 but he was off the project. I want A$AP Rocky in my Bond movie ‘The Royal Janitor’. He would make a great James Bond – after that – if my movie-book style is adapted.

I want Alley Valkyrie in my movie because she is a New Age Scoundrel, the female Artful Dodger. She made me chortal on many occasions when I beheld her fashion line she sold the Saturday Market. She is void of talent. She is not an artist – or cartoonist! She did capture Belle, who I compared to Rosamond, the Sleeping Beauty Princess. I offer Belle, and thus SLEEPS, the greatest fashion statement in the world – the Rose of the World! This is the archetypal story of the Old Hag of the woods, who waylays Beauty in the forest, and puts a cunning spell on her. This is HIGH FASHION because it is the out with the old, and in with the new – via the prick of a weaving needle. THINK THREADS! Threads would make a great title for a Dickens revival movie.

“I made a cool million off my stylized Yellow Vests, just by putting my iconic bird on them with a stencil.”

Sometimes a Male Svengali is employed to CAPTURE BEAUTY! I am depicted as a Svengali by the Kimite Gang of Ugly Women. I met a young woman at a party on Beacon Hill who was wearing a cashmere sweater over her very firm breasts.

“Excuse me. I see you are not wearing a bra under your lovely sweater. Since pubesence, it has been my fantasy to fondle the breasts of a young woman wearing a cashmere sweater – with no bra! May I?”

“Thank you!” (It was on my bucket list.)

My luscious fantasy fulfilled, as several hipsters looked on, she agreed to sleep with me, but not at my appartment.

“My grandmother will worry if I don’t come home!”

She lived on Beacon Hill, two block from each other. When we entered her home, we were greeted by an Old Ugly Hag that looked like she just came from the Eastern Bloc.  When Emily stood by her bed, about to get in it where lie a naked man, I asked her old she was.

“I’m sixteen! What’s wrong?”

“Ah. I don’t sleep with underage women!”

“Where are you from? The age of consent is sixteen in Massachusetts!”

Several days later I invited her to stay the night at my place. I decorated. I had candles – with wine!

“I don’t feel comfortable here. Let’s go to my room!”

I did not feel comfortable making love to this Damsel with the old hag in the next room. I could hear her cough! Emily had the most RIPE body I had ever seen, but, she was still Granny’s Little Girl. She was not ready to go out into – the real world. Shades of James Bond. Was I a Womanizer? Yes. I would get caught by my three lovers at a blues bar in Cambridge.

I grew up in the Ripe Age of The Sweater Girls, which would make a great Rap song. At R&R Fashions, the Sexy Thought Police would come on the giant T.V. screen, now and then, bringing all shopping to a halt! Alley Valkyrie will be Chief Prosecutor of the Boho Bosom Squad. She will recite real diatribe invented by Leftist Lesbians in order to control the franchise while Donald Duke’s Evangelical Wow Girls, knock em dead!

“If you are a Democrat, and have lust in your heart, without surrendering to Jesus, and Tsar Nicholas, you must report to your local Penis and Vagina compound, and submit to a humiliating body cavity search!”

Above is Talitha, the Boho Fashion Model who married John Paul Getty Jr. She is in my family tree, and is kin to Ian Fleming. I still want Belle to model for me. I did not reject her. I asked for a rewrite. If she was found guilty and went to prison, I would be waiting at the prison when she got out. We agreed to be Radical Artists – together!  How much more radical – can we be? I suggest we found a Boho  Fashion Line that helps the Homeless, especially young women who are on the cusp. The proceeds from Rosamond Rags can go to low cost housing. Alley can help promote RR.

I employed the photo of Yule Rose in my Bond book. Starfish wants to replicate her mother’s liberated victories on 13th. Street by wearing a tank-top with no bra. She is shocked that no students notice her. This is because they are lectured on how not to provoke un-wanted sexual contact of any kind. Even just looking can be seen as a form of rape. This is why the students look down at their cellphones – at pornography – which is epidemic! Not wearing any clothes – is really in!

I had another lover on Beacon Hill who went to Vassar. She was doing a paper on Prostitution, and thus I had to pay her for sex – on a sliding scale. She had her small room decorated for Sex. I loved to behold her – in red light! She introduced me to another customer. She had four. Of course I did Van Gough and explored my deepest feelings, all the time thinking of cutting off my ear. We grew close. She allowed me to get in touch with – my pain!

I love women – to death! They are the greatest! This is one of the sexiest, thus one of the most beautiful photographs of a woman I have ever seen. This is a mature and healthy primate, who is saying…..

“I want to duck – everyone!”

Belle knew she had the Healthy German Superwoman – look! I suspect her lover, who took this photo, is a neo-Nazi Punkster.

I never tire of studying Belle’s features. The corner of her mouth, the slight cleft in her strong chin, the shadow under her lower lip, the up-turned lip with high cheeks. Growing up in Oakland, there was something bad-ass about Belle, and something very sweet. I wanted to rescue her like I did Darcy – who was sixteen also! I did not know about that being the age of consent. I talked her into going back to live with her mother who in the country. I spent Christmas with this family of two. They both were lonely.

Society says the ideal is for young women to find the blue-eyed idealist who loves them – more than their parents! I fit the bill. Young males can’t handle – the demand! They don’t develop any social skills. I lived in a building near the campus of the UofO, and accepted an invitation to her party. I was appalled! These stunning women were huddled together doing their best not to look terrified. Their counterparts had drunk themselves – beyond silly – until they owned the courage to make grunting sounds, aimed at the raw meat.

I saved Rena, and Dottie Witherspoon. I would find out several years later, around the same time, my sister Christine was raped and filmed by a married couple who lived below our kin. The wife pulled a gun. My Michael Dundon grabbed it, and threw a garbage can down on the fleeing husband. I was my sister’s ideal. I should have tried more to save her. She got on welfare after she was raped at work, and, took up art to support herself and my niece. She became a world famous artist who rendered Bohemian Women. She and her husband, were friends of Ann and Gordon Getty. Marylin told me our friend, Jeff Pasternak is looking for an agent to promote his screenplay. I think I am going to follow suit.

The church sent young ladies of noblemen to convents to keep them out of reach of the monsters. There is no slow economic lane for our young. Women still in their teens, used to be able to get a job as a waitress or secretary, and pay a $100 dollars for rent –  and $500 hundred for a used car. $50 bucks would buy food for the month. I believe all women between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one should get a grant from the Federal Government. Young people are coming out and voting against Trump because the window to meet and marry the one, is a small one. I wish them all the best.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

The retired US Navy Adm. William McRaven, a Navy SEAL who oversaw the raid that took out al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden in 2011, gave a bleak assessment of President Donald Trump and alleged the commander in chief was gutting the country of the “nation’s principles.”

Russian Sex Camps – The Nashi Love Power Movement

Russians are running out of newborn babies and the Soviet government is running sex and procreation camps.

Note in the Purity Ball video the father wishes his virginal daughter well – but hopes she will one day have FOUR children. This is because he knows his ilk are losing races to minorities – who are breeding at a much faster rate. Purity Princesses are Breeders for Jesus. How about Hitler and the Fatherland?

This what you get when men took control of women three thousand years go.


Sex for the motherland: Russian youths encouraged to procreate at campBy EDWARD LUCAS

“The conversation then shifted to Ambassador Sondland’s efforts, on behalf of the President, to assist a rapper who was jailed in Sweden, and I could only hear Ambassador Sondland’s side of that part of the conversation. Ambassador Sondland told the President that the rapper was “kind of f—-d there,” and “should have pled guilty.” He recommended that the President “wait until after the sentencing or it will make it worse,” adding that the President should “let him get sentenced, play the racism card, give him a ticker-tape when he comes home.” Ambassador Sondland further told the President that Sweden “should have released him on your word,” but that “you can tell the Kardashians you tried.”

Giuliani, through his lawyer, Robert Costello, denies that any private meeting took place that night at the White House, saying it was a mere handshake and photo opportunity. Costello also rejects Parnas’ claims of being put on a “James Bond” style mission, saying that Parnas is “no Sean Connery,” and that he suffers from “delusions of grandeur.”

The Dharma Bum Fashion Dance



loveband4Several years ago I approached Jeff Pasternak about producing Love Dance. Jeff, Bryan McLean, Marilyn Godfrey, and I attended University High School in West LA, in 1964. We considered ourselves Bohemians. After we broke up, Jeff took Marilyn to France where she lived with her sister, Shannah, who co-wrote ‘This Bitch of a Life’ with her husband, Carlos Moore. The life of Fela is now a hit on off-Broadway.

Marilyn reminded me that I danced the Balero for her. I loved to dance. Marilyn and I had our own Bohemian scene. I was an artist, and she was my model. Marilyn’s first modeling job came when she was thirteen.

Joe Pasternak produced the movie ‘Girl Happy’ starring Elvis Presley, whose ghost dances with Priyanka Chopra in the Bollywood movie ‘Fashion’ which is about beautiful sisters who become fashion models. Joe made ‘The Sweet Ride’ in 1968 a Hollywood film that attempted to exploit the Bohemians, Beatniks, and Hippies

Marilyn wanted to be a fashion designer. Rena considered modeling like her three older sisters. If Rena had entered the Miss Universe pageant in 1971, she would have won. Chopra became a Bollywood Star and a fantastic dancer. Rena Christiansen became a choreographer. I was a follower of Meher Baba, and Jeff a devotee of Yogananda whom Marilyn turned him onto. Bohemians may have come from India. There were important lessons from the East that I shared with my lovers.

Alas, when American Youth stops texting, they are going to want to dance again. Until then, my generation of beautiful Dharma Bums would like to behold the Dance of Dance, the Best of Love. Bryan was in love with Christine who used fashion models from magazines to render her beautiful Rosamond Women. Her great grandfather, Wensel Prescowitz, came from Bohemia.

Jeff lived here in Eugene for many years and along with his wife, Shannon, in 1987, we tried to turn the Whiteaker neighborhood into a Bohemian refuge.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2012

Bohemian – a member of a people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and who traditionally live by seasonal work and fortunetelling; they are believed to have originated in northern India but now are living on all continents (but mostly in Europe, North Africa, and North America)
Roma, Romani, Romany, Rommany, Gipsy, Gypsy
Indian – a native or inhabitant of India
gitana – a Spanish female Gypsy
gitano – a Spanish male Gypsy

Joseph Herman Pasternak (September 19, 1901 – September 13, 1991) was a Hungarian-born American film producer in Hollywood.
Born to a Jewish family in Szilágysomlyó, Austria-Hungary (now Șimleu Silvaniei, Sălaj County, Romania), Pasternak was a successful film producer in Germany and Austria by the time he was 28 years old.
Pasternak worked for Universal Pictures in Europe, where he made German-language musicals for the international market. He hit upon a successful formula, building light musical comedies around an adolescent soprano (Franciska Gaal). Following the establishment of the Nazi regime, Pasternak emigrated to Universal’s Hollywood studio in 1936. He adapted his usual format for English-speaking audiences, casting 14-year-old Canadian singer Deanna Durbin in Three Smart Girls (1936). The film became a huge hit and reputedly saved Universal from bankruptcy

Pasternak is the father of Michael Joseph Pasternak, the radio disk jockey known as Emperor Rosko; Jeff Pasternak, a playwright and songwriter; and Peter Pasternak, a music industry professional.

The Sweet Ride (1968) is an American counter-culture drama with a few surfer/biker exploitation film elements. It stars Anthony Franciosa, Michael Sarrazin and Jacqueline Bisset in an early starring role. The film also features Bob Denver in the role of Choo-Choo, a Beatnik piano-playing draft dodger. Sarrazin and Bisset were nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer, Male and Female respectively.

The San Francisco rock and roll band Moby Grape contributed to the soundtrack, and appeared, credited, in the film, performing the song “Never Again” in a Sunset Strip nightclub called the Tarantula. Other famous Sunset Strip locations include Gazzarri’s and Scandia, as well as location filming in Malibu, according to reviews of the film.

Girl Happy is a 1965 American musical romantic comedy and beach party film starring Elvis Presley in his 18th feature. The movie won a fourth place prize Laurel Award in the category Top Musical of 1965. It featured the song “Puppet on a String”, which reached #14 on the Billboard Hot 100, #3 on the Adult Contemporary chart and in Canada, and was certified Gold by the RIAA.

Red Chillies Entertainment (RCE) is an Indian motion picture production and distribution company, based in Mumbai. The company was founded in 2004 by Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan. It formed from Dreamz Unlimited.
The company has five sub divisions: apart from film production, RCE has a visual effects studio known as Red Chillies VFX, a studio for TV commercials known as Red Chillies TVC, a Television programs production division under the name of Red Chillies Idiot Box and an equipment Leasing division. The company also has a little over 50% stake in the Cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders.
Sanjiv Chawla is the Executive Producer of the company, while Gauri Khan serves as a producer. In February 2013, Venky Mysore, the CEO of Kolkata Knight Riders took over additional responsibility as CEO of Red Chillies Entertainment as well.[2] Red Chillies Entertainment was ranked as the third, fifth and seventh most powerful production house in Bollywood in 2007, 2008 and 2009 respectively.[3][4]

Priyanka Chopra (pronounced [prɪˈjəŋkaː ˈtʃoːpɽaː]; born 18 July 1982) is an Indian film actress, singer, and songwriter. Chopra won the Femina Miss India World and Miss World titles of 2000 and has had a successful film career since, mostly in Bollywood films. Today she is one of Bollywood’s highest-paid actresses and one of the most popular celebrities in India. Chopra has won a National Film Award for Best Actress and Filmfare Awards in four categories.
Chopra was born in Jamshedpur to parents who were both physicians in the Indian army. Due to their occupations, she frequently travelled as a child, but considers Bareilly to be her real home. After a period of living with an aunt in the United States, she moved back to India and won a local beauty contest. In 2000, her mother entered her into the Femina Miss India contest, in which she finished second and took the Femina Miss India World title. She was then entered into the Miss World pageant, where she was crowned Miss World 2000, becoming the fifth Indian to win the competition.

Although Chopra had aspirations to graduate with a degree in engineering or psychiatry, she accepted offers to join the Indian film industry, making her acting debut opposite Vijay in the Tamil film Thamizhan in 2002. The following year, she starred in The Hero, her first Hindi film release, and followed it with the box-office hit Andaaz, which won her the Filmfare Best Female Debut Award (shared with Lara Dutta) and a nomination for the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award. She subsequently earned wide critical recognition for the role of a seductress in the 2004 thriller Aitraaz, winning her the Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Negative Role. Chopra starred in the 2006 blockbuster superhero film Krrish, and established herself as a leading contemporary actress of Hindi Cinema. After a period with little acclaim, she was praised for her portrayal of a range of unconventional characters, including a troubled model in the 2008 drama Fashion (for which she won many ‘Best Actress’ awards), (film)

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