Blood Will Be On Your Hands

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Men of the South!………..Do not stain your hands with the blood of the Kurds. Write your elected people and protest the murderous actions of Erdogan, the Muslim Turk.

Our President created a Treacherous Shadow Government believing God and the Red State evangelicals gave him permission to betray his country – and the Kurds? Reporters are looking for a past President to see if any resemble Trump’s outrageous actions. I found him in President Jefferson Davis who conspired with many foreign powers to help his defeat the Union Army.

Only Switzerland and Russia back Lincoln. Davis could not even run a Mom&Pop store. It was all about him – and his white man image! Lee only cared about sustaining his gift to get a glimpse of the battlefield – of tomorrow! He was a Seer, we share the same blood! Davis was an albatross around Lee’s neck!


Days after his disastrous White House press briefing in which he admitted President Donald Trump was seeking out a quid pro quo with Ukraine before saying never mind, acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney struggled to walk back his comments under the intense and relentless grilling of Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace.

Almost immediately during the Sunday morning broadcast, Wallace pressed Mulvaney on his remarks, asking why he said during the press conference that military aid to Ukraine depended on investigating the actions of Democrats during the 2016 election, prompting Mulvaney to assert that he never actually said that.

“Again, that’s not what I said, that’s what people said I said,” he replied before saying there were “two reasons” why the United States would have held up aid: corruption and whether other European nations were helping with aid.

Spencer and My Southern History

“Revising history, tearing down history and carting away history — all for the sake of saving someone’s hurt feelings — is a despicable trend of late that’s been prompted in large part by minority groups that have finally found a voice.

But Richard Spencer, you’re not helping. You’re actually fueling racial flames and aiding the other side’s arguments.”

The bottom three photographs are members of the Hodges family, who intermarried with the Rosamond family for generations. We fought on the side of the Confederacy.  Here is my brother’s racist misogynist essays. Mark Presco has been a neo-Nazi most of his life. Spencer is a neo-Nazi who subscribes to the lie non-whites caused “brothers” to kill each other – needlessly.

Denne Sweeny took over the leadership of the Sons of Confederate Veterans from
my kinfolk, Anthony Hodges. Above we see Sweeney ‘The Neo-Confederate Swine’
parading around with grown men in Confederate uniforms carrying Confederate
flags. He is the big guy in greenish-grey coat. Here are some of the captions
that go with these photos. It sounds like Sweeney is commanding a imaginary army
standing up for “their ancestors” who have risen from the dead, risen from their
graves! Is this Judgment Day, or, Lord of the Rings?

“Our Texas Division leaders were there standing up for their ancestors. (l-r)
Steve von Roeder, 2nd Lt. Commander; Denne Sweeney, Division Commander; Steve
Lucas, 1st Lt. Commander.

Commander Manning (and George Ballentine) get an audience with Representative
Suzanna Gratia Hupp representing District 54.

Texas Division Commander, Denne Sweeney, gives us our marching orders.”
One could say that when Joe Wilson called our President a liar, and when the
Speaker of the House and President Obama shot Wilson a hard stare, the
make-believe world of Denne Sweeney came alive because that shout is going to
play a big role in American History. Once again, the Confederate Traitors are –
up to bat! But, are they for real? How can they own real credibility if they are
coming out of the Republican Party founded by Radical Republicans who hated
everything Sweeney stands for, and indeed, wanted to put his kind behind bars and
give their land to their Black Slaves!

No doubt Sweeney and his Swine are Republicans and Evangelicals who have
compromised their alleged Family Moral Traditions by being members of the
Republican party founded by Freethinkers, Atheists, and Socialists. This has
tainted their make-believe religion founded by John Darby. This membership cast
doubt on their hegemony, their claim God gave them America and the Constitution.

The Rev. Eric Dean, an American Southerner living in Europe, had been hearing the rumors for months. Finally, he decided to pay a visit to a former high-ranking leader of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), the Southern heritage group of which Dean had long been a proud member. Was it true, Dean asked last November, that the SCV was being taken over by racial extremists? Were the decent colleagues Dean remembered really being swamped by white supremacists?

Within days of his visit to Tennessee to see Anthony Hodges, the former No. 2 leader in the SCV who had earlier been purged by his enemies, Dean had reached a conclusion. Hodges, he E-mailed comrades in the SCV, had told him the group was moving “towards a more politically active, secessionist and racist agenda.” “Racial groups,” Hodges added, controlled “key leadership positions.” As a result, there was an ongoing “exodus” of lifelong SCV members, including U.S. senators.

And so Eric Dean quit the SCV. Members of the unit he served as chaplain did, too. And with that, the SCV’s entire European division ceased to exist.

Former Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard David Duke and other hard-right figures are praising white nationalist and alt-right figurehead Richard Spencer’s protest to block the removal of a memorial to Confederate Civil War General Robert E. Lee in Virginia.

“We will not be replaced from this park, whites have a future, we have a future of power,” Spencer said through a bullhorn as he led protesters during an afternoon rally Saturday. Spencer said people who seek equality of races want whites “neutered and in a museum.” Supporters of his white nationalist ideology held banners and shouted “you will not replace us!”

Spencer, a self-described white supremacist, just led a chant-filled protest — complete with torches and calls to preserve “white heritage” — to save a Robert E. Lee statue from being removed from its Charlottesville, Virginia, spot.

In April, the City Council voted to sell the statue, which has stood in its Lee Park spot since 1924 as a proud symbol of the Confederacy. The Confederate Veterans, Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy were given charge of unveiling the monument, which was seven years in making.

“It was … presented to the city on May 21, 1924, during a Confederate reunion,” according to the “History of Lee Park” section at “As part of the ceremony, one hundred cadets from the Virginia Military Institute paraded through the center of Charlottesville decorated with Confederate colors.”

The monument was a memory of the South’s struggle, the inspiring and courageous leadership of one of America’s greatest strategic generals and a recognition of those who fought and died in the fight against the Union.

But Spencer, one of the leading voices to keep the statue in place, is making it seem that way.

“What brings us together is that we are white, we are a people and we will not be replaced,” he said, during this past weekend’s protest and march through the city, New York Magazine reported.

And in another and earlier protest, broadcast on Periscope video, Spencer also said: “You will not replace us. You will not destroy us. You cannot destroy us. We have awoken. We are here. We are never going away.”

How is this rhetoric helping, though?

Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors and a contender for governor of Virginia, has made the statue one of his political causes, saying it has historical value and its removal is little more than “political correctness” run amok.

And on that, he’s quite correct. Removing the Robert E. Lee statue is a travesty. Charlottesville isn’t the only city facing such a fight; in fact, hundreds of similar Confederate symbols are planted in spots across the South.

Rightly so: The region is rich with Civil War history. These statues and monuments recognize those who fought. Stripping the South of these memories would be as wrong as stripping the country of the likes of the monuments of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson in Washington, D.C. Feeling offense should not be the standard by which our histories are recorded and recognized in monuments.

But Spencer’s only fueling the side of the anti-Confederate monument crowd by giving voice to their concerns — that the monuments are testaments to racism. It’s the same argument that stripped the Confederate flag from places of public property flying, like South Carolina’s Capitol.

The only hope for those who truly want the monuments of the South to stay for reasons related to somber historical record is to disavow the rhetoric of Spencer and to stand as far apart from the guy during protest gatherings as possible.

Samuel enlisted in the militia around 1776-77 and served as a Lieutenant under Captain Adam Crain Jones and Colonel Robert Anderson (for whom Anderson County, SC was named.) In 1782 he was appointed Captain and served at the Siege of Ninety-Six and the Battle of Kettle Creek in Wilkes County, GA on Feb. 14, 1779 during the Revolutionary War. This battle enabled the revolutionists to halt the British advance in Georgia after the capture of Savannah. According to Samuel’s great-grandson James Oliver Rosamond, Samuel served as a scout and spy under the direction of Colonel Francis Mariion, the “Swamp Fox”.

A copy of Samuel’s will is contained in another web page on this site at

Several women have joined the DAR based on the Revolutionary War record of Capt. Samuel Rosamond: Mrs. Josie Dean Rosamond HILBUN (275253); Miss Nannie SULLIVANT; Mrs. Molly Rosamond SULLIVANT; Mrs. Mary Rosamond RHYNE (251829); Mrs. Allison Sullivant GUYTON (254893) – – – From 1965 DAR book.

In Feb 1785 when Samuel Null was 34, he married Sarah (Salley) Hodges, H322, F, daughter of Richard Hodges, M & Elizabeth (Betty) Jones, F, in South Carolina. Born ca 1765 in South Carolina. Sarah (Salley) died in SC or MS on 24 Apr 1844, she was 79.

Ruth Menhekl noted that Sarah’s father, whose name is unknown, also served in the Revolutionary War. It is uncertain whether Sarah died in SC, or if she traveled to Missisiippi with the family when they migrated in the early 1800s.

They had the following children:
12       i.       Margaret “Peggy”, F (1786-1872)
13       ii.       Elizabeth, F (ca1786-)
14       iii.       John Hodges, M (1789-)
15       iv.       Sarah, F (>1790-)
16       v.       Richard, M (1795-1856)
17       vi.       Addison, M (1803-1873)
18       vii.       James, M (ca1807-)
19       viii.       Mary, F
20       ix.       Lucinda Jane, F
21       x.       Jane, F

4. James Rosamond[6],[7],[8],[9],[10], R255, M. Born ca 1754 in Augusta County, Virginia. James died in Abbeville District, SC bef 10 Jul 1806, he was 52. Occupation: Farmer.

[11]James served in the Revolutionary War in the Ninety-Six District before and after the fall of Charleston. The Siege of Charleston occurrend in 1790 by the British Army led by Sir Henry Clinton. James furnished 150 lbs. of pork to the militia in 1782. He obtained land grants as a result of his service in the war. An abstract of his service in the Revolutionary War is on file at the Historical Commission in South Carolina.

James may have been married to a Dorothy/Norah Hodges (daughter or John Hodges and Elizabeth ?) prior to marrying Mary Daugherty. No one has been able to fine any record of this. Barbara Morgan lists a Lettice Jones as a possibility for James’ first wife. Much depends on when his first wife died, and the date he married Mary.

In the first national census in 1790, James, his brother Samuel, and his mother Sarah were the only Rosamond Heads of Household listed in South Carolina.

From info received from Ruth: “The census listing shows him as living in the Ninety-Six District 1 male & 1 female age 40-50, 2 males under 16 years and 9 slaves.” This can’t be the 1790 census data as that census didn’t break down the ages except the males, and that only younger and older than 16. Also, there is no 40-50 age group for the 1800 census. This breakdown didn’t occur until at least 1830, so where did this data come from?

A transcripted copy of his will is located in the SC Archives in Columbia, SC. A copy also appears on a separate page within this web site. James’ will was recorded in Abbeville County, 10 July 1806.

He and his brother Samuel are mentioned in their sister Jean Rosamond’s will.

From “Mississippi Ancestors”
“ROSAMOND, James, Soldier, S.C., b. Abbeville, S.C., d. aft 8 June 1805, Abbeville, S.C., m ca 1778-79, wf Mary Dohorty, Abbeville, S.C., d aft 15 July 1795; ch, Thomas (Rev.), b 1788, Abbeville Dist., S.C., d. prob Jan 1862 Yalobusha Co., Miss., m Elizabeth A. Williams, ca 1820-21, b 20 Apr 1805, Kershaw Dist., S.C., d 23 Apr 1857, Yalobusha Co., Miss.; Nathaniel, b ca 1786, m (1) Mary Lighon, (2) Amy Powell; Benjamin, b ca 1784; Samuel b ca 1782; Mary, b ca 1780.

ca 1778 when James was 24, he first married Lettice ?, F. Born ca 1757. Lettice died ca 1793, she was 36.

The big question is who was James’ first wife???? One record shows her as Lettice, others speculate that she was Dorothy Hodges, sister to Sarah and Richard Hodges who married Samuel and Sarah F. Rosamond respectively, and some still believe it could be Mary Doherty (Daugherty), although that now seems very unlikely. If her name was Lettice, she might have been a Jones.

Alternate spellings for Lettice – Letice, Letitia, Lettitia, Leticia, Letticia, …

They had the following children:
i.       Mary, R255, F. Born ca 1780.

1820 Census of Abbeville County shows a Mary Rosamond over 45 years old as a Head of Household with no one else living with her. This is probably her as she is right next door to James’ sons Samuel and Benajmin, and only 11 houses away from Nathaniel Jones Rosamond.

22       ii.       Nathaniel Jones, M (ca1784-ca1840)
23       iii.       Thomas A., M (1787-1861)
24       iv.       Benjamin, M (1790-1870)
53       viii.       Nancy Narcissus, F (1828-1921)

25. Samuel E. Rosamond, R255, M. Born abt 1792 in Abbeville District, SC. Samuel E. died in Attala County, MS ca 1862, he was 70. Was on the census for Attala County, Mississippi in 1850.

In 1850 Samuel owned land in Attala County, MS and 15 slaves. He lived three houses down from his brother Benjamin. Both men were married to Hill sisters.

In 1860 Samuel and Frances were living in the home of their youngest daughter Nancy Ann (Mrs. Elijah Little). They lived next door to Jessie Mays.

In 1812 when Samuel E. was 20, he married Frances E. ‘Fannie’ Hill, H400, F, daughter of John Hill Sr., M & Susannah ?, F, in Abbeville District, SC. Born ca 1785 in Abbeville District, SC. Frances E. ‘Fannie’ died in Attala County, MS ca 1867, she was 82. Buried in Holmes County, MS.

They had the following children:
i.       William Edward, R255, M. Born ca 1817 in Abbeville County, SC. William Edward died in 1889, he was 72. Buried in Franklin, Holmes County, MS. Occupation: Physician / Farmer.

From MS Archives of Descriptive Register of Men in Attala County, MS:
“W.E. Rosamond, age 48, Grey eyes, Dark hair, 5′-6″ tall, dark complexion, Born in Mississippi, Occupation-Physician.”

William Edward first married Emily L. ?, F, in South Carolina. Born ca 1820 in South Carolina. Emily L. died bef 1870, she was 50.

William Edward second married Susan Sally (or Sarah E.?) Davis, D120, F, in Mississippi. Born ca 1835.

54       ii.       Thomas Andrew, M (1818-1887)
55       iii.       Samuel E, M (ca1826-<1860)
56       iv.        Sarah Frances L., F (1827-1905)
v.       Mary C., R255, F. Born on 12 Jun 1828 in South Carolina. Mary C. died in Mississippi on 22 Jun 1873, she was 45. Buried in Kosicusko, MS.

Listed in 1850 Attala County census #200/200; 1860 Attala Co. 1291 p.447, and 1870 Attala Co. #38/38 Beat 4.

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