Blood Will Be On Your Hands

Trump has the coronavirus.

Rosamond Press

Broadcast from my New Radio Church of God

Men of the South!………..Do not stain your hands with the blood of the Kurds. Write your elected people and protest the murderous actions of Erdogan, the Muslim Turk.

Our President created a Treacherous Shadow Government believing God and the Red State evangelicals gave him permission to betray his country – and the Kurds? Reporters are looking for a past President to see if any resemble Trump’s outrageous actions. I found him in President Jefferson Davis who conspired with many foreign powers to help his defeat the Union Army.

Only Switzerland and Russia back Lincoln. Davis could not even run a Mom&Pop store. It was all about him – and his white man image! Lee only cared about sustaining his gift to get a glimpse of the battlefield – of tomorrow! He was a Seer, we share the same blood! Davis was an…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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