Lee Statue Sold

Joe Biden, the former Vice President, kicked off his campaign by mentioning the violence in Charlottesville that started over the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee who is in my family tree. My kin, Senator Thomas Hart Benton, is now embroiled in this controversy thanks to Ed Ray and his team of historians at OSU. I did not bring this upon myself. I hold OSU responsible for not looking to see if Benton had relatives who are now in danger. I am in shock. I handle this crisis in many ways. Employing humors is one of them. It is what I do because I suffer from PTSD. I am struggling to keep my newspaper going. I did expect to hear from Ed Ray after I sent him my letter I began composing 3 months ago.

I have never been to Europe. I am going to create a job for me so I can go. At the European Civil War reenactment, I will ride amongst my men on my white horse (or white Unicorn) and bless them before they go into battle. Then, I will ride to the crest of a hill, and unsheathe my sword. The air will fill with electricity, then comes the rebel yell – like a clap of thunder! And, it’s…………..WAR!

Most of the German role players are very wealthy industrialists. It is their hobby of choice. They work hard and make millions so they can do what Germans love to do – MAKE WAR! It’s in our blood. We are hard-wired that way! Of course the Union will find a Grant look-a-like. To make sure I am around for next year’s war, they will buy a condo to put me in. I need to go to Berlin to look at the Stuttmeister tomb. And then, its off to Holland.

If these Germans reenacted their own wars, then the Giant Guilt and Shame meters will be used on them. Then, here come the Penis Shrinker! I will become a German National Treasure rescued from Ethnic Cleansing by Joseph’s Peaceful Latino Renaming Cult that is part of the President’s debate. I carry Lee’s DNA. I am of the blood feud!




ose of the author. View more opinion articles on CNN.

(CNN)After former Vice President Joe Biden used the violence in Charlottesville to frame his presidential campaign launch on Thursday, President Trump shot back, defending his controversial claim that there were “very fine people” on both sides of the white-supremacist rally that ended with the death of Heather Heyer and a helicopter crash that killed two police officers.

“I was talking about people that went because they felt very strongly about the monument to Robert E. Lee,” Trump said in answer to a reporter’s question on Friday. “People there were protesting the taking down of the monument to Robert E. Lee. Everybody knows that.”
Trump’s decision to double-down on his “very fine people” comments, more than a year and a half after the deadly Unite the Right rally, was particularly shocking — because of everything that has happened since. Investigations have made clear that the rallygoers engaged in coordinated acts of political violence, including the torchlight rally on August 11, 2017, in which they chanted “Jews will not replace us” before attacking anti-racist demonstrators on the grounds of the University of Virginia. And subsequent massacres in the United States and abroad have shown how deadly their ideology continues to be.
But Trump’s defense of his comments — that some of the people attending a rally organized by white supremacists and featuring neo-Nazis and Klansmen as speakers were simply innocent statue-defenders — also ignores the way the statue controversy in Charlottesville was chosen by alt-right leaders as a way to expand and gain legitimacy for their white supremacist movement. The violence in Charlottesville was not, at its heart, about Robert E. Lee or about history at all. The people who gathered in Charlottesville throughout the summer of 2017 did so in an explicit attempt to unite the alt-right with the broader American right around issues of “white rights” a

Virginia State Troopers stand under a statue of Robert E. Lee before a white supremacists rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S., August 12, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts – RTS1BI7E


The “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville was ostensibly about protecting a statue of Robert E. Lee. It was about asserting the legitimacy of “white culture” and white supremacy, and defending the legacy of the Confederacy.

So why did the demonstrators chant anti-Semitic lines like “Jews will not replace us”?

The demonstration was suffused with anti-black racism, but also with anti-Semitism. Marchers displayed swastikas on banners and shouted slogans like “blood and soil,” a phrase drawn from Nazi ideology. “This city is run by Jewish communists and criminal niggers,” one demonstrator told Vice News’ Elspeth Reeve during their march. As Jews prayed at a local synagogue, Congregation Beth Israel, men dressed in fatigues carrying semi-automatic rifles stood across the street, according to the temple’s president. Nazi websites posted a call to burn their building. As a precautionary measure, congregants had removed their Torah scrolls and exited through the back of the building when they were done praying.

Here is Joseph Lane on the same ticket with John Breckenridge who was the Confederacy and the South. This family has more elected Senators and Congressman than the Clays. I didn’t need a gang to back me up and give me courage to go after these tyrants – that are in my family tree! I didn’t need to own non-white skin. All I needed to know was the difference between wrong and right! How many people in the photo above, voted? How many have relatives who held office? None! Was Ed Ray elected President of OSU?

Here is the most ignorant thing I ever read on Oregon and Civil War History.  What “myth” is she talking about? No student in America heard of any Civil War “myth” because they know nothing about the Civil War! Smith is a ‘Straw Dog Maker’. No one is asking “questions”. I suspect Ed had to rename Benton Hall himself, because he didn’t get one suggestion from the “community”. Young white people know a Bait&Shame Trap when they see one. They know they are out of the Perfect Victim Game. One Black Rapper is a billionaire. White Rock n’ Roll is dead! What do we got to whine about? And you wonder why Trump won!

“When working with the Oregon Historical Society to create the exhibit 2 Years, 1 Month: Lincoln’s Legacy, project historian Stacey Smith sought to answer a number of questions about Oregon’s place in the Civil War. Drawing on themes from the exhibit and new scholarship on the Civil War in the American West, Smith reveals the Pacific Northwest’s critical role in shaping Reconstruction policy and challenges “the myth that Civil War Oregonians were disengaged from the national struggle over slavery and civil rights.” Smith describes Oregon as a multiracial society led exclusively by white men, noting that Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation forced the state’s leaders to consider citizenship rights beyond just the black-white politics emphasized in most histories of the Civil War. Drawing the story into the 1870s, Smith shows how congressional representatives from Oregon played a prominent role in ensuring that African American enfranchisement did not extend to others, particularly Chinese-born immigrants.”

Here is some history revelent to Benton’s decree to go West to China and mate with the Chinese People to arrive at an agreeable money-making trade. Everyone comes away with money in their pocket, There was no welfare and social safety net. Of course he is going tell white people their ethnic identity will survive, and, be a cut above. The Chinses said the same thing.

“We are going East for a better life. But, do not fear. We will forever be superior to the whites! We are a proud race! We invented everything. We are smarter and wiser.”


In 1853, after he was re-elected as Delegate in 1853, but before he left for Washington, D.C., Lane was appointed as brigadier general commanding a force of volunteers raised to suppress recent Native American violence. Lane led the force to southern Oregon to stop Native American attacks against settlers and miners there.[1] Lane was again wounded in a skirmish at Table Rock, in Sams Valley, not far from today’s cities of Medford and Central Point.[1]

Lane was also an active participant in the so-called Rogue River Wars of 1855–1856.[1]

Humans have lived in the Table Rock area for at least 15,000 years, based on the age of Clovis points that were discovered nearby.[14] The region surrounding the Table Rocks was home to the Takelma people. They gathered food such as acorns and tarweed seeds, and caught salmon in the nearby Rogue River. The Takelma also used deer hides for clothing.[15] They had several names for the rocks, including Di’tani (“rock above”), Titanakh (“little Indian plums”), and possibly Kwenphunkh.[16][17] The first use of the names Upper Table Rock and Lower Table Rock is unknown, however the first recorded use was by mountain man James Clyman in 1845.[16][18]



Believers say God made the world 10,000 years ago. Old Testament history covers about 1,500 years. It is unconceivable that any earthling found a way of life so perfectly sustaining that they didn’t find a reason to change a thing. They could have gone on for another 15,000 years. No problem. Joseph Lane was the Acme of Genocide and Slavery. Did the Nazis study Lane? Smith never heard of him. I presented my idea for the Harry Lane Peace Center, and the Mary and City Council thought I was crazy. We don’t need any kind of Peace Center. Happy D-Day!


Here is my ex-best friend, Mark Gall. We used to play golf and go fishing. Then we worked on our books. Mark was the head of the Department of Education at the UofO.  His naivety was appalling. He had evangelical friends who embraced the Zionists Survivalists. Being a Jew, he had several Zionist friends in Israel. What they sold this brilliant man, on, was The Ideal Paradise and Perfect State of Things. Smith does the same thing. If the white man had not stepped foot in the Americas, then the Native Americans would continue to live in a harmonious Paradise where they would want for mothing. But we did land! If the white man had not brought black people from Africa, then they would be living the perfect life in Paradise. But we did!

This is – real history! Stacey employs the new Search&Shame technique of governing, after we all agreed to seek SECULAR political solutions. She has invented a secular religion to rule over us. There is no confessional to go to. No repentance is allowed. And we see her ilk rise to the top, like corks, like flotsam from a shipwreck! Can I get a witness!

Men will forever seek The Perfect War. President Trump is a rabid hunter for a – good war! He wants a good Victory Parade! How come the History Department at OSU isn’t shouting out a warning? What we got is Stacey with a Bad Man Flea Comb, she getting paid to get all the Bad Men off the dog. She has already given me a good combing, and a very bad report. I am a bad man. You can ignore me now!

Here is the tomb of my Stuttmeister ancestors in Berlin. They were Teutonic Knights who took Estonia away from the pagans. Trump would rather be here, with me, reciting our proud German history. I could be his Gregory Rasputin, his new Bannon. If I was hired by USO, I would walk around with a spiked helmet. I would do everything to destroy the Shame Insulation. I would shout in the faces of white male students;

“BE PROUD! Take it or leave it!


Mark Gall’s Zionist buddies told him the return to Paradise was God’s Great Justice. However, Liberal Black Politicians do not care enough about Israel, and need to be replaced by Southern Redneck Evangelicals who believe Jesus will come when the temple is rebuilt. I told Mark about Denny Sweeney taking over the Sons of the Confederacy from my kin, Anthony Hodges. I could read the writing on the wall. I tried to tell Gall what was coming when we had a bite to eat after golf and fishing. It was all White Man talk to him. I was his token Aryan Friends who had all these famous White People in my tree.

“I know my people. They can’t be trusted. They are always looking to start a war! I am a Biblical Scholar, also. There are signs!”

Mark would drop me off at my appartment. At the time we had Duck football players living here. LeGarrette Blount helped me bring  mattress upstairs. I would look at his face, and I was in Africa. With all this Oregon Trouble Stacey L. Smith points out, she makes no mention of the coming CIVIL WAR, where White Men will go at each other with a ferocity that is admired by Europeans who fought each other for thousands of years. Why are there so many castles there?

It is a dereliction of Historic Duty for Smith to not go down a list of Oregon Politicians, and see Who is Who? She had no clue these people are all related to one another. Joseph Lane is kin to Thomas Benton and Breckenridge. The Civil War was – brother against brother – and family crest against family crest. Many Southern families had a cote of arms.

1,246,000 million Americans lost their lives in war. 620, 000 thousand lives were lost in the Civil War. In the Torah the Jews had a Civil War, or so the Scribes say. Scholars now know the Exodus out of Egypt was bullshit. All these lies were invented to overcome the indigenous people in the Promised Land, the Canaanites, who appear to have been Black People who worshipped Baal and his consort Astarte.

So, where is America’s Promised Ideal Land? I nominate Martin Luther King’s speeches, and the one Mario Savior made. Any deviation from this real history will lead to real trouble. To watch the President of the United States lecture the President of Ireland on walls and Civil War – as he goaded this sane leader into fighting another Irish Civil War – is as stupid and foreboding a happening one can have. The Irish President looks like he wants to rise out of his seat and slap that moron – silly!

It is time for Impeachment! It’s time to sack Stacey L. Smith! Ed Ray has to go, too. He literally used OSU historians to make him blinders, and, a Certificate of Permission to put his head in the sand. They sanctified Self Censorship. They failed to prepare students for the real future.  If you can’t write WARNINGS on the wall of American Universities – where are you going to write them?

John Presco




Selected for inclusion in Who’s Who in America, 44th-50th editions (1986 to present). Chicago: Marquis.

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Elected president of the Oregon Educational Research Association for 1985.

Elected to fellow status in Division 15 (Educational Psychology) of the American Psychological Association. 1983.

Phi Delta Kappa District I Meritorious Award for Contributions to Education through Activities in Evaluation, Development, and Research. 1978.

U.S. Public Health Fellowship. 1963-64.


The controversial “Robert E. Lee and the Confederate Soldier” statue removed from a Dallas park in 2017 was sold to the highest bidder Wednesday.

The bidder offered $1,435,000 for the statue.

City Council members approved the sale of the statue with two restrictions: that it be sold for more than the cost to remove it from Lee Park, which was roughly $450,000, and that it was not to be publicly displayed in Dallas.

If the statue is sold again, any subsequent purchaser must also comply with that restriction

Perry Contacted Sweeney

Presidential candidate, Rick Perrry, contacted Denne Sweeney, who I titled my mortal enemy on September 20, 2009. Perry reasured Sweeny that he would not mess with the Confederate flag. Perry made a secret trip to Israel to assure the Zionists he would back them and oppose the President of the United States. This is TREASON!Jon Presco


Republican front-runner Perry, the Texas governor, denounced the president’s Israel policy as “misguided and dangerous,” speaking to supporters in New York as the Obama administration worked a few miles away to thwart a U.N. vote to grant formal recognition to the Palestinian Authority.

Perry also accused Obama of appeasement, as did Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who assailed the president from the Midwest.

Perry’s chief rival for the nomination, former Massachusetts Gov. Romney, issued a statement accusing Obama of “throwing Israel under the bus.”

The Republican campaigns have similar goals: establish contrasts with Obama on an issue where he’s struggled; chip away at American Jews’ support for Democrats and prove their conservative, pro-Israel bona fides with the evangelical voters who will play a significant role in the GOP presidential primaries.

A 1998 voting guide published by a leading neo-Confederate group and obtained by Salon not only endorses Perry for lieutenant governor but also describes him as “a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.”

Visitors to the Sons of Confederate Veterans website are confronted by a video of a man in a grayuniform who proclaims, “One hundred and fifty years ago the men of the South left our homes and families to protect them from an illegal invasion and to fight for the rights our states held under the Constitution.” He continues: “Too many in your time want to tell lies about us and the reasons we went to war. We fought for you. It is now your turn to stand up to the South.”

The U.S. federal government is described by the group as “an empire”, but not for adventures and misadventures abroad; but for their presence in the south.  The League of the South was also strongly-behind him and in fact have endorsed Perry in yeaes past.
Its core beliefs include the abolition of the income tax and central banking, a Southern republic that “revives the use of State Militias in place of maintaining large, standing

Perry’s flirtations with neo-Confederate organizations and symbols — ably documented by Justin Elliott– are so extraordinarily reprehensible that it should immediately and permanently disqualify him from being taken seriously for national office. [Amen!] The Confederacy was not a bunch of generally well-meaning dudes who went a little too far, it was a gang of racist traitors who launched a bloody war to defend a monstrously unjust institution. Having neo-Confederate sympathies in America should be equivalent to supporting the reconstituted Fascist party in Italy, or worse. It should not be considered something that 50 percent of the nation should be willing to look past, or even embrace.

And if that embracing happens it’ll be in part because of a press that won’t explicitly describe a disgusting sentimental attachment to a racist, brutal regime of oppression as anything other than an acceptable ploy to pick up Southern white support.
armies,” and a society that “perpetuates the chivalric ideal of manhood.” The group rejects “the American Empire that now occupies the South.”
This shouldn’t be surprising, but really, is this the guy so many in the GOP are pinning their hopes on?   And I’m not getting into that recent-execution bit…

My Mortal Enemy – Denne Sweeney

Denne Sweeny took over the leadership of the Sons of Confederate Veterans from
my kinfolk, Anthoney Hodges. Above we see Sweeney ‘The Neo-Confederate Swine’
parading around with grown men in Confederate uniforms carrying Confederate
flags. He is the big guy in gueenish-grey coat. Here are some of the captions
that go with these photos. It sounds like Sweeney is commanding a imaginary army
standing up for “their ancestors” who have risen from the dead, risen from their
graves! Is this Judgment Day, or, Lord of the Rings?

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