Marilyn ‘The Great Muse’

I am trying to get Heather Hanson to stop degrading me so she can also be my Heir, and the happy ending of my life story. Why are these strange women fighting us? Marilyn has been on my side since 1962. She will testify to my sound mental health. M knew my family.

Here is the Non-Disclosure Agreement that Tom Snyder sent me. My brother insisted I sign it. When I refused, he banished me from HIS family. Mark Presco is a racist. I insist Patrice and Heather sign such an agreement. I told Patrice I was sent a NDA – and she suggested I trust Tom. and let him write about my family he did not know, and, I will write and publish.

“I like to read more than one book on the same topic.”

I demand this fake PPD evaluation be removed by Heather Hanson, who gave me every reason to not TRUST her, and feel she has BETRAYED me – again! You got to laugh – at how stupid she is!

“Oh I love my daughter so much, but for the fact she’s a kleptomaniac!

Case closed!

John Presco

The hallmarks of this personality disorder are distrust and suspicion. Individuals who exhibit constitutional paranoia do not normally confide in other people and frequently misread others, redefining innocuous statements and behavior as malevolent.

The paranoid personality-disordered person is suspicious of others—this individual thinks that others are out to threaten, betray, exploit, or harm. This disorder presents most often in young adulthood. People with paranoid personality disorder are not normally grounded in reality, nor do they admit that they have negative feelings about other people. They distrust people so much that they will not discuss how they feel, and harbor suspicions for lengthy periods of time.

Rosamond Press

mar3marrrilnmarilyn202marilyn333marilyn2023greghandTwo months ago I made Marilyn Reed the Heir to all my intellectual property. She hss been my loyal muse for forty one years.

When we first met, Marilyn.dressed like a women in a Renoir painting. She had a joint in a Chinese jar. Her sister lived in France. We met in HS in 1962. She was 15 and I 16. She was a good friend of Les McCann and his French wife.

Marilyn and I are dear friends. Before I got married, my wife and I slept in her bed, and she wore a dress M made. This is at the reception. M is on the left, my brother’s girldfriend, my niece, Shannon. and my sister, Christine. Rick Partlow is reclined..

M and I have just broken up. It is Easter. On Good Friday we went to a Hollywood nightclub with her friend, Kathy. a 25 woman who was…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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