Capturing Beauty and The Narcissistic Supply

Today is my Birthday. Today I am free. I don’t celebrate my birthday, because my best friend, Bill Arnold, died on my eighteenth birthday. I did choose to be with people I know by picking up Snyder’s biography about my famous sister. I read what Vicki had to say, and Raphaele, Christine’s best friend. After our fight, Raphaele told Christine she would like to see me. My sister refused to tell her how to contact me.

I made a video reading Snyder’s bio that employs my mother as the Supreme Villain, and denies her vicarious bragging rights, yet my daughter throws me away, because I question her mother’s motives. Rosemary is made out to be a diabolical narcissist. I compare her to my daughter’s mother, who sabotaged my autobiography. I finally own the picture why.

Patrice Hanson would take our sixteen year old to Keroke Bars. I went to their favorite the second night. I saw a drunk man sing with Heather, put his arm around her waist, then give her peck on the cheek. He then came over to give Patrice a piece of the action, a payoff, a juicy helping of narcissistic supply. The old hag saw herself in my daughters place getting felt-up by Mr. Swank. This is why she wanted Tom to write the book about our family, because he is not Heather’s father. I would get plenty of narcissistic supply when people come up to US, we two, and cry about our miracle meeting. Patrice would be way in the back, if there at all. Heather and I would go on a book signing tour – just her and I.

This is why I am being demonized on Heather’s Woman’s Empowerment. Patrice goes there every hour. She is writing some of the posts, and putting my daughter’s name on it. This is diabolical. Patrice and her siblings worked the two bio rivalry, with the help of Linda Comstock’s husband, who was a high powered attorney. Sixteen year old Heather heard all the scheming, and she worked me. In her deluded mind, I owed her.

Patrice was irate that I threw her out of my house. When she discovered she was pregnant with Heather, she vowed to get her revenge. In my attempt to see my unborn grandchild, one reads the mother-daughter tag-team of passive-aggressive revenge.

In this video I read about the “party” at Rocky Point; my sister’s nightmares about large waves, and Raphaële saying I was the first artist in the Presco family. I am looking for a good attorney – and a great psychology who would be interested in my theory, that Patrice is getting a vicarious sex gratification. Being abused hy her brutal, Patrice is not able to be fulfilled. Only when she sees our daughter, manhandled, is she free of her sexual hang-ups. To steal my child, and pit her as a teenager against her father is – MOTHER RAPE!

Raphaele and I would have been a healthy match. She would be my Studio F-Bunny. I would write poems on her pouting ass laid across my lap. I would give her pat, of Beatnik approval.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

I am trying to get Heather Hanson to stop degrading me so she can also be my Heir, and the happy ending of my life story. Why are these strange women fighting us? Marilyn has been on my side since 1962. She will testify to my sound mental health. M knew my family.

Here is the Non-Disclosure Agreement that Tom Snyder sent me. My brother insisted I sign it. When I refused, he banished me from HIS family. Mark Presco is a racist. I insist Patrice and Heather sign such an agreement. I told Patrice I was sent a NDA – and she suggested I trust Tom. and let him write about my family he did not know, and, I will write and publish.

“I like to read more than one book on the same topic.”

I demand this fake PPD evaluation be removed by Heather Hanson, who gave me every reason to not TRUST her, and feel she has BETRAYED me – again! You got to laugh – at how stupid she is!

“Oh I love my daughter so much, but for the fact she’s a kleptomaniac!

Case closed!

John Presco

The hallmarks of this personality disorder are distrust and suspicion. Individuals who exhibit constitutional paranoia do not normally confide in other people and frequently misread others, redefining innocuous statements and behavior as malevolent.

The paranoid personality-disordered person is suspicious of others—this individual thinks that others are out to threaten, betray, exploit, or harm. This disorder presents most often in young adulthood. People with paranoid personality disorder are not normally grounded in reality, nor do they admit that they have negative feelings about other people. They distrust people so much that they will not discuss how they feel, and harbor suspicions for lengthy periods of time.

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