Heather Hanson – A Daughter of Near-Death

The woman who came upstairs sat next to me during the break and asked me what I do. I told her I am a writer. She told me my books are being dictated by an enitity that roams the galaxy coming to the aid of planets in dire trouble. https://rosamondpress.com/2019/04/19/i-forgive-my-daughter-heather-hanson/

I posted this message on Heather Hanson’s FB group. When I learned I was a father, I did not run and hide. I did the best job I knew how.


Here is the second happiest day of my life, seeing my grandson for the first time. Patrice and I got engaged on my first visit. There was so much light. Then, I told Patrice about my death three psychics saw in my reading. Patrice asked me if I came upon her mother who was severely mentally ill. The psychic custody battle was on, and, continues – right here!

Patrice and Heather suggest the grandmother is divine in some manner. The light Patrice beheld in my newborn daughter, could not be coming from me. I had saved her two sons who were being severely abused by a “psychotic” a dark convict and famous con-artist.

For two months the boys lived with me. Randall Delpiano was threatening to kill me. Patrice met with him for two hours, and said she was considering going back to THE VIOLENT LUNATIC. Shortly after, she discovered she was pregnant with MY daughter. She told her insane husband – it was his child!

Patrice put this down in a letter to Oprah Winfrey. Heather is stuck in a purgatory of lies and darkness. It suits her and her mother to codify the light that I am not a being of light, by claiming I am insane. MY angel has been looking over MY daughter since she was conceived, which was on Christmas Eve. She and her mother keep UNBORNIG me which makes Heather a Immaculate Conception – that is borning children with my DNA.

This is not easy to fathom – for anyone. my sisters and the old lady up the street saw an angel come in their bedrooms. I believe I know from where this angel came.


Rosamond Press

Many people own a Near-death Experience. They died, went to a heaven-like place, and came back. I am one of these people. When I had a reading at the Berkley Psychic Institute, a guide in the back of the room drew my Rose with a break in the stem with three halos around this break. He said;

“Are we in heaven? Is this proof there is a heaven?”

They could see what I saw. I looked at their faces, and they were lit up as my face tends to do now and then. I was told I radiate a large field of healing energy. They saw me in a school yard trying to heal the whole school. This is what my daughter wants to do – and my grandson! There needs to be a study of our children, because I believe they get a glimpse when they come through the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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