I Forgive My Daughter – Heather Hanson


An hour after I forgave my sister, Vicki Presco, I came upon a new facebook site for my daughter, Heather Hanson. I was astonished to see how clear her pale blue eyes are in comparison to when I saw her last – eight years ago? She was with the wrong man, and was drinking with him. But, what really alarmed me, was her eyes had turned a dull gray.

I am overjoyed to see she has turned her life around 180 degrees. Heather has lost forty pounds, and those eyes are back – and then some! But, it gets better, I am behind her a %100 percent.  This is the daughter I deserve – and wanted! This is the miracle daughter I did not know I had until a woman I described as “My angel” introduced us. A week later, Patrice Hanson called me. She asked me if I remembered her. I said I did. She then told me she had something very important to tell me.

“We have a daughter!”

“How did you know?”

Forgiving members of my family has been extremely difficult due to the Extreme Identity Crisis we were hurled into, when our mother betrayed her four children. To elude her guilt, she almost threw us into an orphanage. She had fled to Los Angeles and left us in the care of an old hag. What had she done? Thank God I have a witness, who said this to me;

“Asshole ,evil one ,sick bastard and your best friend loved my mother and only tolerated you to marry mom after high school . Rosemary ruined those plans after she intentionally fucked him on your birthday . There Now I can play mean to.”

Thanks for sharing Shannon. This is what Christine’s daughter said to me five days ago. For over two months we had been communicating on facebook-message due to Vicki being in “purgatory” as Heather’s cousin put it. This paragraph is a juicy poisoned apple chock full of heavy-duty guilt and shame. Who can take – just one bite! Want some?

You didn’t grow up in this morass. You were young, and did not want to get involved. Yes you were blessed to have not grown up with such a powerful identity crisis that we four siblings did – that infected all our children – but Heather. Wrong! Now – your are a professional healer! This is what you chose to be. Heal me!

I forgive Shannon for trying to hurt me. The key word is “hurt”. How could I be more wounded then to know your mother seduced your best friend causing his to suicide on your eighteenth birthday? Bill tried to tell me what happened, but, chose death. Rosemary dies of severe alcoholism, chain smoking – and guilt! Christine died without knowing the truth. Rosemary confessed three months after her daughter – was gone! Christine died on her first sober birthday. She was beginning to heal.

Christine said Bill was the love of her life, but, never got a chance to tell him – before he died. It was her fantasy that Bill would come to her graduation, then get down on one kness, and take her hand. Rosemary destroyed her daughters dream, and her sons. Bill and I had plans to be famous artists one day. Christine knew this. This is why she took up art at twenty-four. We would carry on – the dream! My sister and loved each other. From this double tragedy a world famous artist is born. Never give up hope!

Heather Comes Into My Life

My childhood Sweetheart, Marilyn Reed, insisted I got to the Berkley Psychic Institute, and get a Rose Reading. I did so, as a sceptic.

I sat before two Readers. A young woman fought off Rosemary, who did not want me read. That done, she said;

“You own your own creation. You died”

Another guide in the back of the room doing my chart said;

“Are we in heaven. Is this proof there is a heaven?”

I got to aske questions in the second half of the reading. I asked where I was when I died?

“You were on these beustiful rocks by the sea!”

“Why did I die?”

“You were carrying all this guilt that was not yours to own. You were in much pain. you had to let it go!”

You are drawn as a rose. The psycics saw two green leaves on the stem of my rose.

“I don’t know why they are so faint!” said the Seer.

They were faint because I did not know I had children. I believe Heather’s brother died in a car accident with his mother.

A month after I came back to life, I moved in with the Loading Zone. My friend Chris tells me how everyone was in awe of me when they encountered me in the hall.

“You had these amazing blue eyes that glowed in the dark!”

I don’t want to put any pressure on Heather, but I had a vision of her helping a obese man. Is he a follower – in the future. I would not do a one on one, but, do a video just for males. Almost everyone can believe in thos eyes, and, a little belief can go a long way.

So does a little forgiveness, on this day I forgive my mother born Rosemary Rosamond. After she died, she came to me and asked me to forgive her. I thought she was in hell and was being utterly selfish, some more! As I began this forgiveness of Rosemary’s granddaughter, it dawned on me my mother wanted this forgiveness – for my sake!

Heather was born on Rosemary’s birthday. I now understand God restored my life, so I could give birth to Heather, who is a new and fresh should, even a replacement, so I would not be so alone in the world. Today, I was healed, by my daughter’s eyes. I have proven Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is my cousin.

What the Seer meant by “You own your own creation” is, my whole life passed before me before I died – including my inception. I saw my parents making love, on the sand. Then, I saw God……..The Creator!

That was 1967. At twenty-one, my life was over. How unfair. God concurred, and gave me a new life! Then, I helped give you life!

Thank you Dear Daughter!

I apologize if I have hurt you. All things are possible…………to all people! Do not despair. Rejoice! I wonder if Heather is channeling Liz Taylor who had so much work still to do.


Happy Birthday, Tyler!




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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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