Back To The Baghdad Cafe

CNN talked about some of the perfect movies that have been made. They left out ‘Baghdad Cafe’. A vision came to me that reminded me of one of my favorite movies. Jack Palance’s role as an artist far exceeds the role Kirk Douglas played. I was reminded of what all the commotion is about. I wanted to paint Rena Easton, and all hell breaks out.

Watching ‘Breaking Hate’ reminded me – I am not the bad guy! There are white dudes plotting how to commit mass-murders. I just want to be inspired by beautiful women.

Why didn’t I buy a fucking insta-matic camera, and two rolls of film, in order to capture Rena when we camped for fifty days! Like my daughter, she has bonded with a Nazi Cowboy, because this image is safe for her to hide behind – for now! It is clear that the loss of one’s good mental health is blamed for the loss of one feeling completely white.

This movie got me into thinking about the Dionysus Theatre. I made a video about Helen of Troy. How do we beautiful artists make these incredible leaps of reality? Because I have identified myself as being an ‘Attention Nazi’ I will give my reader an alternative choice, perhaps, from now on! We will see how it goes. I am looking at Ms. Kingsmill as being my Blog Buddy.  She has very sharp features to go with her sharp whit.

John Presco

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    My painting had been emitting a ongoing light show.

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