My Wife?

I just left a message with Dael Kingsmill and asked her to co-author my Bond script.There is much talk about a black woman being the next Bond. Why? Celtic Women have been hauled off to Rome as slaves for years, and, besides Thatcher, has there been a powerful woman associated with the British Empire? We did see Wonder Woman in London. That was a good start. How many women of the Isles were forced to worship Roman gods?

Dael! I love you and what you do. I am authoring a Bond book starring Victoria Bond who gets tangled up with the worshippers of El who have been running the Eel &Pie houses forever. I am kin to Ian Fleming via my cousin Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. I admitted today I am an Attention Nazi and made you my Blog Buddy so my readers will have a choice. I am a Robert Graves White Goddess Freak. I proposed marriage to you, because you are the woman of my mythical dreams. It would be a mock wedding. I would like you to co-author my movie script for ‘The Royal Janitor’. I think you should do ‘The Erika Berger Report’.  You will find me at Royal Rosamond Press.

I just proposed marriage to Ms. Kingsmill. If she accepts, then I might have to dismiss Ms. Roozemond as my muse – and pick Dael for the role of Victory Bond. Besides, I am not sure Lara knows how to whistle. There might be some jealousy.

I need a real clever girl in my corner……..a Chattermite………if you will. I’ve had it with women who think they will make a fool of themselves if they open their mouths and deliver an opinion. Ms. Kingsmill would make a great Bond Woman – in my book! What about – a threesome?

“Here comes Ms, Chattermite. Don’t say anything that has to do with history, or, she’s out of the gate.”

John Presco

Dear Ms. Kingsmill. Will you marry me? I am 72 years of age, and an admitted ‘Attention Nazi’. I just announced you are my designated choice. Folks can watch me, some more, or, watch you. You are the brilliant wife, and daughter, I long deserved. This will be a mock wedding, that bonds two lovers of history together – forever!


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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