A United Europe and Radio Swan

Here is the dreaded One World that evangelical hysterics predict will come and be the base for the Antichrist. Radio Swan was sponsored by Herbert Armstrong and was involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion. It broadcast to Latino people. This is huge! Springfield threw away this history, and would never have heard of it if it were not for me and my newspaper that the friends of Councilperson Emily Semple – attacked and tried to destroy! Members of Nightingale Services – are guilty of SLANDER – and violating my Civil Rights!

Semple ran for, and was crowned Eugene’s Slug Queen. Like POTUS, she has a nutty past. I believe ancient Nazarite energy made that astroid change course. We are all lucky to be alive! Let’s stop insulting one another, and – REJOICE!



For thousand of years White and Jewish Folks have been deeply into Biblical Lore and Prophecy. It’s what we do. It is a big part of our culture, to the chagrin of the Eugene Wiccans like Semple, Valkyrie, and Burch who have employed radical attorneys and the homeless to turn Downtown into their tailormade Eutopia. Social Engineering is employed like the Nazis employed.it. Latino groups have got involved in the Musical Chairs  Keep Away Hijinks that drove millions into the arms of Donald Trump.

Jews and Caucasians are a Prophetic People, verses a Festive and Fiesta People who celebrate Saints and their festive days in the town square. We like to see the visions of our prophets – come true! This is not Manifest Destiny! It is our – RELIGION!

Did Cesar Chavez, or any Latino group, offer to feed the hungry young people in the Height? How about the Black Panthers? Belle Burch and Alley Valkyrie read this blog and knew I was one of the original Hippies. They slimed me, made me out to be a pervert and stalker because there was a donor offering $400,000 dollars to a homeless group. We Hippies were a festive people who loved to dance to guitars and drums in the town square – and grow gardens. The cops brutalized us! Where was Huey Newton and Chavez?

I never saw any Latinos join the drum circle. They tend to stick to their own – tribe! My gangster father smuggled a Mexican woman across the border in a marijuana shipment and built a house in back his for her seven children to come live in, but, he died before he made’ Connie and the Kids’ dream come true. I must have a hundred kinfolk caught up in Trump-Messiah’s Dream Wall, and are now part of Armstrong’s Pirate Radio Ship prophecy, with Ed Ray’s name change of their famous kin, Senator Thomas Hart Benton throw in for good measure!

Like Vinnie the Chin, Captain Vic was always in his bathrobe. He sang all the time. He was in the Barber Shop Quartet and lived in downtown Oakland for a number of years. He and Donald are like twins. The Nation ended up having to endure my crazy-ass father who grandfather came from Bohemia, where some of the President’s kids come from genetically. He wanted me to teach him how to play the guitar so he could serenade Connie as she stood on the balcony he had made for her. I made the shudders, and the planter. Being the family hippie, it was my job to put flowers in the new planter.

Play all videos at the same time to get a glimpse of the chaos – still to come! I just heard from the Koo-Koo Kesey Downtown Voo-Doo Klan – and they claim it was they who moved that astroid off course with their Golden Grow Love! They want a hundred pieces of gold put in the hollow of an oak tree next to the rose garden.

John Presco







The overseas broadcasts seemed to follow the strange establishment of CIA client stations such as “Radio Swan” (later called “Radio Americas”) which played a key role in the Bay of Pigs invasion. This station has a well documented history tied to the CIA. The same is true of stations like “Radio Tangier International” in Africa, and his Russian language broadcasts from “Radio Monte Carlo”.

C.I.A. threat assessment file

Yet it is the “Radio Luxembourg” and “Radio Caroline North”, “Radio 270”, “Radio Scotland”, “Radio 390” and “Wonderful Radio London” broadcasts that are most interesting because they represented the US interests in developing Europe as a single entity. The French under de Gaulle advanced the idea of a United States of Europe” having similar powers to the United States of America, while the USA and the UK advanced the idea of a United Europe as a single trading block that would be tied to the USA. Armstrong’s broadcasts and supporting literature had a history dating back to pre-WWII in which he warned that a United States of Europe would eventually defeat both the UK and USA with a person similar to Adolph Hitler as its leader. This is thoroughly documented in both the recordings of his broadcasts and his literature. In fact before WWII ended Armstrong thought that the USA would lose and when it actually won, he immediately began predicting that a USE would arise from the ashes and try again. His dire warnings predate even the earliest of the Benelux agreements for trade in iron, steel and coal.

-From Wiki Talk on “Herbert W. Armstrong”

Radio Swan

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Radio Swan was a pirate radio station based in the Swan Islands, a group of islands in the western Caribbean Sea, near the coastline of Honduras. Under the “Radio Swan” and “Radio Americas” names, the station was in operation from 1960 to 1968.


In 1960, a Central Intelligence Agency cover,[1] the Gibraltar Steamship Company (which didn’t own any steamships and whose president was Thomas Dudley Cabot)[2][3] owned and established Radio Swan on Swan Island, a covert black operation[2] to win supporters for U.S. policies and discredit Fidel Castro.

The radio station began acting as a regular commercial broadcaster with sponsors such as Kleenex, Phillip Morris Co., and others lined up,[2] operating with a 50,000 watt transmitter[1] on AM 1165 (early 1960s) and 1160 and on shortwave with a power of 7,500 watts on 6000 kHz. The importance of this island was in its location and proximity to the island of Cuba, because on March 17, 1960, U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower had approved covert action to topple the regime of Fidel Castro in Cuba. As early as October 30, 1960, the Castro government sent reconnaissance flights over Swan Island and the Caribbean Coast of Guatemala (CIA 11-3-1960).

Swan Island was claimed by the governments of both the United States and Honduras, although the island was in the de facto hands of personnel acting on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). A Mr. Sumner Smith of Boston also claimed ownership. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) claimed that it had no jurisdiction over the station.

The AM transmitter in use by Radio Swan had been used by Radio Free Europe and it was taken to Swan Island by US Navy Seabees on two LSTs. At first all broadcasts of this pseudo-commercial radio station were in the Spanish language and it was announced on air as Radio Swan, la Voz Internacional del Caribe, with its initial commercial programming coming on tape recordings from anti-Castro political groups in exile.

Cuba responded to the broadcasts by setting up a jamming station to block the transmissions of Radio Swan and initiated La Voz de INRA, or The Voice of INRA which represented the National Institute of Agrarian Reform with an anti-American message. This action was followed on January 3, 1961, by a break in diplomatic relations between both countries that had been initiated by the US. Following this action, Cuba commenced broadcasting to the US and to the world, with a new international service called Radio Havana Cuba.

In March 1961 Radio Swan announced that it would no longer sell its airtime for political programming and the station changed to an all-news format while infusing its broadcasts with coded messages. The station described itself as assisting those who are fighting Castro within Cuba and it began transmitting on fourteen frequencies. The CIA issued a press release claiming its anti-Castro broadcasts were now being beamed by seven radio stations as well as Radio Swan.

A station identifying itself as Radio Swan briefly resumed broadcasts in 1975-1976 on 6185 kHz. The station used a mailing address in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and referred to itself as “La Primera Voz Democratica de Latinoamerica” (“The First Voice of Democracy in Latin America”). Since San Pedro Sula is located on the Honduran mainland, it is possible that these broadcasts originated there rather than on Swan Island, though no positive verification has been determined.

Bay of Pigs invasion broadcasts[edit]

During the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba, which took place between April 15–19, 1961, it became obvious to all concerned that the purpose of the station was to assist in the landings. But following the abortive invasion, Radio Swan suddenly changed format again. While its tone remained anti-Castro its programming did not promote an uprising against the Cuban government. Then, the station changed its format and name. Vanguard Service Corporation became new owners of the station. Radio Swan became Radio Americas and it remained on the air until May 1968 when the station closed down and its AM transmitter was transported to South Vietnam to assist in the wars of South-East Asia.

The World Tomorrow radio program[edit]

One of the loyal sponsors who advertised on both Radio Swan and Radio Americas was Herbert W. Armstrong with The World Tomorrow radio program. In the January edition of his magazine The Plain Truth, a letter to the editor praised Armstrong by claiming that “… you could not have chosen a better station than Radio SWAN for reaching the Caribbean area. … It is becoming popular with all those who share in the dislike of Fidel Castro and his communistic dictatorship. – Lady, Costa Rica.

In the same edition, his Radio Log listed his ‘The World Tomorrow’ program as being broadcast by Radio Swan in the English language at 6 p.m. on Sundays and at 9 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. This listing remained unchanged through the edition of January 1962. The February 1962 edition of his Radio Log listed the English-language broadcast at 6:30 p.m. on Sundays over Radio Americas, but on the same frequency as Radio Swan, while the Spanish-language broadcast was listed at the same times as before, but over Radio Swan. In the March edition, the Spanish-language broadcast was also listed as being heard over Radio Americas.

The World Tomorrow broadcast was also carried on several other radio stations around the world which also appeared to have a proprietary connection to the CIA.


In April 1966, The New York Times ran a series of five articles on the purposes and methods of the CIA.[15][16][17][18][19]

The third of these 1966 articles began to detail false-front organizations and the secret transfer of CIA funds to, for example, the US State Department or to the United States Information Agency (USIA) which “may help finance a scholarly inquiry and publication,


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