A United Europe and Radio Swan

I chatted with Rachel Toney about her late father, Ben Toney, about founding a college class for Pirate Radio. Two years ago I discussed with Casey Farrell about getting Meg Whitman to anchor a Pirate Radio Ship off of her Dogpatch development. Now I am looking at Belmont.

Radio London, The CIA, and Herbert Armstrong | Rosamond Press


Rosamond Press

Here is the dreaded One World that evangelical hysterics predict will come and be the base for the Antichrist. Radio Swan was sponsored by Herbert Armstrong and was involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion. It broadcast to Latino people. This is huge! Springfield threw away this history, and would never have heard of it if it were not for me and my newspaper that the friends of Councilperson Emily Semple – attacked and tried to destroy! Members of Nightingale Services – are guilty of SLANDER – and violating my Civil Rights!

Semple ran for, and was crowned Eugene’s Slug Queen. Like POTUS, she has a nutty past. I believe ancient Nazarite energy made that astroid change course. We are all lucky to be alive! Let’s stop insulting one another, and – REJOICE!



For thousand of years White and Jewish Folks have been deeply into Biblical Lore and…

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