The Royal Plantagenets

Here is Ben Toney’s essay on the Pl;antagenets who begat much of the royalty of Britain, and thus Ben is part of Armstrong’s prophecy in several ways. Ben and I comminiczated almost every day on facebook.

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The Royal Plantagenets


Ben Toney

Much has been said by various historians about the connection of Ralph de Toney III and the royal family of William the Conqueror and the royal family of Jerusalem. Ralph’s daughter Godehildis had married as her second husband Baldwin the Crusader. Baldwin, Godehildis, and their two young children were members of the First Crusade. They were accompanied by Baldwin’s brothers, Godfrey de Bouillon and Eustace of Boulogne and other notables. When the entourage arrived at Antioch in Asia Minor, Baldwin made a warring expedition against the Saracens, and upon his return to Antioch he found that Godehildis and his two children had died of heat prostration in the scorching summer of 1097. Baldwin continued on to Jerusalem with his brothers where Godfrey for a short time ruled as Protector of the Holy Sepulcher. He would not accept the title of king in a place…

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