British Israelism and Orange Order

When I met my daughter for the first time I told them I was authoring a book based upon the theories there is a Priory de Sion, elect Jews that rule much of Europe. This is three years before Dan Brown made a fortune with his “Rose Line” . I did not know these outsiders were shopping my family, looking for the best deal. Vicki and Mark told my daughter I was insane, and she should contribute to their biography – that did not sell! “It is hard to believe that a genuine Christian could accept that a candidate for the Lodge becomes “one of the elect” by joining the Orange Order. Moreover, it is startling to believe that he automatically becomes an Israelite and is then advanced to the priestly “tribe of Levi.”

Rosamond Press

Until I read in Timothy about Paul dismissing and degrading endless genealogies, my verdict on British Israelism, was not rendered. I suspect these genealogies were of the Levites that born Moses and Aaron, who Satan-Paul is out to destroy – along with John and Jesus – who appear to be born of Aaron. Then there is the burning a these small scrolls, in jars. Consider the small scroll in Revelations. I have long wondered if this scroll was the Book of Jonah, whom God tricks into going to a strange land, in order to convert the inhabitants to the Word of God – but they already own the Word of God! This land was Tarshish, that I suspect was Cornwall in England, where Phoenicians dwelt. Did these Phoenicians bring Levite Priests to Britain to establish a Judaic Temple?

I suspect John and Jesus were calling to the Lost Sheep of…

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