Dark Daughter – Betraying A Father’s Trust

Dark Daughter


John Presco

Copyright 2019

The only way I CAN SAVE FACE is sell MY story to Disney. When I become famous, then MY story will be redeeming for everyone.

January 16, 1989

A man who looted $4,000 from a woman’s bank account while posing as Grateful Dead guitar player Bob Weir has been sentenced to two years in prison and fined $500. The sentence was imposed by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Stanley Golde on Randall C. Delpiano, 33, described in a Probation Department report as having “achieved moderate fame by impersonating” Weir. Delpiano pleaded guilty in Oakland Municipal Court last month to one count of using a computer system to steal money.

“17 years ago, I was married to an abusive man who was a con
artist, psychopathic antisocial personality who spent one year in
prison while we were together. Later I realized that my response to
this husband was typical of “women who love too much” and I had to
work hard on myself to change my situation. That in itself is a long
story, but suffice it to say, it was very confusing and difficult
marriage that was damaging to myself and my two sons who were 10 and
7 at the time. During that time I met John who lived around the
corner and who showed me kindness and love. We were involved with
each other for about 2 months and I actually moved in with him
attempting to leave behind the craziness of life with my husband.
This was not a very good plan because the husband became even more
aggressive and angry waiting outside threatening John with a
baseball bat. Consequently, I returned home realizing that I had to
find a safer way to release myself from this relationship. I didn’t
see John again until recently, almost 17 years later.

When I found myself pregnant, I felt the father could have been
either John’s or my husband’s, but I had to convince the husband
that it was his baby or life would have been unbearable and the
chances of my baby’s survival would have been slim. I knew this baby
was meant to be, and be with me, and that was important. From there
moment she was born, I could see that she looked like John, but it
was the husband’s name that went on the birth certificate.”

Patrice Hanson falsified a birth certificate by putting Randall Delpiano’s name as the father, instead of me. Heather Hanson is MY daughter. Patrice admits she knew this in a letter she composed to send Oprah Winfrey. Randy is famous! He appears in two books as “Bogus Bobby”. Patrice says she was married to BB, but, I have my doubts. Patrice has never had a grasp on reality. She suffers from mental illness due to her severely mentally ill mother being violently beaten by Patrice’s father. This may have caused this poor mother of three to jump off a cliff, and kill herself. Patrice describes herself as being the surrogate mother to her siblings.

Tonight I read on Heather’s facebook that she had a $63 session with psychic, Karen Petterson, who contacted Heather’s grandmother – who MY daughter never met – who relayed a message to her that said;

“I’m proud of you!”

What this suggests is that this grandmother has been looking down from heaven, and, keeping track of MY daughter’s life. I give her the name Dead Betty in another post. Dead Betty died not knowing she had a granddaguther, because, Heather would not be born for another 30 years! The question I ask, is the same one Karen asked – of herself!

“What is the bond, here?”

Tonight, I talked to someone who know Bogus Bobby’s ex-wife. I got her number, and gave her a call. I left a message telling her I want to talk about BB, and be filled in on the missing years. But, what I really want to know, is why they did not have a child. Patrice told me before MY child was conceived, BB was not able to get her pregnant. Why didn’t Heather have Karen contact HER BOGUS FATHER who she loved. I was there when Patrice found out he was dead. MY REAL daughter, cried.

How come Karen didn’t suggest MY daughter contact me HERSELF and stop playing her mother’s mentally ill games? We have not talked in six years. We are all but dead to each other. Patrice should be in therapy. She should stop running her DEAD MOTHER through MY DAUGHTER’S CREATION! This is more CRAZY TALK. MY daughter needs to get in touch with reality. To this end, I will be talking to her DIRECTLY….before I die!

Heather, it was wrong for your mother to put all the family guilt and darkness on you. You were born an innocent child. All this shit was for THE HANSONS to deal with, not you! You are a PRESCO! I set you free of the HANSON EVIL! Screw DEAD BETTY! She has nothing to do with you!

Why didn’t you have Karen contact your other grandmother DEAD ROSEMARY. You actually had a chance of meeting her. She would tell you how much you look like Christine and your father. Her and Karen would have an interesting chit-chat.

“Rosemary wants you to know she almost went all the way with Errol Flynn.”

Fuck DEAD DELPIANO! He was a monster criminal and fraud! He used cunning and deceit to get women in bed, where he sexually abused them. This is like rape. He took their money and food. He used the tragic death of a real band member to get his foot in the door – and prey on more victims! Your mother knew all this! I’m going to see if I can get the probation reports.

Your mother does not know right from wrong! I’m sure the cops were amazed she stuck with him. But, she looked and dressed like Bob Weir, too. They had some kinky mental illness thing going on between them. It’s time your mother blurt it out! You spent $63 dollars to hear what? Try google next time. It’s free!

Grateful Dead publicist Dennis McNally called Delpiano ″a professional con man who has got an emotional problem.″


Your mother was, and still is, a monster to put MY daughter in his arms. Your mother knew he was abusing many people – and her children – yet she told me she was thinking of going back to him. I did not know she was pregnant. If I did, I would have gone to the police and BB’s probation officer. He would have gone back to San Quinton, and I would have visitation rights. You lived a hundred yards from me – and didn’t know it. What a crime! Your mother could have put that monster back in jail. Read this, and know your life was in danger if more dark lies were not told to that evil piece of shit. This is a insane thing to say! Your mother is saying Randy would have murdered MY child!

When I found myself pregnant, I felt the father could have been
either John’s or my husband’s, but I had to convince the husband
that it was his baby or life would have been unbearable and the
chances of my baby’s survival would have been slim.

I’m proud of you, my daughter! You have turned your life around. You are with a good hard-working man!

Your Father



DISCOVERY BAY, Calif. (AP) – A harmonica player who has been jailed in the past for impersonating Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir allegedly has been at it again, police say.

Oakland police are looking for Randall Delpiano to arrest him on a warrant accusing him of stealing and violating his parole after serving 15 months on fraud and theft charges, Sgt. Stan Bricker said Friday.

Bricker questioned Delpiano two years ago after he was charged with bilking a woman out of $4,000. He was accused of gaining her confidence by impersonating Weir. He was paroled in April.

Bricker said Delpiano told him ″he gets some satisfaction″ out of pretending to be Weir. Delpiano resembles Weir, who doesn’t play harmonica.

″People like him when they think he’s Bob Weir,″ Bricker said.

Grateful Dead publicist Dennis McNally called Delpiano ″a professional con man who has got an emotional problem.″

″Bobby obviously objects to him doing so,″ McNally said. ″I really hope he runs into sharper Deadheads who recognize him,″ referring to the nomadic group of fans who sometimes follow the band around the country.

Bricker identified Delpiano as the man who allegedly has been impersonating Weir in the community of Discovery Bay in Contra Costa County.




thetaIn 2000, Stacey Pierrot, who was sold the Rosamond Legacy, hired Tom Snyder, a ghost writer, to author a biography about my late sister. Pierrot  put an ad on her web page that begged for folks who KNEW Christine to contribute. I am my brother, declined.  Patrice Hanson never met Rosamond, or, any member of my family. Being a Stage Mother, she answered this ad. She did not say who she was. She did ask if I was going to be at the reopening of the Rosamond gallery she was invited to, and was told I would not. She and my daughter, I did not know existed, promenaded about the gallery, introducing themselves. Heather was a singer and actress, who did not want to see me, because her mother told her bad things about me. Patrice promised our daughter she would be rich ad famous IF THEY ever found Rosamond. My family highly suggested they should let me know I was a father. How could they be in Snyder’s book?

Why did Patrice Hanson lie to me about being a member of Scientology? Patrice is a control freak who thrives on the covert hidden agenda. She never let my daughter – be my daughter. She was going after the Rosamond Story and Legacy weeks after Heather was born. Her husband was a convicted Con Artist. Did they try to find Christine Rosamond? If they did, would she shut the door on them? Of Course. When they discovered she was dead, and I was authoring a book, to rival Tom Snyder’s book of lies, they wanted to be in BOTH books. I should have had the Hansons sign the non-disclosure agreement Snyder almost tricked me into signing.

Here is Tattoo Mike, a friend of the Reeds and many people in Eugene. He was shot dead by a Scientology Guard. I will send this to  Leah Remini.


After I began to ask good questions, such as why my daughter would not change her surname to Presco, Patrice asked me this strange question.

“When you had a near-death experience, and left your body, did you encounter my mother?”

When Patrice first called me she said she had something important to tell me.

“We have a daughter!”

“How did you know?”

“My angel introduced us!”

“What color hair does she have?”

“Dark brown.”

Heather had bleached her hair.

Everyone who heard this story, fought back tears, or, balled like a baby. They said OUR STORY would be a Best Seller. OUR STORY! The greatest Father & Daughter Story of all time!

When I read about the “theta universe” I got what Patrice was up to. What she was suggesting, was, her mother wanted to come back to Earth, and be close to her daughter, again. She had jumped off a cliff, and killed herself. She was there already, as a Guardian Angel. But, she wanted to hold her grandchildren – when they are born! So, WE made an agreement in 1967, that I would get her daughter pregnant – if our paths crossed. Fat chance! I should have known better.

When Patrice’s womb is full of her Blessed Mother, my work in the theta universe is done. My space seeds have  completed their mission, and now I must fade away. Too bad I had not joined Scientology. I am not included in the “major win”  report to the Mission. My genitalia begins to dry up. I’m a gonner! L. Ron is writing me out of the script from Level THC 3. This is pure Pulp Fiction, with a touch of Thomas Pynchon, who I suspect may never publish again, because he is too busy reading this blog and trying to figure out Donald Trump – who is a lot like L. Ron. Am I the first to make the connection? Could it be Ron’s work on Earth is not done, and he wants to control the world? What about Putin? The Cold War is on again. Most Science Fiction is the spawn of the Cold War. A furtile mind can escape reality in outer space.

I am given Psychic Sea Cadet orders to give up my biography and help Patrice write HER STORY about the angelic mother that came back as her daughter. And, I will call up my sister Vicki, and tell her to get the new Mercedes ready, load the trunk with a million dollars in cash, and park it in front of the Rosamond Gallery – for here she comes…..

MOMMY DEAREST! The Divine ‘Rose of the World’.

Light up those votive candles, because it appears that Christine Rosamond passed her creative baton off to The Mommy Daughter of the World – when she drowned at sea, just like Patrice’s mother did, after she jumped off that cliff at Hermosa Beach. Wow!

“Oh, and she will be managing the gallery from now on – even though she has lingering suicidal thoughts in her theta-cleansed cranium, and, doesn’t know how to paint worth shit! And, knows nothing about art!”

THEIR STORY…….UNBORNS me! I am cut out of the deal! People are asking about the Miracle Dad, and  his whereabouts. If my mother were alive, and heard the Good Mommy News, she would kill Patrice, and take her grandchild home to live with her.

I have considered many times, if my angel-muse was Christine. They denied I was Rosamond’s Mentor. I owe Larry an eternal debt of gratitude for pointing this out.


Patrice denied in a long letter she was a member of Scientology. Then she kidnapped our daughter which was a crime in California. I came to own proof she is a major liar when I asked for my e-mails back, and the Mission letter was included – by accident. She had every intention of making me feel miserable, make me feel guilty and confused – even suicidal – the real father of her child.

As for the Personal Values and Integrity Course Heather was taking, I suspect she flunked out because grandma wanted to use her BRAND NEW PUSSY, take it for a test drive, and got caught sneaking out of the Scientology Compound to be with that twenty year old play-dude, who got her pregnant, I suspect on the first shot. He refused to marry Heather-Ma who could have used some of her scientific skills, by asking;

“Do you have a condom? If so, put it on – MORON!”

But, then, I would never had held my beautiful grandson.

Jon Presco



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    Heather had the worst friend in the world, named, Leah. They were childhood friends and they talked about the fathers they never knew. Leah found her father first, about six months before my daughter found me. This guy couldn’t get Leah into the compression chamber fast enough and hit the big red EJECT button aunching her into bitter cold space. Of course Heather wondered if I would do this. Leah hoped I would so they could remain – equals!

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