Fake E-mails With Fake Art History

These e-mails are ACTS OF FRAUD! Patrice Hanson wrote them. She did not tell me I was a father. She lived down the street with her abusive husband who she lied to in regards to Heather being his child. Randy Delpiano served time in San Quinton for committing acts of fraud. He is famous in Grateful Dead lore. He is the con artist who got arrested twice for posing as Bob Weir. Randy is a Grateful Imposter. So is his ex-wife who told me she and Randy could not sire a child after a year of trying. The odds that Craig and Linda Hanson knew Heather was my child – is high! I believe Patrice’s two sons – who I rescued from Randy – knew I was the father.

Then, here come Daryl Bulkley to the ship wreck, looking to salvage what she wants – a grandchild! These fuckers took my grandson from me! Patrice was obsessed with Christine’s fame from the minute I told her about it. Did she help her husband commit acts of fraud? The Berkley Barb put him on the front page – with warning! Patrice typed this letter and had my newfound daughter sign it. Last month I wept in front of my doctor because I got no call from my daughter while receiving radiation treatment for two months. Five days a week I made it there – with no back-up!

I was rendered impotent. I wanted to sire another child, who would love me because – I was there from day one! I study these news reports where the daughter comes visits her father in prison, and professes his innocence. She is holding a cake she baked him, as she tells the world he could not have murdered and eaten those folks. She sheds gobs of tears! My daughter and her mother invent shit that renders me a monster.

“My father is NOT A CANNIBAL! Anyone who says so – IS A FUCKING LIAR!”

Last night I watched these tough women prisoners being encouraged to keep in contact with their family, because “we are social animals”. I have not had any contact with any member of my family – for years! This is because they are fucking liars, and they brought in professional outside fucking liars to fuck with me and fuck up my family – that you see in the top photo. All six of us are here! We are one! My Godfather is here. Skip Sutter was a Sargeant on the Oakland Police Department. He went to highschool with our father. Skip does not know Vic has taken Christine out to the car to sexually molest her. Vic told me he did this – with Rosemary’s encouragement. Vic told me he had sexual intercourse with his granddaughter, Shannon Rosamond – after she came on to him! What is the truth? My father knew he was dying and wanted to make amends. He acknowledged I was a spiritual person with a spiritual agenda.

This brings us to authors Tom Snyder and Julie Lynch, and, ‘Caretaker’ Stacey Pierrot. Take a good look at Christine. According to THESE LIARS, this VICTIM was forced to draw and paint in a closet, because, Rosemary only wanted me to be an artist. The problem with this fucking lie, is, I am not an artist yet! This did not stop OUTSIDERS from sticking their Woman’s Liar Penis right in there, between Vic and Christine, so they can activate the MONEY HOLE and get themselves some WADS OF MONEY!

Before I continue, let me announce, women got egos that looks like a pig’s penis. It is a Screwy Liar’s Penis that women stick in their victim – and keep on twisting it – till they have corrupted a family for many generations – till they get satisfaction – which is never! My mother came on to me almost every time I visited her. I have been in therapy over this, because, Rosemary seduced my childhood friend, Bill Arnold, which caused him to drive on to a railroad tack, and turn off the lights to the car Rosemary bought for him. When I confronted her about this in 1994, my mother said;

“What do you want me to do………cut my throat?”

Stacey Pierrot leant Tom Snyder her Twisted Female Penis so he could stick it in me deep. He knows I have a grandson, who loves me – UNCONDITIONALLY! Snyder helped turn Tyler Hunt against me. My brother helped. I grieve, because I thought he would never be a liar. He knew better. He knew I loved The Truth! But, he wore the Twisted Penis, and had himself a hell of a good time! Fuck him! What a Traitor! He knew Christine did not hide in the closet, and took up art when she was twenty-four!

Last night, I had to face the truth………I have no family! This is very bad news. This is hard to swallow. I lost my family because everyone is a FUCKING LIAR, but Tyler. His mother know nothing about religion, and does not want to know. Patrice is chronic Cult Follower. It is she who suggests HER churches for our grandson to take part in. Tyler’s blood-kin wrote a book on the Confessional and was a good friend of Pope Adrien. Being truthful is vital in being a religious – and artistic – human being.

The Fucking Liars are going to have a very Bad News Day for a long time to come! All hope is gone. You have lost your hostage.

Instead of letting me know I was a father, Patrice put one of my sister’s prints over Heather’s crib, and aimed our daughter at Christine’s fame. This witch took my daughter and sister – hostage! She answered to Pierrot’s call for people who knew Christine to come forth and be in her biography. Patrice never met Christine – who needed real help all her life. Patrice pretended I had a chance to bond with our daughter, but, she had this minor child sign that lying “Dear Daddy” letter, and thus – made a liar out of my daughter! Patrice moved this child away from her father – with these lies! Heather kept her distance, and barely spoke to me – lest I discover the truth! Outrageous!

Then, Patrice pretends to be my daughter so she can intercept my Fatherly Love, because her father abused her – and her mother! This witch intercepted The Healing I was doing, and vicariously sucked on the light of a Famous Dead Artist – and the light of her brother whom she loved dearly. I knew something was very wrong with Christine at an early age. We formed an alliance. She was my Sister in Recovery whose funeral fell on her first sober birthday. The fucking liars stole our program in hope they would get – millions! I am hard pressed to find more EVIL PEOPLE!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017



Heather <hhanson939


John Ambrose

04/28/07 at 9:09 AM

Hi Dad, I didn’t get a chance to read this in depth so I just skimed it over a bit.  I am not so sure PAS is a factor.  My mom however did suffer from this growing up.  Her father would tell her horrible things about her mother and was constanly talking down about her.  My mom is very consious about how devistating this can be.  As a child she took everything her father was saying about her mother inward and applied it to herself leaving her feeling worthless.  She has allways been very carful not to do that with her children.  She has never said anything bad about you or my brothers fathers.  She has left it up to us to make our own desisions.  We’ll talk more aout this on the phone.  Tyler is getting in to some thing in the kitchen. Love you. —– Original Message —– From: John Ambrose To: heather hanson ; Michael Dundon Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 10:54 AM Subject: Parental Alienation Syndrome Dear Heather;

John Ambrose <braskewitz@yahoo.com> wrote:

What is your vision dear Daughter? What do you want in regards to Tyler and religion/spirituality? Does Ryan have a preferance? Tyler could care less. Let’s not forget that. Are we making a choice for him?





Heather Hanson <hthr_hanson@yahoo.com>


John Gregory Presco

03/31/06 at 9:32 AM

Hi Dad,


Tyler is getting better.  We did have a rough night however.  I woke to Tyler crying at 12:30am and I brought him into bed with me.  He fell back to sleep right away but because he is so congested he was snoring really loud.  So I tryed sleeping on the couch in my room but the snoring still kept me awake.  So then I successfully carried him to his crib with out waking him up.  I finally feel back to sleep at 3:30am. Then at 5am I awoke to my Mom bring him into my room.  She said she heard a big thump from Tylers room.  He had some how climbed or fell out of his crib.  He was okay just a little upset.  I will have Ryan lower the bed so he can’t climb out tonight.


Anyhow, my Mom was actually planning on going to Global Heart’s Spiritual Center on Easter.  She would love for us to join her.  It is a new church that is much like The Church of Religious Science.  You might be able to research it on the internet for more info.  Well, I better get ready for the day.  Love you.

03/28/06 at 10:29 AM

Dear Daddy,


Honestly, it hasn’t crossed my mind to have Tyler baptized.  Maybe it was my subconscious you were hearing.  However, now that you mention it, it might be nice to do that.  Shortly after Tyler was born I wanted to invite family and friends to gather in welcoming Tyler into to this world, but I never got it together.  So his birthday party will sort of be like that.  I am hoping that it won’t rain for his party.  I am thinking that if it looks like it might rain we can have the party at my house.  My room is a nice sitting area now and Heidi has a tent for the porch.  Ryan’s room mate has an outdoor heater we put on the porch to make things cozy.  I’ll put that on the invitation as a rainy day option.  Any how, I hope you are doing well.  Tyler is sick again.  He woke up with a fever at 103.2 so I put him in a cold bath and gave him some Tylenol.  The fever is down and now he is napping.  Poor baby.  I will talk to you soon.




John Ambrose <braskewitz@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear Heather;


I have been hearing for some time your desire to have Tyler baptised, this coming through loud and clear on the psychic airwaves along with chatter from Victoria Mary, my excomminicated sister. She frets that Tyler will not go to heaven. Right?


I just talked to a woman at the Carmelite monestary and there will be a regular service on Easter Sunday at 9:00 AM. We can attend. Because I am a minister in the Universal Life Church, I can perform legal Baptisms. We can do this at the beautiful fountain. I can purchase a cirtificate and fill it in. There will be no dunking, just a splash of water. I am a Nazarite.








The Carmelites are descended from the ‘Son of the Prophets’ who are associated with Elijah. John the Baptist is asked if he is Elijah. All Hebrew males were/are candidates for the second coming of Elijah, and are questioned when they are eight days old to see if they are. We see this in the birth of John, which has been altered.

In the Protevangelium of James we read about a liniage of female prophets giving birth to prophetic sons

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