My Daughter – Surrogate Child of Drunks

I can not save my family. But, I can exploit them like they expoited me.

Rosamond Press

After signing an agreement to be my special needs Trustee, Bill and my daughter launched their Take A Child Into A Bar campaign on their facebooks.  Linda got my sober sister and I a room at the Avi casino near Bull head. They hinted at the idea they wanted us to invest in a Bar&Grill. Bill posted drunken tales. I complained to facebook and they closed their accounts. Their campaign said – I was the only one with a drinking problem! And, alcoholism is not a inherent disease as I was taught at Serenity Lane.

How many of my neighbors did Kim Hafner encourage to get on my daughter’s facebook and defame me? Going after one’s child in order to get her on your side, and slander you, is as devious as it comes. That my daughter took Kim’s side against me, is PROOF of what I have been saying…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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