The Evil Stage Mother

My daughter is mentally ill. I saw a video of her doing a very good job on some singer’s song. The she ruined it by saying she wants to get a band together and become famous. When I went down to Sonoma to meet Heather for the first time, I was shown a stack of videos five feet tall, that Rex had shot of MY daughter growing up. Rex was Heather’s mentally ill surrogate father that was on meds, and was very dull and pliable. I watched MY daughter perform on many stage since she was young. She played flute, then danced, then acted, then sang. In almost all of them there was a shot of THE PAY OFF. Rex would capture to The Bliss of Patrice, the Stage Mother, he face all oohy and goohy with pride.

“She gets all her talent from me!”

When I suggested that MY daughter gets most of her talent from ME, because that is the way genetics goes, she was livid! Right there and then she decided to take up Tom Snyder’s offer to have his Star be in his book! Of course Snyder was working the mother who gushed to him on the phone. This is why PATRICE HAD TO SEE VICKI AND THE REST OF MY FAMILY. She needed another Pay Day, another fix, when the Puppet Master danced my Little Wooden Girl into their living rooms. I had have a video of MY daughter performing before Vicki and her family. She is seeking approval from Patrice, who is not there – in person!

When I saw MY daughter had turned her grief over her miscarriage, I was filled with grief, because this dead child was DRAFTED ONTO THE STAGE OF THE DEADLY STAGE MOTHER! If this child had lived, then Heather will do unto this DAUGHTER what her mother did unto her. Forsaking her non-existent career, and her chance to be a Star, MY granddaughter would live for THE FIX, the smile of a proud mother who will say;

“She get’s all her talent from me!”

After getting my daughter back, I asked her if she read Tom Snyder’s story of my dead sister and her family. She said;


Patrice, the Ugly Witch, set out to upstage my sister – while MY child was in her womb! Above are photographs of Heather PERFORMING at her High School Graduation I was supposed to go to. But, the thought of that witch sitting next to me, the man who MY daughter got most of her talent from, would be to intercept the Evil Witches’ BIG PAY DAY! I already ruined THE BIGGEST PAY DAY of I getting to see my daughter, alas!

Look how handsome I am. I look like a movies star. My famous sister married two actors and lived in Micky Rooney’s house she bought – with cash! Patrice is a stalker, like Kim!

John Presco

Copyright 2019

No father has had to struggle like I have to be recognized as a father – and a grandfather! When Heather came into my life I was working on my book about the Grail Bloodline and whether Jesus had any children. Many books have been written on this possibility. I could not help but compare my struggle with that of Jesus – if it is true he fathered a daughter! A famous book was made into a movie that suggests the Popes in Rome went to great lengths to unborn Jesus’child, and take away his Fatherhood. Jesus was allegeldy a grandfather. Many authors claim powerful forces hid this truth.

Here are the first e-mails I exchanged with Heather and her mother, Patrice Hanson, who asks for a blood test because Linda Comstock was molested as a child, and has no trust of men. Hmmm! She trusted Bill Cornwell.
Patrice also says it would be good idea just incase Randall came back into my daughter’s life. Of course, I am not supposed to have a problem trusting Heather’s kindred.Did Delpiano molest my daughter – because he knew the truth?
“Part of my sister, Linda’s, fears for Heather are connected with the
fact that she (Linda) was molested by relatives on my stepmother’s
side when she was a young teenager. So she has very little trust of men and is
very protective toward Heather.”
After sending Patrice and Heather the first chapter of ‘Bonds With Angels’ Patrice speaks of how alcoholism destroyed her family. When Heather bonded with Bill, she knew how I felt about the use of alcohol, and how my novel will pass on our miracle to those who suffer. I believe Heather told Bill I was sober and would not approve of their bond that is based much upon the consumption of alcohol. When Bill bonded with my grandson, he began to look for a way to disquailfy and dehumanize me in order get me out of Tyler’s life.
Above is the log cabin I found on the McKenzie River for my futrue bride. I found a job for Patrice at McKenizie High School. I wanted to marry Patrice and have my daughter’s birth cirtificate changed. I wanted to get all records saying Randal Delpiano was the father, esponged. I wanted to take a blood test as is customary in California for newlyweds. A week after I sent these photos, Patrice Hanson illegally disapeared my daughter from my life! I am sure Linda Comstock was told the good news! I amsure my minor child heard all these dueling conversations that made me the target of their dark agendas. How could she make a loving bond with me – the enemy?
That Heather refused to perform her duties as Trustee until I signed a notorized document promising I would not write about ther side of the family, is her and her kindred’sattempt to un-father me. Do you think Linda Comstock and Flip are jealous of me?
Bill Cornwell has a un-natural bond with Tyler Hunt for the reason he is insanely jealous of his grandfather. Child Services needs to be informed!
Several Biblical scholars conclude Jesus was a Nazarite, and abstained from alcohol. Why would this fact be hidden? Where do Bootleggers get their name?
Jon the Nazarite
From: Bancrofthouse@a…
Sent: March 11, 2001 6:50:31 PM GMT
Subject: Re: Patrice and Heather
Thank you for all this information. I printed it out for Heather and
myself. I did talk with her on the phone this morning. She was in
tears as I told her the story and she really thanked me for finding
you. Maybe it should have been sooner, but I never had the feeling
with such urgency before to find you, so now must be the time. And,
yes, I do believe there are angels at work here. Alcoholism runs in
my family, too and it destroyed our family making my dad an abuser
and my mom the victim who was in mental hospitals until she died at
the bottom of a cliff at Laguna Beach.
From: John Presco
To: bancrofthouse@
CC: jonpresco8
Subject: FWD: Another thought
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 22:43:53 -0500 (EST)
Why would Randy, a known dead-beat and con artist want to show up
of the blue and challenge anyone for the right to be Heather’s
father? Are you suggesting has seen the light, and wants to support
Heather in every way including having a judgment against him in a
court of law – MAKING him be the good father he never was? No
here, as whenever he wants
out he would gladly take a blood-test!
I don’t buy it Patrice. Why would he assume the financial burdens a
sixteen year old girl would bring with legal guardianship. All of a
sudden he had the urge to put Heather through college? Now, who else
would show up wanting PROOF I am Heather’s father.
From: Bancrofthouse@
To: velchanos
Sent: March 13, 2001 6:46:53 AM GMT
Subject: Another thought
My sister suggested that when you come, we get a blood test done to
confirm paternity. I feel 100% certain in myself that you are indeed
Heather’s father. I think you know from your psychic intuitions and
when you see her you will confirm what you already know. However, as
Linda, my sister said, then we’d have confirmation on paper and if
anyone ever challenges it, we can prove it. For example, if Randy
ever shows up although I feel the chances are slim. It’s been 10
years now and we are not that hard to find for anyone who really
wants to. It might be a good idea though. What do you think?
From: Presco Jon
To: Bancrofthouse@
CC: jonpresco8@
Subject: Re: Heather
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 14:07:16 -0800 (PST)
Patrice; Once again, I will try to make this simple.
When I mentioned the blood-test, I was referring to
this as being ONE of the reasons I was feeling
anxiety, I only interested – AT THE TIME – in getting
a clearer picture of my daughter, it so very faint for
all the obvious reasons! I was not bringing up this
anxiety in order to coherse you into doing my bidding.
I was not saying “Your suggestion has made me upset,
anxious, and thus is jeopardized my relationship with
my daughter. Therefore, you must relieve my anxiety by
doing what I want – or, go along with what I do not
want to do.”
In Recovery this called Emotional Blackmail. I
mentioned this test again as to why I REALLY and TRULY
felt anxious, and am beginning to feel this way again!
I am embaraased about my anxiety, verses trying to get
you to do my will. Are you trying to make your point
clear – for the record?
For the record, all my letters and other forms of
communication are protected under my Copyright, I
registering my biography ‘Bonds with Angels’ under the
same Copyright, under the title ‘Notes of a New
Nazarite’ registration number TXu 791-053. The mention
of this Copyright is made in my Homepage ‘Royal
Rosamond Press’. I mention this as Tom Snyder
forwarded your email you sent him where you state you
are very interested in the biography he is writing.
As to what other arrangements that can be made in order
that Heather and I can see each other without any
other agendas getting in the way, is as follows:
1. I can see Heather for a half hour tommorow, and
then proceed to Oakland where my friend is letting me
stay in his mother’s house while she is in the
hospital. Heather can come visit me in Oakland, wespending a day
2. My friend Virginia has offered to let Heather stay
in her home if she would care to come up and visit me.
Virginia and I are just good friends.
For you to introduce a violent, known liar, into this
picture, a man who has physically threatened me with a
baseball bat (as so many of my friends recall) as one
reason I should get a blood test in order to protect
my daughter from him, is highly suspicious. One can
easily say this IS cohersion, a thinly veiled TEST to
see if i am really a good father. Are you working my
low self-esteem on this one? How about your sister?
Bancrofthouse@ wrote:
Good morning! As I go through the morning, getting
ready to go, I stop by the computer to see if there are any messages
fromyou. It’s so nice to find one. I understand your feelings but I
want to remind you that you said to me that you were going to
a blood test also. Perhaps we understand things a little differently
here in regard to this, but never saw the blood test as a way of
determining whether you are OK or not, but as a way for Heather to
claim her real heritage in the world and to eliminate any rights of
Del Piano. Maybe we don’t have to be concerned about the ways of the
world? I don’t know. My concern would be to take the actions
hat will produce the greatest good for all of us, especially
based on what is true and real. We can discuss this further and take
a look at it when you are here. Yes, all is well that ends well and
have no doubts about you and who you are. I see you only in the
highest and brightest light. Knowing Heather, I can’t help but do
that- she is so much you and she is so special, as I have said over
and over.
From: John Presco
To: Bancrofthouse@
CC: jonpresco8@
Subject: Re: A thousand words
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 14:40:38 -0500 (EST)
No, I will not back out. When Heather and I meet face to face, and
embrace surrounded by those who love us, all that may has been
will be made “right”. Of this, I have no doubt. Do not worry, our
angels chose the right man.
Love always
From: Bancrofthouse@
To: velcha
Sent: March 16, 2001 3:04:37 AM GMT
Subject: Re: A thousand words
Dear Jon, Your email this afternoon is so beautiful and filled with
wonderful energy. I read it to Heather and she just loved it. It
be so good for her to have a father who looks on her with love. I
my sister coming in with a kind of protective energy toward Heather.
She said she won’t believe you are the father until she sees the
blood test. I too
checked on the cost after my last message to you and the quote I got
is $600. That is ridiculous! I don’t really get why it is so
expensive. So we can look at that and maybe find something that is
more do-able. Although I that the angels always fulfill my needs in
often remarkable ways, that amount is a little steep for me. I’ll
research it and see if I can find a
more reasonable way. Although, in my heart I feel it is totally
unnecessay. Yes it definitely is time to set things straight and for
everything to
be in the open. It feels so good and a little scarey too. I didn’t
realize until now, the degree of discomfort I have felt with this
secret. And even
though we’ve not been in touch with Randy for 10 years, all this is
reactivating my fear of him. What I know in truth is that we are
surrounded by angels
that are keeping us safe and I can trust that. I don’t want to buy
into any fear, but always remember that all things are working out
and being worked
out in the perfect way.
Part of my sister, Linda’s, fears for Heather are connected with the
fact that she (Linda) was molested by relatives on my stepmother’s
side when she
was a young teenager. So she has very little trust of men and is
protective toward Heather. I am fairly protective, but I also know I
have to trust the Divine Wisdom within her to make wise choices. She
does need
you now to give her a greater sense of herself and I feel out of
that she will make wiser choices. Knowing she has a dad who loves
is so important for
her right now. It must feel to you like you just had a baby girl.
Congratulations dad! I just still feel sad that you were not there
Sept. 26, 1984. The night she was born was an experience that I will
forget. I insisted that she stay with me in the hospital at all
and would notlet the nurses take her to the nursery. I just wanted
stay up with her
allnight and bathe in the feeling of being in love with her that was
pervading my being. It was quite extraordinary. She is a very
being. I’m
so happy you found out about her now rather than waiting any longer.
Thank you
From: John Presco
To: shamus mpresco rzmond
Subject: FWD: Re: Patrice and Heather
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 15:46:10 -0500 (EST)
Dear Shamus; You have a cousin named Heather Marie, who is sixteen
years of age, born on Rosemary’s birthday. I just received this
from her
mother, reminding me that in our disease of alcoholism almost
everything is beyond our control. For this reason we are asked to
admit we are powerless
over our disease, and, a power greater then ourselves will restore
to sanity. That sanity has arrived for me, I able to Recover what is
most dear to me, my family.
From: Bancrofthouse@a…
Sent: March 11, 2001 6:50:31 PM GMT
Subject: Re: Patrice and Heather
Thank you for all this information. I printed it out for Heather and
myself. I did talk with her on the phone this morning. She was in
tears as I told her the story and she really thanked me for finding
you. Maybe it should have been sooner, but I never had the feeling
with such urgency before to find you, so now must be the time. And,
yes, I do believe there are angels at work here. Alcoholism runs in
my family, too and it destroyed our family making my dad an abuser
and my mom the victim who was in mental hospitals until she died at
the bottom of a cliff at Laguna Beach.
So, Heather has it on both sides of the family. When we split up
of it for me was that I was afraid
that you were alcoholic and maybe leaving Randy at the time in that
way was not really the solution that could work. I had to change
something in myself
and I’ve worked hard on it over the years and am still working on
I’m happy that you entered a treatment program and have worked on
yourself also. I’m sure you are handsome as you always were. I told
Heather that you were a very good looking man.
I’m not sure how to get to your home page. Perhaps you could give me
some information on how to do that? I want to look at it with
when she gets here.
I trust and feel that the future holds good things for the three of
us however that may look. I am so happy that we are in communication
and this is a new beginning, especially for Heather. Talk with you
Sent: March 13, 2001 3:48:17 AM GMT
Subject: Heather
I was noticing that for so long I have thought of Heather as just
mine. Although, I also realize that ultimately she does not belong
me and is
her own person. I have been her only parent ever since she came into
being. Now, connecting with you has begun the opening of another
whole part of herself
that was just aching to be born. Seeing this open up with the
of that part of her that is her father is really very extraordinary.
It’s almost as
if I am seeing her as a different person or that another aspect that
has been dark and unknown is lightening and opening so she can be
more in her
fullness. Does this make sense?
Anyway, I realize that she is not just mine. She chose to come in
through both of us and your family and all the richness it carries
with it is part of her also. Until now, it has not been fully
available to her, it has been a mystery and unknown to her. Now she
can truly blossom and the time is right. She really needs the energy
of a father. So for one who hasn’t experienced himself as a father
before this must be
pretty amazing as it is for Heather who hasn’t experienced herself
the daughter of a father before. I’m so glad we found you!
Love, Patrice
From: John Presco
Subject: RE: Heather
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 13:46:58 -0500 (EST)
Thank you Patrice! I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for
you did so long ago, your intuition, or guiding – Divine!? I think
all the timing is correct, even perfect, for it may be Angelic
Time? For instance: I have an altar in my home, actually two of
one for the male energy, the other for the female energy. It helps
to worship
both in a separate manner as this enrgey was deliberately divided.
Anyway, the point being, on the Father/Baba altar I have kept a
made of
bamboo/grass in China. Inside the apple (of our sin?) The top of
apple comes off (divides) and inside is a picture of a beautiful
girl holding a
pure white lamb. She is about six or seven years of age. I put two
names in this apple-basket, Elisheba and Salome, giving the meanings
of their name
“daughter of the oath” and “peaceful”.
There is also a white pearl in the apple that to me represents life
kept sacred and safe inside the sea
shell of Love. I have owned this apple for ten years, and today I
opened it, let the girl within, see the light of day! As you can
I am a very visual, cryptic, and spirutal man – and father, so do
be alarmed. I will try to keep it simple, as you have done, adding,
being a spiritual person who has come to know he is a father for
sure… a heart-opener!
From: “Jon Presco”
To: mpresco
Subject: My Daughter, Heather
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 17:21:39 -0800
My ex-girlfriend, Patrice has just informed me of something I long
knew, I have a daughter. Her name is Heather Marie Hanson. She was
born on September 26, 1984, Rosemary’s birthday. She is very
beautiful I am
told, but I already knew this, as two weeks ago I was introduced to
Heather in my dreams by my Angel and her mother. She is an artist,
and a singer. I told my detective friend about my dream and asked
if he would help find her. Before he could investigate, Patrice
the name Rosamond on the web. My
dreams have come true.
From: Stacey Pierrot
Reply-To: stacey@r…
To: jonpresco8@h…, vpresco
Subject: [Fwd: Patrice Hanson at Bancroft House in Sonoma]
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 09:02:43 -0800
FRIENDS AND ADMIRERS OF ROSAMOND You’ll be pleased to know that
Rosamond Publishing has commissioned the artist’s biography: a
celebration of her life and legacy. We’re working closely with the
author, Tom Snyder, to produce a handsome book dedicated to an
extraordinary life. Tom is a trained observer as well as
a storyteller intrigued by every turn in life’s odyssey. If you have
any comments to share with Tom about your own response to Rosamond’s
work, he’d be happy to hear from you. His e-mail address is:
Forwarded Message
From: Bancrofthouse
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 11:25:39 EST
Subject: Patrice Hanson at Bancroft House in Sonoma
To: info@r…
I wonder if you can help me. Back in 1983, I met a man in Oakland
named, I believe, Greg. He told me that Rosamond was his sister and
that is the only
thing I really know about him as a possible way of locating him. I
need to find him for a very important reason. If you happen to know
if Rosamond had a
brother by this name or any clues that I could follow to locate him,
I would appreciate it very much. Thank you for any help you can
Patrice Hanson
From: John Presco
To: Bancrofthouse
Subject: Re: a message from Patrice
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 12:27:35 -0500 (EST)
When Tom first contacted me he told me I was central to Christine’s
biography. I considered letting him finish the biography I had begun
in 1990, as I have at least two books to write, I making several
only to have my information expand dramatically. I may have solved
some core mysteries of King Arthur and the Holy Grail, and great
secrets surrounding the original Nazarite church. Tom told me he was
working with Stacey, and I told him any help I provided had to be
under critical guidelines, being, this is a story of miracles and
recovery aimed at helping those who
suffer from the abusive disease of alcholoism – especially children –
who make bonds with angels in order to survive horrendous abuse and
Tom told me there had been a legal meeting with attournies where
legal steps were considered, but Tom himself refused to work under
these conditions. He tells me he wants me to sign a release of some
kind so my information will not be exploited in a sensational
It turned out to be a legal document asking me to give him EXCLUSIVE
rights to
the material, meaning, I could not draw upon my memories in written
form in regards to Christine, and perhaps all the members of my
family. I felt
this was a betrayal of the initial trust, which was tentative as it
was, as Stacey – a non-family member – ha been manipulative and
secretive since the
day of Christine’s funeral. She, and members of my family have been
getting their way, and power over others the exact way my abusive
parents did, through secret family information aimed at keeping my
family a closed covert family. Only those who agree to go along with
the dark agendas are let into the inner circle. For taking my niece
Shannon’s side in the chaos
outsiders created on top of my families tragedy, I was put, and kept
in the dark.
I will forward you an email from a fan of Christines in regards to
the disappearance of the ADULT heir that no one with all their
resources is attempting to find. They did nothing to help me find
Heather, I
pleading with the probate judge to consider the Miracle and Dream
that is still continuing in my LIFE, A miracle and dream I need to
subscribe to in
order to save my life. Stacey, Mark, and Vicki do not want my and
Christine’s Program, as the one they have, that allows them to own
all the creative endeavors in the family, works fine for them, and
a beautiful cover for the darkness they spread.
It sound like Tom has contacted you again? I would like to know.
the appearance of Heather in my life, things have changed in regards
to the artistic legacy I own a physical part of in regards to a half
million dollars worth of prints, that might make a partner with
Vicki, Stacey and the Gallery, as this partnership was separate from
the estate. I think
this is what they are worried about, they willing to have a legal
battle over this, knowing I am poor. But, if my biography becomes a
best seller, then I
own what they own, money and the power of a media that pays
to a world famous artists, who might want to hear what I have to
that may not be favorable to them who are not concerned about saving
lives via the Program Christine and I shared, we sister and brother
in Alcoholics Anonymous.
I am always open for negotiations and compromise. I seek your
guidance in regards to not wanting Heather exposed to this. Its only
the next day of
our reunion and your email that reminds me there is so much – DRAMA –
surrounding this legacy that was left to Hether’s two cousins, all
three not allowed to play, be players, all three, inheriting the
Creative Gifts Christine and I were born with. No one else in the
family have these Gifts. I find this utterly unfair!
Heather is a Libra like myself. What sign are you Patrice. If I
you’re an Aquarius?
From: Bancrofthouse
Sent: March 12, 2001 2:31:47 PM GMT
Subject: Re: a message from Patrice
Jon, It’s great that its coming together so easily for you to come
here soon. I really trust that this all is in the hands of angels
that everything that is needed will be provided in terms of where
can stay, etc. I will try to talk to Diane today. It’s a little odd
living in someone else’s house because I can’t just open the house
my friends without clearing it and working out an exchange that
for the owner. But she’s really great and I feel she will understand
and be supportive. Plus she is a great
artist and will appreciate another artist and she is very familiar
with Rosamond’s work, so I’m sure it will be perfect and a win for
I thought you should have the number for the phone that goes into
Heather’s room. She has her own line. It is.
I’ve been thinking about the apparent conflict in regard to the
biography. Perhaps there is information I don’t have but it seems to
me that a biography written by the brother would be a very different
book from a very different perspective than one written by an
outsider and so there would be room for the creation of both of
I know when I am really
interested in someone or something, I like to get my hands on as
resources as possible to get information from a variety of points of
view. So I don’t see that it needs to be an either/or situation.
as I said, perhaps there is something I don’t know that you do. We
can talk about it more. Tom
Snyder seems like a really nice guy also. It seems he is supportive
of you and he definitely played an important part in connecting you
with Heather and
that is important and not to be ignored.
I’m excited too. Maybe not as excited as you and Heather, but pretty
excited. I do look forward to seeing you again. I’m happy this is
out in the open now. It kind of lifts a weight off me that I wasn’t
really aware of but can notice now how much better it feels that you
know about your daughter.
Love and blessings! Patrice

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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