The Evil Stage Mother

The Fairytale where the Evil Witches take the newborn daughter away from The King and raise her as their own was born in Germany. I recently saw a video of MY DAUGHTER, and she looks like the German women in my family. She looks nothing like her mother, or, her mother.

Rosamond Press

My daughter is mentally ill. I saw a video of her doing a very good job on some singer’s song. The she ruined it by saying she wants to get a band together and become famous. When I went down to Sonoma to meet Heather for the first time, I was shown a stack of videos five feet tall, that Rex had shot of MY daughter growing up. Rex was Heather’s mentally ill surrogate father that was on meds, and was very dull and pliable. I watched MY daughter perform on many stage since she was young. She played flute, then danced, then acted, then sang. In almost all of them there was a shot of THE PAY OFF. Rex would capture to The Bliss of Patrice, the Stage Mother, he face all oohy and goohy with pride.

“She gets all her talent from me!”

When I suggested that MY…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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