Our Miraculous Story Was Kidnapped

I tried! I sent Heather my last post and got no call from her. When I found her after she was disappeared for two years, she said;

“Just because you can’t get along with your family, doesn’t mean I can’t!”

Heather made her mothers; dram come true. Since she was born Patrice Hansn bragged to everyone, that my daughter was Rosamond’s niece, and, they would be united someday. Just because I am not getting along with Christine, doesn’ mean Patrice and her newborn baby, can not. Patrice could have found me through our mutual landlord and my friend Cal. Her husband was arrested twice for impersonating Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. Heather left me to be a star with the help of Vicki Presco and Stacey Pierrot, and Tom Snyder who I sent an e-mail to informing him that Ryan Hunt was a twenty year old man when he crossed State lines to visit my sister in Arizona. He was fucking a seventeen year old daughter who was brainwashed by an evil Stage Mother.

Rosamond Press

Last night, Christmas Eve, I began to deep clean my house. I set up a new alter to my daughter, Heather Hanson, and her son, Tyler Hunt. The top photos you see, was taken just before Heather met Bill Cornwall and his father who were desirous to own OUR miraculous story, as was Patrice and Linda Hanson, Vicki Presco, and many others. Our beautiful story began to erode just after it was told. Patrice turned the angel that came to me in a dream into her dead mother. Linda reminded her niece of all the money she leant her sister, expecting my daughter to be famous one day – and pay it back.

No minor is responsible for the debts of their parents. When it looked like the Hansons would not be the stars of my biography, they kidnapped my daughter so she could be in Snyder’s evil biography, where…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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