The Quinotaur and Franks of Woudrichem


I own so much history I can not put it in one book. The legend of the Quinotaur came to be when two rivers kept flooding altering the bounaries of the Toxandria kingdom. The Puritans and the Moravian Church came to America and sailed into our rivers, and gave names to the places they came ashore. The Labyrinth of the World is the great lesson.

The Schwarzenberg claim to a Frisian Line must take in the city of New Amsterdam. I have not forgotten I am authoring a James Bond novel, where Victoria Bond is chained to God-el float and taken to the Thames to perform a ancient ritual – against her will! Ian Fleming is in my family tree – along with Shakespeare!

Jon The Seer

Unable to perceive the shape of You, I find You all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with Your love, It humbles my heart, For You are everywhere.”

Mellobaudes de Toxandrie MP

Spanish: Dn. Mellobaude de Toxandría

Flavius Richomeres de Toxandrie, Saliens Chief of Lombardy

German: Flavius Richimir de Toxandrie, Saliens Chief of Lombardy, Spanish: Dn. Richimir de Toxandría, Saliens Chief of Lombardy
Gender: Male
Birth: 350
Maritime Charente, Saintonge, France
Death: circa 393 (39-47)
Maritime Charente, Saintonge, France
Immediate Family: Son of Mellobaude, King of the Franks at Worms and Queen of Lombardy Ascyla van Gallic
Husband of Ascyla des Francs
Father of Théodémir de Thérouane, Roi des Francs and Hildegard de Lombardy
Brother of Himbald, King of the Franks; Chlogio von Köln, I and Daughter of Mallobaudes

Rosamond Press


We have arrived – alas! I am in the land of my people and the source of our storytelling. I own the world! I am such a lucky man. I know exactly what I want. I can see the boat I want to live on when I have the money from my movie.

I have a need to hear one of Lara’s tunes. Where to begin? Does life imitate art? I have watched Lara become an artist. It is like giving birth – to oneself! I hear the pains of her labor. She is vaguely aware I exist. But, we are locked in Super Symmetry.  Indeed, she is holding the symbol of SS in her hands. When she turns it a parallel place is turned. What does that symbol look like? If you can see, then you know the end of my movie, or, the end of…

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