Virginia’s Labyrinth

Virginia’s great great grandfather tried to restore the House of Bourbon after the French revolution. Maximillian married Mary of Burgundy of the House of Bourbon, thus Virginia and I are kin. My whole blog is the ‘New Labyrinth of the World’ that I constructed in my quest to “Know thyself!” Everyone talks a good game of DNA, but, no scientific mind takes you to God and His ‘Kingdom of Truth’. I have been there.

With the removal of Senator Thomas Hart Benton’s name form Benton Hall, God’s DNA material is awakened to hard truths and facts. Thomas Jefferson said the Louisiana Purchase almost destroyed the Union. But, then came the Civil War. Satan-Trump has risen from the molten fissure made from that riff, that murderous wound, and, murder goes about the land. He is playing with fire. He is Lucifer.


Rosamond Press


After discovering more videos I took of my dear friend, Virginia Hambley, I called her and said;

“I am so grateful I got to know you. There is no one like you. You are one of a kind. I just watched these videos of you, and I just had to call you and tell you I love you!”

Virginia is consistently the smartest person I ever met. Once in a great while she let’s me have the upper hand, but, she is just faking it. She looks down her aristocratic nose at me because that’s in her genetic make-up. Sometimes I wonder if her intelligence was increased due to her head injury.

It is difficult to know Virginia, again, and again, and again. Her mind is a Labyrinth that keeps blocking your way to the creamy nugget center, that I have only arrived at three of four time since 1997…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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