GamerGate and the Labyrinth

I have posted on the Labyrinth so many times because I was in a labyrinth on my way to find the ‘Labyrinth of the World’ that was the light and hope of my Bohemian ancestors.

Rosamond Press


“while visiting Godstow, noticed Rosamund’s tomb laden with flowers and candles. The bishop ordered her remains removed from the church: instead, she was to be buried outside “with the rest, that the Christian religion may not grow into contempt, and that other women, warned by her example, may abstain from illicit and adulterous intercourse.”

I have been working on another Labyrinth of Rosamond post for a week. I can not put Rena in the center, because she does not want to be there – or does she? Does it matter what anybody WANTS anymore, as much as what people THINK? Is anybody thinking anymore? Our President may be surrounded by THINKERS – OF THE FORTH KIND.

The President and I are seventy years of age. His star is ascending, while mine is waning. The Hippie Snowflake is the Big Loser, while the age of the Misogynist Rape Artist – has just…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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