The Glass Tower – With Slipper

I have been called ‘The Reluctant Messiah’. I am amused, and amazed, to find myself at the epicenter of the Bohemian Labyrinth, because, I have been tortured enough. Everything and everyone has been take from me. I know ignorant people want to kill me. But, I have experienced death. Am I Lazarus?

Rosamond Press

The owners of the CBCLLC have opened a Pandora’s Box.  They will hire artists and writers  – as a last resort! They will be the last – on the scene! They want us Bohemians walking about wearing their Sandwich Boards. We are not a freak show?  Anyone can design a Glass Box, but, only we can make a glass slipper!

You fools! Can’t you see! Behold the Tower of Beauty and the Labyrinth! On a certain day, the rising sun cast a shodow in the center of the maze. This is a cosmic sundial. The Brothers of the Bohemian Club gathered around this circle. Then, it came, out of the bay!


Who knew this was going on amongst the stacks of felled trees soon to be made into barrels that were sold all over America. My grandfather, William Frederick Broderick was head of sales. He was connected to all…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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