Curse of Ham and Constitution

Yesterday a riddle was solved. My mother said we were part Native American via her mother’s mother, Mary Heil.  However, this did not show up in the DNA test I took. Catherine and Nicholas Silvius were taken as slaves by Indians when they were children. They had ten children, and thus I assume folks wondered if some were half-breeds. My great great, great grandmother was taken by Indians.

“Catherine was born around 1746 to Johann Nicholas Heil and Maria Marguerite Theisen. She had five siblings: Johann, Jonathan, Susannah, Mary Elizabeth and Mary Margaret. A Moravian Church Diary entry from 1/26/1756 stated that Catherine was abducted by Indians (Native Americans) at the age of ten and presumed killed. She was released after an unknown amount of time and went on to marry into the Silvius family, marrying Nicholas Silvius, who had also been captured by natives when he was 12, until the age of 18. They had over 10 children together: Barbara, Nicholas Jr, Johann Henrich, Maria Elizabeth, Jonas, Anna Maria, Catherine, Margaret, Susanna and Christina.”

The reason I loathe the evangelical cult, as spread by John Darby, is, their ministers tell their flock they are True Americans, ordainted thus by King Jesus of the coming Holy Rapture.When the Hafners saw my famiy tree, they went ape-shit with envy. Kim threw her 500 pound body on their cult-cross, and accused me to tormenting her. This is all a part of THE HOLY DEED CULT that takes you to the door of The Pussy Grabber in the White House, who Cohen claimed is a racist. Deuded evangelicals love to look down on those who are not – one of them. This is why they overlook all Trump’s sins. 

For years I have said Jesus did not found the U.S.A. because the Founding Fathers did not free black slaves, and give women the right to vote. They were swayed by the Curse of Ham and Anat. For this reason, I declare, that if your ancestors were taken slaves by native Americans, and a Patriot was born from this tree, and you take the Vow of the Nazarite, then the Good Ol U.S.A. belongs to you and your Brothers and Sisters of Liberation!

Screw the liars and usurpers!

So be it!

John ‘The Nazarite’

John Hodges Rosamond

“Dorothy (Hodges) being a young, tall, attractive woman was taken by an Indian Chief before the cabin was torched. She was gone for ten years. When she returned she brought her Indian son with her.”With warfare all around them, the Rosamond and Hodge family conducted weddings, and from their unions sprang a Nation.

 John Heil

Photo added by Mary Ann Crawford…

John Heil


Upper Mount Bethel Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 6 Jul 1828 (aged 82)

Mount Bethel, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, USA

Stone Church, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, USA

Memorial ID 88273109 · View Source


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    My lawsuit will be unique, being my daughter was stolen during a confidence game. Patrice Hanson had to know her husband was impersonating Bob Weir many times before he got caught, twice. I believe her two sons were employed to bilk money out of strangers. This will be a genealogical custody battle that is nescasary to keep my lineage going. Patrices two siblings have no children and do not get my child in any manner because they knew Randall Delpiano could not concieve a child, and thus, Heather was my child. They probably asked Patrice to divorce Randy and marry a man that Uncle Craig came out of the closet. My attorney can dispose David to dee if he knew Randy could not conceive.

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