Benton-Fremont Historian

I am the Benton-Fremont Family Historian. I don’t need to be a millionaire and live in a mansion to hold this title. I don’t even have to have a published book. How about a college education? All I need is an interest in family genealogies that have history built into them. The record of a birth and death, is vital. When my famous sister died, she left a Will that named her two daughters and my nieces Heirs to her artistic and historic legacy. Christine Rosamond Benton, had married well. She is kin to the artist, Thomas Hart Benton, and thus, Senator Thomas Hart Benton. He had a daughter, Jessie Benton, who married John Fremont, the first Presidential Candidate for the new Republican Party he co-founded.

Here is a very good historic record of the exploits of my kindred, John Fremont. The stories headline is, he stole California. Did he steal the Origon Territory as well? How about Mexico? Did Fremont have designs on Mexico? How about all the land West of the Missisippi? It was there for the taking. There was a real concern the Confederacy would win the war. They had backing. The French, the British, and the Habsburgs Empire, had gathered forces in Mexico, and were ready to move in if the army of General Robert E. Lee, defeated the Union Army. But, what about Fremont’s army? Lee is my kin, too. In many ways, Fremont is like James Bond. I have been having visions of a High Noon.

I also found a couple of articles written by Barrett that accuse Fremont of being a “war criminal”. This is not true, because no war was declared. What Barrett contends, is Fremont went after Native Americans and Latinos, and murdered them in cold blood. He also shot Anglos with sharpshooters rifles from a long distance, rather than take them prisoners. What is the truth of that? Why doesn’t Barrett go into the South and attack Confederate monuments? These traitors shot many in the back, mostly black slaves who made a break for freedom.

Last night I gave my kindred a new title ‘Border Maker’. Alas I solved the riddle as to why he fell from grace. I suspect a European ruler, or General realized what Fremont did. He created and maintained tens of thousands of miles of borders with a small force, that avoided a major battle. Just the presence of this force was enough to unnerve, and defeat the forces of mighty nations. They simply did not have the manpower to eliminate Fremont’s influence on the Western Chessboard. The key was his ability to supply a mobile force that was always on the move. Fremont learned how to do this as ‘The Pathfinder’. His father-in-law, was Jacob Aster’s attorney. Astor is the real Path Finder. He built Fort Astoria in Oregon, and fenced with the British in Canada during the War of 1812. The Redcoats burned down our Capitol in Washington. There was amazing business deals!

What I contend, is John Fremont went West to conduct business. He was not striken with the disease of white supremacy even though Benton wrote ‘Manifest Destiny’.  Native Americans were partners during the fur trade. Fremont befriended the tribes of Oregon and had a bodyguard composed of Tribal people. When his forces killed Klamath Indians, it was payback for a surprise attack. Fremont’s success depended upon being ‘Untouchable’.  This is why he shot those Anglos from afar. Napoleons Generals took note. No army officer had ever secured so much territory, and, held such vast borders, that started up in Montana, goes down the Pacific Coast, and ends in Texas.

The other un-written fear, was Fremont was surrounded by Forty-Eighters, Radical Germans who founded the Radical Republican Party. There is a hint these Europeans wanted Fremont to lead a army that would invade Europe and liberate millions from the clutches of the Habsburg Empire, who you see behind me in photo above.

Britain had a plan to get rid of all the Catholics in Britain by sending them to the San Juaquin Valley. The Catholic Habsburgs ruled Mexico. Senator Benton helped Scot-Irish Presbyterians come into Oregon, many who had taken root in the Ozarks like my Rosamond kinfolk. Who ever could populate the West, would win. This is why Fremont freed the slaves of Missouri, and wanted them to come West. This got him in deep trouble with Lincoln, who wanted to deport freed slaves to New Guinea.

Barrett is like a gunslinger who makes a notch on his gun, not knowing John’s kindred are still around to defend him. Barrett contends that there is a race of white people that came out of Europe, who did not care about borders, and never had designs on their neighbor’s property. Thus it is too bad for the brown-skinned people, that those Make-believe White Folk never came West, because they would have had their borders invaded, and, been taken as slaves long ago, beginning with the Romans. Fierce White Identity, was never fiercer amongst than amongst Whites. If Fremont hadn’t grabbed much of the West, then Britain would have. Canada would be much larger, which would be fine with White Evangelicals. Then, there were the Czars and Emperors sticking their white Russians up in Fort Ross. What is a Mexican, anyway?

Today, the Republican President will visit the Texas Border. He may declare a National Emergency and go around Congress. When President Obama went around Congress to get his Healthcare Bill passed, the Tea Party was formed. When they appeared in Springfield at the Post Office, I went and checked them out. I noticed several old ladies. I wondered who they were. I went into the parking lot looking for the sign of the fish. I found many such signs on the back of their cars. I concluded these demonstrators were sent by the minister of a church. What church?

What my newspaper is going to report on, is, the idea many white evangelicals own, that Jesus founded this Nation – for white folks only. This is why they voted for Trump. They loved his idea of a BIG WALL along THE BORDER. If millions of evangelicals do not see that wall, they will not vote for Trump, or any Republican! This is it. Never before in American History have we seen a Church DICTATE National policy. It is Evangelical Leaders who want their President to declare a Emergecy. They do not want any brown people crossing any border in order to get into the U.S. It’s high noon! Do you know where your Rapture Ready folks stand on all this?

Yesterday, Trump Junior said his father’s wall will be like a wall in a zoo. For this reason, Royal Rosamond Press, gives it’s first Woman of the Year award to Magan Haffner, whose father was a Mexican criminal, and Illegal Alien. It is this zoo-like wall that many so called Christians want, in order to keep ‘The Animals’ out – like Juan! I don’t know Megan’s father’s name, so I will title Megan ‘Juan’s Daughter’. Kim worked hard with the Federalis to get Juan deported. She claims Alley Valkyrie contacted her and informed her I was a Real Bad Man (who won’t leave young girls alone) thus I need to be confronted in public. How many crimes did her beloved Juan commit? How many times did she look away in hope he will bond with his daughter and help support her?

“I will never forsake you, Juan!”

History will be very good to Megan this day, because she gets to be part of history. I am placing her next to John Fremont, and my nieces. Kim Haffner employed my estranged daughter against me. I suspect she told our neighbors that Heather Hanson and her are in total agreement about her false accusation, being, I am dangerous and deranged. I suspect Kim told police and immigration that Juan was just like me, and, it is good my daughter has nothing to do with me. This is a transference – of The Evil Kind. I believe Magan does not see what her mother has done, in another Rescue Job. Getting her daughter out of trouble – is Kim’s life! How many times did she bail Juan out of trouble? How many food stamps did she get to raise Juan’s daughter?

The ideal, would be to do an accounting of how much the American Taxpayer has spent raising ‘Juan’s Daughter’. Juan may end up costing the taxpayers fifty billion dollars in the next ten years. But, more than that, Juan may cause the loss of the world’s most powerful Democracy. Putin will be overjoyed. Collusion has been proven.

Megan took part in the ‘Get John’ lynch party, where we hear one of my neighbors say;

“You need to be locked up!”

In a zoo?

He, Krista, and Kim treated me like a wild animal that needs to be locked up in a zoo. As I write, Trump has landed in Texas to promote his ‘Get Juan’ witch-hunt. In order to lock up many Juan’s, and keep his people out of America, Trump will tell lies and hurt many Federal Employees he has taken hostage. The Democrats are his main target, because they are going after him and his criminal family. Donald’s middle name is…………..John.

Above is a hole in the wall. Juan, will always find a way. What is the solution is the question of the age. In 1994, my father married a Mexican woman he met in  Mexico. She has seven children. How many grandchildren does she have? Vic left her many Rosamond prints that were not selling. I doubt my surviving sister delivered them to her. Vicki backed Stacey Pierrot as the fake “caretaker” of Christine Rosamond Benton’s artistic, and historic legacy. Did she sell any of this poor woman’s prints. I and the Haffner’s could be discussing this right now, if, they hadn’t plugged me in the back.

Below is a photo of my father with his best friend, whose brother was the head of the Mexican Mafia in San Quinton. I was dealt a royal flush in spades while playing cards with these Bad Men, who smuggled Connie out of Mexico in a marijuana shipment so she could marry Vic before he died. They are down in Mexico investing in time shares. I informed the Attorney General and others about these activities. I even sent a e-mail to Nancy Pelosi. There is a chance Christine was murdered. She knew where all the bodies are buried. Her autobiography was disappeared.

Bad Men out West, sometimes make a break for the border to avoid arrest. The President of the United States, is a very Bad Man. Let me play a song to go with his longing to getaway with it. Evangelicals compare Trump to King David, who wanted to get away with it. If he got caught, Jesus would have never existed. David was deceitful, like Trump. Millions of Christians believe God requires His Children use deceit to defeat their enemies. Christians chose to believe President Obama was of Satan, and thus he was a liar. Satan’s Liars are sub-human.

I just read Montana want to help pay for the wall. Many White Nationalists make a home hear in order to get away from people of color. Some are evangelical Nazis. Who saw this coming? When Kim put my daughters next to Alley, I felt unsafe. Haffner was threatening my daughter. She used the Christian beliefs of our neighbors to render me a sub-human. Neighbors that knew me for tem years as a man who kept to himself, were easily convinced I was a dangerous Sub-human, who needed to be locked up. Kim knew what she was doing. Her Mexican lover and his child were depicted as sub-human.

When Trump said he was going to make America great again, he was saying he was going to make the Red State South great again. John Fremont and his foreign army kicked Confederate butt, and put black men in office, saying “all men are created equal”.

Trump told the Sons of Traitors, that brown people are not made equal, and a wall should be built to remind the world of this truth. This is the new Mason-Dixon line. A new Civil War will be declared if Trump declares a national emergency, while our Federal Government is shut down.

You have to realize Evangelicals do not want everyone to be one of them, because they need Soldiers of Satan to take up arms against them. These Christians want to fight. What I suggest, is, they leave the Republican Party, and form their own party, called………’The Wall Party’. I declare Trump’s Wall a religious object. Trump is running a cult.

The core reason I declare Magan Haffner  ‘Woman of the Year’ is, she is not buying her grandmother’s weird shame-based religious beliefs. Kim only pretends to be a believer. Her church had real doubts – and overlooked Magan. They needed proof. When Kim discovered I was a anti-evangelical, she squealed for joy! But, the writing is on the wall:  Magans all over America or not buying it. Every squealing hog, has their day!

For two months Kim Haffner was the center of attention. She created a Fake Crisis to get the attention of our challenged neighbors. They held court in our stairwell. I was ordered to get back in my appartment cell. One disabled neighbor moved out, or, her mother moved her out. Kim Haffner had recreated the real Bad Ol Days of Juan. I am sure she involved all her neighbors in her evil psycho-drama with Juan and his daughter. The quality of life around here, has plummeted. We hardly see each other. We feel – used! Trump (Juan) uses all of us in the same way. Anything to keep being the center of attention. Kim lied to our neighbors – and enjoyed it!

Kim is disabled due to her chronic depression that got worse when Magan moved out. She was feeling suicidal – and desperate! She wanted me to kill her. She wanted Juan to do her in, put her out of her misery. I am sure she told our neighbors I wanted her dead. Many mothers with one child have a crisis when their only child does not need them anymore.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Everyone seemed to want war: Mexico, enraged by the annexation of Texas; Great Britain, desirous of claiming a large part of Oregon; the United States, hungry for California. Polk and his cabinet were hoping to extract a favorable settlement from Mexico over the Texas boundary, while also maneuvering to acquire New Mexico and California. Polk had sent a confidential emissary to Mexico City prepared to offer as much as $40 million for the lands in question. But that agent, and a second one as well, would fail.

Working secretly, Polk, Benton, Buchanan, and Bancroft mapped out the course of a Frémont-led expedition that would ostensibly survey a trail west for American immigrants. If he received word that war had begun, Frémont was to continue into California and impede any British designs on San Francisco Bay. “California stood out as the chief subject in the impending war,” Frémont wrote much later, “. . . and with Mr. Benton and other governing men at Washington it became a firm resolve to hold it for the United States.”

Jessie Ann Benton Frémont





The High Noon Blood Train

Here is my post that is very Bondish. This was posted before babies were snatched out of the arms of mothers. Trump called the press ‘The Enemy of the People’ and wants Putin to come to America so they can play co-Emperor’s of the World because this KGB expert is playing his Chump. Chump needs someone that can give him a good game – of chess! When you are a powerful genius, you need someone to look at as your equal.

Rosamond Press

In June 1842, Army topographer Lt. John Charles Frémont and 22 men left Chouteau’s Trading Post near present-day Kansas City to survey a wagon trail that would lead through the northern Rockies to Oregon. By August a small splinter group led by Frémont and his most famous scout, Kit Carson, snaked their way through the Wind River Mountains, determined to plant a flag on what was believed to be the continent’s highest peak.

While this first expedition fueled Frémont’s meteoric rise, it also signaled the beginning of a decades-long pattern in his life that was marked by moments of glory but punctuated by sustained defeats. This colorful and sometimes impulsive explorer is best known today as the first presidential candidate of the Republican Party and the first Union general to issue an emancipation proclamation during the Civil War. But ironically, his most significant nation-shaping role would be relegated to a mere footnote: his conquest of California—the plum of manifest destiny—would yield neither fame nor fortune. Instead it would earn him ignominious charges of mutiny and insubordination.


With that and some of the other stuff in his background, I have not understood why he is as celebrated and so uncritically examined as he is. Streets, neighborhoods, whole cities, schools and a slew of other governmental buildings have been named for him, mainly in the West. In Las Vegas–an area he first visited, for less than a day, in 1844–a part of Fremont Street is a popular tourist venue, home of the Fremont Street Experience. Fremont Street is the site of Nevada’s first legal gambling facility, the original home of the World Series of Poker and the city’s second best-known artery after Las Vegas Boulevard, a/k/a The Strip.

I first wrote about Frémont the man years ago when I lived in Seattle, where a funky, liberal inner-city neighborhood perhaps best known for a clothing-optional parade on the summer solstice is indirectly named for him. To me, the juxtaposition of a war criminal who later became the Republican Party’s first presidential candidate and a progressive section of a progressive town was a hoot. After becoming New To Las Vegas two years ago and observing his sway over Sin City, I wrote about him again. Looks like it’s time for me to take another swing. I am largely drawing upon my previous research and writings.


But Klamath Indians in Oregon upset about the U.S. incursion into their ancestral trial area and fearing the worst attacked Frémont’s unit and killed three of his men. He ordered retaliation on a wholly disproportionate scale. His troops spent several days moving around the 87-mile perimeter of Klamath Lake killing every Indian they could find–as many as 14 at one time and probably totaling hundreds–and making little effort to determine the guilty parties. Frémont’s troops had guns and the Indians had bows and arrows, so it really wasn’t much of a fair fight. Frémont’s men found it good sport to pick off Indians at long range.

Now a genuine war criminal, Frémont expressed satisfaction with his actions. “It will be a story for them to hand down when there are any Klamaths on their lake,” he said. That wasn’t all. Frémont and his fellow killers returned to Northern California. His troops stole horses, raped Indian women and shot their husbands. “We killed plenty of game and an occasional Indian,” wrote one of Frémont’s soldiers. “We made it a rule to spare none of the bucks.”

UPDATE ON APRIL 6, 2018: I attended tonight’s opening of the “Finding Frémont” exhibit at the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas and carefully reviewed the text of all the exhibits. I saw no mention of his massacre of Indians, no mention of his massacre of Latinos, no mention of his being a tax cheat, no mention of his using inside information to get a lucrative land grant and fiddle with its boundaries, little mention of his poor military skills, little mention of his dreadful political skills, no mention of his role as an absentee lawmaker and office-holder, and no mention of his peddling worthless bonds or conviction and prison sentence for fraud. While the exhibit is informative, I think a more accurate title would be “Whitewashing Frémont.”

The U.S. Embargo Act in 1807, however, disrupted Astor’s import/export business because it closed off trade with Canada. With the permission of President Thomas Jefferson, Astor established the American Fur Company on April 6, 1808. He later formed subsidiaries: the Pacific Fur Company, and the Southwest Fur Company (in which Canadians had a part), in order to control fur trading in the Great Lakes areas and Columbia River region. His Columbia River trading post at Fort Astoria (established in April 1811) was the first United States community on the Pacific coast. He financed the overland Astor Expedition in 1810–12 to reach the outpost. Members of the expedition were to discover South Pass, through which hundreds of thousands of settlers on the Oregon, Mormon, and California trails passed through the Rocky Mountains.[12]

Astor conceived the post as a terminus for a string of trading posts across western North America that would funnel furs for shipment to markets in China. Based at Fort Astoria, the Pacific Fur Company established several posts in the Columbia River Basin before the War of 1812 disrupted Astor’s grand plan. In the face of war in October 1813, the Pacific Fur Company sold Astoria to the North West Company. By terms of the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the war, Britain ended up with ownership of Astoria, which was renamed Fort George.

Donald Trump Jr. likened his father’s proposed border wall with Mexico to a zoo fence Tuesday evening, sparking a sharp backlash on social media from users who thought he was comparing immigrants to zoo animals.

“You know why you can enjoy a day at the zoo?” the son of President Donald Trump wrote in an Instagram post that has since been deleted. “Because walls work.”

Seinfeld director Larry Charles tweeted that Trump’s oldest son is “so blinded by his own hubris that he can’t see that once @realDonaldTrump falls, he will be nothing but a convict serving time for treason, in a cage, behind a wall.”

President Donald Trump has repeatedly advocated for a steel slat design for his border wall, which he described as “absolutely critical to border security” in his Oval Office address to the nation Tuesday. But Department of Homeland Security testing of a steel slat prototype proved it could be cut through with a saw, according to a report by DHS.

A photo exclusively obtained by NBC News shows the results of the test after military and Border Patrol personnel were instructed to attempt to destroy the barriers with common tools.

Update: U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he was likely to declare a national emergency to secure funds for his long-sought wall along the U.S. southern border if he cannot reach an agreement with Democrats in Congress to provide the money.

Speaking to reporters at the White House as he prepared to depart to visit the Texas border town of McAllen on the 20th day of a partial government shutdown, Trump repeated his contention that he had the right to declare a national emergency over immigration.

Trump has held out for $5.7 billion in partial wall funding in talks with congressional leaders, but Democrats have held steadfast in their opposition to providing any money for a border wall. The dispute led to a shutdown of about one-quarter of U.S. federal agencies when funding ran dry late last year.

If Trump were to declare an emergency in an effort to redirect funds Congress has approved for other purposes, it likely would lead to quick challenges in the courts.

Previous report:

WASHINGTON — U.S. President Donald Trump heads to Texas on Thursday to press his case that the country is facing a crisis that can only be solved by spending billions of dollars to construct a wall along the border with Mexico.

His trip to the border town of McAllen, Texas, comes on the 20th day of a partial government shutdown that has left hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work or working without pay, while Trump and fellow Republicans fight with Democrats over his demand for $5.7 billion this year to construct the barrier.

Presidents declare national emergencies all the time. What they don’t do is declare an emergency just to win a policy fight with Congress. So the question we need to answer is, is Trump even allowed to do this?”

Yes, he can, and the declaration itself would give the President the level of power seemingly reserved for authoritarian regimes. A clip Noah included from PBS NewsHour, explained that under a state of emergency, Trump has the power to freeze the bank accounts of American citizens, shut down communications facilities, and deploy the military domestically.

It’s one thing to freeze our bank accounts or send troops to our houses, but shutting down communications? That means Trump could turn off the internet? Like Instagram? How am I supposed to get sponsorships now?”

Noah’s solution? Give Trump a wall before he figures out the extent of his power.

If I’m the Democrats, I’d give Trump the wall before he finds out what he can really do.” While Noah admitted that sounds crazy, the Daily Show continued, “Right now, he’s like the baby from The Incredibles, he only knows he can float. We do not want him finding out he can shoot lasers from his eyes.”

Armed with the Morse report, Astor’s allies in Congress moved to abolish the factories in 1822. Thomas Hart Benton, the new senator from Missouri, had been a lawyer for Astor and knew the fur trade well. On the Senate floor he ridiculed McKenney’s purchases, particularly the eight gross (1,152) jew’s harps he had recently sent to the factories. What use, Benton asked, could Indians have for jew’s harps? I know! he said sarcastically. They are part of McKenney’s schemes to amend the heads and hearts of the Indians, to improve their moral and intellectual faculties, and to draw them from the savage and hunter state, and induct them into the innocent pursuits of civilized life.

The End of the Factory System

Not surprisingly, Benton urged Congress to end the factory system. Most Congressmen agreed. The Senate voted 17 to 11 to end the factories, and the House soon followed. On May 6, 1822, President Monroe signed Benton’s bill.

The closing of the factories was a story in itself. The merchandise inside them was to be collected and sold at auctions around the country. The money received would then be returned to the government to offset the $300,000 federal subsidy. The auctions themselves, which became the true test of the market value of the articles in the factories, brought grim news. The government, on its $300,000 investment, received a return of only $56,038.15. As Senator Benton had said, The factory system grew out of a national calamity, and has been one itself.

Many Congressmen were astounded at the waste of government funds revealed by the auctions. If Astor could make millions of dollars trading furs, how could the government lose hundreds of thousands? Critics demanded answers and Congress formed a committee to investigate the unprofitability of the factories. They sifted through mountains of records and interviewed lines of witnesses. McKenney was on the spot and had to testify, but the committee found no corruption, just inexplicable losses. The factory system just failed, the committee concluded, but it needed to be studied not only as a matter of curious history, but for the lesson it teaches to succeeding legislators.

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    Kim’s mother, Sue Haffner, thought she and her family had locked-up all of Oregon’s history and Jesus had put them in charge of it. Sue wanted me to reasearch her genealogy. Her claim to fame was a poll vaulter they thought competed at the Olympics, but, the games did not happen doe to the war with Hitler. Then I discovered my late brother-in-law, Garth Benton, went to the same high school as Sue and her husband. This is when the Haffner family got real threatened. They found themselves in MY FAMILIES SHADOW……big time! Then they read my anti-End Time posts. They freaked! All they WERE, they are no more! Kim worked hard to make me into a NOBODY, she besmirching my reputation and suggesting she is in touch with my estranged daughter – who was on her side! Outrageous! “”Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only,” the president wrote in a post on Twitter….The Radical Left always seems to have an Open Borders, Open Arms policy – so this should make them very happy!” the president wrote in a second tweet.”

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