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Kim’s mother, Sue Haffner, thought she and her family had locked-up all of Oregon’s history, and Jesus had put them in charge of it. Sue wanted me to reasearch her genealogy. Her claim to fame was a pole vaulter they thought competed at the Olympics, but, the games did not happen doe to the war with Hitler.

Then I discovered my late brother-in-law, Garth Benton, went to the same high school as Sue and her husband. This is when the Haffner family got real threatened. They found themselves in MY FAMILIES SHADOW……big time! Then they read my anti-End Time posts. They freaked! All they WERE, they are no more! Kim worked hard to make me into a NOBODY, she besmirching my reputation, and suggesting she is in touch with my estranged daughter – who was on her side! Outrageous!

There has never been such a battle over genealogies as the one the Haffner’s waged against me, with the help, of six of my neighbors, who thought they were hot shit! All this is very revelent when you know the battle for the Oregon and California Territory, is part of REAL HISTORY. My kindred, Jessie Benton, wrote that the British had a plan to MOVE all the UNDESIRABLE Irish Catholics out of the British Empire, to California, to thwart the plan of John Fremont to make it a State. Senator Benton did the same with the Scot-Irish of Missouri who were moving into the Ozarks, to be the Real Rednecks vs. these Fake Springfield Rednecks. My grandfathers people lived in the Ozarks.

The Missouri Compromise has been resurrected from the dead by the treacherous Neo-Confederate Evangelicals of the Red States, who took over the Republican Party, co-founded by my kin, John Fremont, who was the first Presidential Candidate. I own – REAL HISTORIC FAMILY VALUES!. The Haffner’s own the historic attempt to destroy the Benton Family Historian! They will also be known as the Protector of the Star of ‘Love Chicken’. I laugh in their face!

One of the greatest genealogical and cultural battles on record, was when Jessie Benton broke from her father and mother’s views on slavery. On her mother’s side – was the cream of the South! John Fremont was the first to free the slaves in order to turn them into soldiers to fight the British in the Oregon Territory, and the Slave Holders! All this amazing history I own, and preserve for my niece, Drew Benton, had to be wiped out so Sue, and her four hundred pound daughter, could reign once again in – Springtucky!


“Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only,” the president wrote in a post on Twitter….The Radical Left always seems to have an Open Borders, Open Arms policy – so this should make them very happy!” the president wrote in a second tweet.”

Rosamond Press

I am the Benton-Fremont Family Historian. I don’t need to be a millionaire and live in a mansion to hold this title. I don’t even have to have a published book. How about a college education? All I need is an interest in family genealogies that have history built into them. The record of a birth and death, is vital. When my famous sister died, she left a Will that named her two daughters and my nieces Heirs to her artistic and historic legacy. Christine Rosamond Benton, had married well. She is kin to the artist, Thomas Hart Benton, and thus, Senator Thomas Hart Benton. He had a daughter, Jessie Benton, who married John Fremont, the first Presidential Candidate for the new Republican Party he co-founded.

Here is a very good historic record of the exploits of my kindred, John Fremont. The stories headline is, he stole California. Did he…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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