Munchausen by Proxy

Sue, Kim, and Megan Haffner are great characters for a book, as is Megan’s father, the vanquished Mexican criminal that defiled America. How about a play?  How about this title ‘Dogeared’? My play is about a typical Springfield family who does their best to conceal a deep dark secret. Then, they befriend a writer who threatens to expose them. Employing his neighbors against him, they conduct a hideous witch-hunt and kangaroo court. When this fails to silence the writer, they cross the border in search of Juan. Finding him, they throw down a bag of money.

Every time I emerged from my appartment, one of Sue Haffner’s witches, confronted me. Megan Haffner said;

“Can I help you?”

This is right out of the movie ‘Misery’.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Rosamond Press

“I know that – MR. MAN!

Annie Wilkes ‘Misery’

I went to get blood-work yesterday, and asked the woman who took a sample if she was a registered nurse. She told me she was a phlebotomist a “profession vampire”. I laughed, and told her I am being victimized by a “professional vampire” my neighbor, who is a registered nurse that worked in the Johnson Unit. I told her how Kim Hafner assumed the role of the Supreme Victim after I gave her my sister’s biography, and is making me out to be her abuser – to my neighbors. She did this to get attention.

“Sounds like a case of ‘Munchausen by proxy’.”

“Say what?”

We talked about Nurse Ratched and Annie Wilkes in the movie ‘Misery’. Having been a nurse at the Johnson Unit, Kim might have gotten a lot of attention. I suspect she unloaded all her troubles…

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