Munchausen by Proxy

“I know that – MR. MAN!

Annie Wilkes ‘Misery’

I went to get blood-work yesterday, and asked the woman who took a sample if she was a registered nurse. She told me she was a phlebotomist a “profession vampire”. I laughed, and told her I am being victimized by a “professional vampire” my neighbor, who is a registered nurse that worked in the Johnson Unit. I told her how Kim Hafner assumed the role of the Supreme Victim after I gave her my sister’s biography, and is making me out to be her abuser – to my neighbors. She did this to get attention.

“Sounds like a case of ‘Munchausen by proxy’.”

“Say what?”

We talked about Nurse Ratched and Annie Wilkes in the movie ‘Misery’. Having been a nurse at the Johnson Unit, Kim might have gotten a lot of attention. I suspect she unloaded all her troubles with her daughter (on the patients) who had severe behavior disorders. Kim has gathered an audience of challenged people around her and is telling them I am seriuously mentally ill, and mentally demented – to the max! Challenged women with no man in their life, should be very careful around me. I have lived with these women for years, before Kim movied in. I gave them no reason to fear me.  No doubt Kim is telling HER VICTIMS she took me under her wing and tried to take care of me, and, had me under control, until I kept going off on her religion, in her car, calling Christians “Nazis” “A lot” when she drove me shopping. I am so helpless! What would I do without her?

When I handed Kim Christine’s biography a year ago, I told her my sister and I were abused by our parents – in every way. I wanted to get a professional outsider’s opinion, by someone who is not hostile to me. There is an account of Christine being taken for rides by our father, and molested in the car. In the video I made, I ask Hafner why she put up with my alleged verbal abuse “a lot” – IN THE CAR!

As a Incest Survivor, who attended meetings, I understood there are millions of women, and men, who have been sexually abused, but, do not OWN A FORUM, a soapbox to stand on and tell what happened to them. Vicki Presco told me Christine’s autobiography was full of accusations of incest. She accuses Garth Benton of sexually abusing Drew Benton. This is why her autobiography was disappeared, and why Snyder’s book is Garth’s book, that is chock full of attacks on Christine – with GREAT DEFENSE! This is what I wanted Kim to take note of.  Her parents went to High School with Garth, who is the most famous alumni of Resesda High, a fact I informed Sue Hafner of. I suspected she was jealous. Kim tells me she is talking to my daughter behind my back, and says;

“Too bad you can’t talk to her!”

This is a INTERCEPTION of Christine and my account of ABUSE, that is TRANSFERED over to Kim and her family.  I am reminded of the switching of the poison in the move Princess Bride, where, the Hafners drink the poison so they can get ALL the attention. This is a bizaar case of STALKING. Nurse Ratched stalks McMurphy and uses him to get the full attention of other patients, which are her extended family. McMurphy is accused of abusing his fellow patients by wanting the music turned down. Kim has created a team of people who live right next to me, who defend her, and attack me. In some respects she is the famous artist Rosamond. A Kangaroo Trial is held outside my window. I can’t escape, unless I move. I am a Captive Audience – on Kim’s Ward.

What is very strange, and worthy in a literary sense, is Kim Hafner claims I used Rosamond’s biography to SEDUCE HER – and others! In the video I am accused of “reeling them in” my victims. To suggest I needed a SEDUCTION DEVICE to get five hundred pounds of ugly blubber, in bed, is right out of the exaggerated mind of Baron Munchausen, who may be based on Louis de Rougemont.

Kim attacks my EXAGERATIONS, the truth I have called myself a “Prophet” many times. Add to this my grandiose titling of all Christians as Nazis, as I strut about the stage of life, or, on the tiny stage at McKenzie Meadows, is a Shakespeare Drama and Comedy that has value. Shakespeare and I are in the same tree. I have a perfect title………………

The Taming of the Whale!

The real psychology here, is, Kim got fat long before she met me – to get attention. After returning my book, damaged, she notices I have grown distant. Not able to admit she gave my book to someone else to read, who bent the pages, she concocts a CRAZY REASON why I am rejecting her. It has to be because she is obese. Other men have rejected her for this reason. She has made herself, sick. How dare a mentally sick person reject her.

If I wasn’t so mentally ill, she might have been attracted to me. Dangling famous people under her nose, was not enough. It didn’t work. Perhaps if I was neutral in my religious opinions, she could allow me to fornicate with her. If I just knew Jesus, I would be able to see the inner Kim, who is none other then Christine Rosamond Benton, the painter of beautiful women. Christine got very sick after ingesting five pounds of the Pacific Ocean. She is barely – dead!  She might be a Immortal Artist, and of use to Kim for many years to come.

Now that Heather and Hafner have formed a Forever Bond, my history is not needed. Kim is my daughter’s Beloved Protector. All my family history, will now be made by them.

“I thought you were good, Paul. But you’re not good. You’re just another lyin’ ol’ dirty birdy.

“You went AWOL!”  Kim Hafner

This is the most telling thing Kim said, that comes with;

“You are so miserable. You got no friends!”

Kim Hafner suffers from Loss of Prestige. Her obesity disabled her. She was no longer able to work with the mentally ill on the Johnson Ward.  McMurphy takes his Ward Brothers for a fishing trip, and thus they are AWOL. Folks get lost when they retire. They miss the workplace. Often, their co-workers are – their real family!  Kim Hafner has recreated the John-son Unit. She has a little dog that she lets her patients pet and play with. No mental ward is complete without………………..The Troublemaker! Then, there is that poor old dude who thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt, or, Napoleon.

Alas, Kim Hafner, feels at home! She is………….our only friend in the world. Our families threw us away. She is our No.1 Fan. She is the only one who owns authority. She owns full citizenship. If there is a dispute, only her version…………is credible.

Note the flashing cross in the brilliant scene from Misery. Paul looks sickly, impotent as he types in Annie’s house. Look who is wearing – the pants – a pair of overalls! Annie is full of vim and vigor, she’s got balls! She let’s Paul know who is the boss around here. Is that a faint dab of lipstick on Paul’s lips? He looks, opaque, a couple of quarts low.

The use of the term “Mr. Man” tells Paul this is more than a Woman’s Liberationist. Annie has castrated Paul’s Balls, and sewn them to her groin area. God is clearly on her side in this TRANSFERENCE! Annie is no longer a co-author – IN PROXY!  She is THE CREATOR! She is –  MS.GOD THE SUPREME DICTATOT…..The giver and taker of life!

For twenty days I have sat typing away on my computer keys, watching Ms. God  parade her disciples under my window. She dares me to come out and face – THEM – the sane ones, the healthy ones, the ones that found Jesus, and have been washed in the blood of the lamb.

When I first got to know Ms. Hafner, she told me I should expect periods of time where she does not answer the phone, or, communicate with anyone.

“It’s part of my disability, my deep depression. You may not see much of me!”

“My Misery!”

Does Mr. Woman know how to draw blood? Is she a trained phlebotomist? I debated about accusing Kim of performing The Wounded Gazelle Gambit’ but, that honor goes to my upstairs neighbor. I am their – MANWHICH!

“I bet you will be happy to move away from there!” exclaimed my vampire as she put my tube of blood in a rack.

“Are you kidding! I’m sitting on a Literary Gold Mine!”

Kim Hafner saw my plan for a HBO series, called ‘Love Chicken’.

John Presco 007

Copyright 2018

Mental health

AWOL patients

This page provides guidance on the police response to people with mental ill health or vulnerabilities who have been reported as absent from their home or a secure setting. Police forces should also be guided by:

Munchausen Syndrome is a psychological disorder that causes people to feign illness for attention. They often do this by poisoning themselves or hurting themselves in order to actually appear to have symptoms.

In some cases they’ll even go so far as to involve other people, making them sick in order to capitalize on the attention of taking care of a sick child. This is called Munchausen’s by Proxy. For all the details, see That Other Wiki.

Hollywood has taken this syndrome and exaggerated it to the point of absurdity at times. It’s common to see it show up in medical detective shows and Lifetime movies.

Very closely related to Induced Hypochondria and Wounded Gazelle Gambit. Named after the same person as, but not often a character trait of The Munchausen.

Stephen King‘s IT. Eddie’s mother uses Munchausen by Proxy to keep him under control.

  • Another Stephen King example: Misery. Annie’s treatment of Paul (and the babies she murdered as a nurse) has shades of this.
  • In the Doctor Who Expanded Universe short story “Monsters”, one of the eponymous monsters is the protagonist’s mother, who has Munchausen’s by Proxy. When the protagonist tries to tell her about the alien monster, the mother’s response is to gleefully cart her off to a child psychologist.
  • A particularly chilling example is Patricia Cornwell‘s The Body Farm, in which a teenage boy is murdered and a wo

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