Trying To Save Brembe

Capturing Beauty


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Trying to Save Brembe

Above is a letter Brembe’s doctor gave me to show my neighbors who kept trying to OWN him. Doctor B concluded Brembe had evolved into a outdoor cat. I was concerned my neighbors would be applying flea medicine. A overdose could kill him. I am ‘The Primary Caregiver’. I did not know another crazy neighbor was giving Brembe – his antibiotics! I spent close to $300 dollars on Brembe’s health care. It is becoming clear Kim Hafner is saying I abused some neighbors over Brembe. She kept a big stick by her bench, just in case he attacked her little dog. Hafner smokes pot and get paranoid. She should submit to a blood test to prove I am a liar. She had a daughter by a Mexican marijuana dealer.

Yesterday I went to see Dr. David Esrig for a procedure. I showed his NA the photos of the bloodclot and my cat, Brembe. I told her, and Dr. Esrig, about Kim Hafner, how I had to call the cops on her and our neighbors she turned against me. I told David that Hafner kicked another cat that has adopted me. and was acting as my Service Cat.

I do not own Clark. I talked to his owners about Kim kicking their cat. They are married, with children. The wife said;

“Let me know if she does it again!

Brembe may have been Clark’s apprentice. Some cats do not like to be kept inside and be owned. They bond with many people. In the photo above, Brembe is posing, giving everyone this message…….

“I am the King of McKenize. All these people, are my people! I am doing guard duty. Who’s that?”

David has been in a T.V. commercial. He is well respected in Springfield for saving many lives. He saved my life. He treats me for prostate cancer. He was shocked that his patient, and his cat, were being treated so badly. He had told me before that STRESS was very detrimental to the healing process. He made a gesture showing how the muscles around your pelvis constrict when you feel threatened.

To see these beautiful cats being abused, is abusive to me. Hafner knows this. She worked as a Nurse Assistant for many years. She knows the function of a Service Cat. She considered her dog Daisy her Service Dog. Hafner is disabled due to depression. This means she contemplates suicide. I and her family encouraged her to get another dog. Lola came to live at McKenzie Meadows. (see above pic)

In coming to terms with the reason Ms. Hafner became so vicious towards me, and the cats who bonded with me, I suspect she blames me for FEELING SUICIDAL. This translates to me TRYING TO KILL HER. This is the match to her real attempts to kill me, or, cause me to COMMIT SUICIDE.

Kim Hafner USED a disabled young woman in her diabolical mission. She used Cheryl Walton, who has a huge crush on me, and was taken away to the Johnson Unit after obsessing about me. We talked about Cheryl, who was going crazy over me. All of a sudden, she is taking her side. Cheryl told me she was considering putting a hit on me. She wanted me dead because I made her life miserable. If only I paid ATTENTION to her, all her problems would be solved. She would get better. She could get rid of her Caregivers. I would be her Loven Service Penis. The problem with this healing plan, is, due to radiation treatment, I have not had a erection in ten years! However, my evil neighbors can use it – against me!

“Ha! Ha! Jesus has punished you for calling Christians – Nazis!”

“You are the handsomest man I have ever seen!” Cheryl told me several times, and moved in for her hug, or, she put her hands on me. She copped a feel every chance she got! I told her I did not want a hug – many times!

“Ha! Ha! You got what you deserve for rejecting us – Mr. Man! We’ll make you regret ever having one!

Kim Hafner and I became good friends. Did I help vanquish her thoughts of suicide? Did she believe I wanted to have sexual relations with her? Her obesity fueled her depression. She had not been laid in years. She wanted to believe I was her Miracle Man. Alas, she was going TO HAVE the man she deserves. Then, I hand her my sister’s biography. I tell her to read it in a week, and we will discuss what she read. I wanted her professional opinion. This book says Christine was suicidal and bi-polar.  She was seeing two therapist.

Almost a month later, I asked for this book back. Hafner said she did not find time to read it. When I take it upstairs and open it, I see about twelve pages with dogears. I call Hafner up and ask her if she leant this book to anyone. I told her I did not want our neighbors to know anything about me and my dysfunctional family. She denied she dog-eared the pages.

“You must have bought the book that way!” she lied

Above is a image of me reading my Christine’s biography. I made a video – before I leant this book to Hafner. You can see how I use bookmarkers. I would have seen the dogears. I own more photographic evidence. I could have proven Kim is a liar there and then. My number one suspect, is Kim’s daughter, Meghan. I heard stories about her being a problem child who had to medicated. I knew I was dealing with a shame-based person, who was always being exposed and shamed by her mother, the religious addict. Kim blames her mother for her obesity. For Kim to tell me the truth, was very threatening. She was convinced I would reject her, and her family. This is why I did not have it out with her. But, I did withdraw in our friendship. A month later she calls me and asks if there is a reason I am cold. I lie. She knows its the book. The book becomes her enemy. The book might kill her. She goes on the attack – behind my back! She wants me to notice how our dysfunctional neighbors are giving me the cold shoulder. She wants me to take my life. This is – DIABOLICAL!

Kim Hafner told me she was in touch with my daughter who was now on her side. She said she was also in touch with Alley Valkyrie. I wondered if she was trying to get me to KILL HER. How many times did she contemplate killing herself – before we exchanged words? Did she find out she didn’t have the guts? Did she consider taking down A MAN when she goes? How many victims did she choose before she lay eyes on me? Consider the man who lived down out street who set his house on fire then shot at the Fire Department. He killed himself the day the Kimbo Mob – terrorized me!

Below is a letter I got from Brembe’s  Doctor. Three times Kim Hafner took me and Brembe to see Dr. B. She was in the room when I told Dr. B about my neighbors who fought me over ownership of Brembe who was becoming an outdoor cat – with many co-owners. When I found him on the brink of death, after returning to him to his owner, twice, I took charge. I spent almost $300 dollars getting his health back to normal. I told this to the young disabled woman – who has a indoor cat. She acted like she wanted Brembe. She said she took it inside, but Brembe fought with her cat. She would bring her cat outside in order to get them to be friends. When I told her I owned Brembe, and has just spent hundred of dollars on him – my service cat – she gave me a bad cold look she is famous for, and told me our lease says we have to keep our cats indoors. Thus, I am breaking my lease, and, she can take Brembe from me. This selfish brat looks at me like men are the enemy.  I tell her when Brembe wants out, he is going to act crazy. I told Kim and Dr. B about this, THING who I suspect had the backing of her mother. When I asked Thing how I abused her, Hafner said;

“You don’t have to answer him!”

Hefner did not want me to know why, because then I could destroy her evil campaign. She knew I owned documents. My attorney can get the truth out of that Troll. This is a ugly woman, who will never have a boyfriend. This is not my, or Brembe’s problem. Her mother is ugly too. They are squat troll-like creatures. Krista and Kim are huge ugly women. Then there is Kathy (who looks like a witch) and her daughter she is very protective of.  Do these women feel suicidal?  I am the only man who gets near them.

There are three dysfunctional mothers that live in the Stairwell of Hell. The father of their children, is nowhere to be seen. Three women have been abandoned by A MAN. This is not my fault. These women let you know how bitter they are. When you encounter them, they exude – MAN HATER! Men have ruined their lives. No men comes to their door. Two of these daughter have no boyfriends. Kim had bonded with a illegal Mexican drug-pscho, and had Meghan by him. Kim told me she WENT AFTER HIM and got him deported. He can not come back into the U.S. to see his daughter. He never paid child support. She fixed his ass – but good. Meghan took delight in I being ganged up on. At last she gets back at her father – who was a “asshole” to her mother. I suspect Thing’s father was a rotten bastard, too. This is THE SHIT inside these damaged women!

In having to deal with my neighbors, in order to save Brembe, I had to expose myself to some real evil psycho-dramas, and very damaged and wounded people.  For ten years I manged to be a recluse. I wrote a lot. Kim knew this. This evil Ton of Lard worked hard to drag me out of my Iovry Tower. She knew writing was my life. This is why she attackes my writing, and my sister’s biography. SHE IS FEELING SUICIDAL. How about our neighbors? Did Kim think we were going to get married, and alas, Meghan would have a worthy father? But, I am just like the others. All I care about is myself. I use my sister’s biography to – reel in more victims! This book…………IS A KILLER!

Do you see THE BIG PICTURE? These MONSTERS want me and Brembe to FIX THEM. They want us TO HEAL THEM! They marvel at us, the sight we made when we took our walks. I suspect Thing’s mother told her Princess daughter that she deserved Brembe, who is a Unicorn Cat, a very rare cat like the one Jesus owned. I see these monster drive off to church when Jesus helps them with The Real Monster Man that destroyed their life. They believe in miracles. I am intercepting the miracle God wants – FOR THEM!

I returned Brembe to his owner because she put up a poster. I knew he was a special cat, and had to be loved and taken good care of. I returned him twice more. When this woman moved out, the managers found human feces all over the floors. This mother could not afford diapers, because she was fucking a violent drug addict parasite who kicked Brembe when he objected to his son grabbing his tail ad swinging him around. Dr. B examined the wound on his jaw. This mother, dropped her child off at her sisters, and disappeared. There is a warrant for her arrest. She and her lover – are criminals!

Why in God’s name didn’t she tell me to keep Brembe? She put The Rare Unicorn through extreme abuse, because, he was the answer to her prayers. More than likely her father was just like her lover.

Then we come to Bryan, who told me he is giving Brembe his antibiotics. On several occasions I saw The Unicorn Kitty have a bad reaction. I made a tent for him while he shivered. Read the WARNING below. Bryan says he is a Vet who suffers from PTSD. He takes Meds – then drinks beer – too much beer. This is exactly what his Doctor told him not to do. He is self-medicating. He had a tug-of war with me over Brembe. He told me he fed him, and the other cats, carved ham. Not once did he take Brembe to the Vet, because that cut into his beer budget.

I last time I saw the Unicorn Cat, is on the morning of July Fourth. I will now devote the rest of this chapter describing the beautiful relationship I had with Brembe. He saved my life. My evil and abusive neighbors, need to be EXPOSED to millions of cat lovers! Millions of Seniors need to read this chapter so they can recognize the Monsters who are out to get them, for God knows what reason. Monsters who abuse animals and seniors, are the worst people in the world. anything, but go see a therapist and admit they have serious problems. We are scapegoats and sacrificial lambs.

Today, the Kimbo Gang are AFRAID of me. I would be afraid even considering doin to another human being what they did to me. They told each other, and everyone that would listen to them, I was a monster. As a gang, they thought they would run me down. For a few months this seventy year old man took their minds off – their real problems! I have made it clear that hurting Clark, Brembe’s friend, would be unhealthy.  They have gone back to being alone – and afraid! Their UGLY mob has no power over me! I will give them $20 dollars if they line up and allow me to capture their image. This will be all the proof I need! What a pack of ugly losers! Now add Alley Valkyrie and her witches.

I can get Doctor Estrig to testify about the danger these monsters pose to my life and health. I have a right to defend my life. I will make it my life’s work to take away all nursing licenses Kim Hafner was granted in order to own the privilege of saving lives.



Here is

Sean Bretschneider

Sean Bretschneider


– Oregon State University, College of Veterinary Medicine 1996
– University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine internship 1997
– Bachelor of Science Oregon State University 1992

Urologic Oncology

LoRes Esrig pp

A prestigious urologic oncology fellowship at the University of Southern California launched Dr. Esrig’s decorated career specializing in cancer of the prostate, kidney, testis, and bladder. He served as director of urologic oncology at Yale University and has published numerous articles and book chapters covering this area of specialty.


Doctor of Medicine, Loyola School of Medicine, Maywood, IL, 1982-1986
Fellowship, Urologic Oncology, LAC/USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, 1992-1994
Surgery and Urology Residency, LAC/USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, 1986-1992
Bachelor of Science, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, 1978-1982

Is It Safe to Give Cats Human Antibiotics?

Serenah McKay
Kitten is sick

Antibiotics are prescribed to treat bacterial infections in both cats and humans, and when your pet is sick, it’s natural to wonder if you can use leftover human antibiotics for cats. In some cases, you can, but some medications may put your kitty in danger. Before you give your cat your leftover medication, you must consult a veterinarian for the proper dosage.

Three Safe Human Antibiotics for Cats

A cat’s metabolism is extremely sensitive to antibiotics, even those formulated for veterinary use. According to, only three human antibiotics can be safely administered to cats:

  • Amoxicillin – a penicillin-type drug and the most frequently prescribed antibiotic for cats
  • Ampicillin – an older penicillin-type antibiotic
  • Tetracycline – a broad-spectrum antibiotic

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