Founded On Disease Of White Supremacy?

Robert Scott, a black man, claims white supremecy is a “disease” that Oregon was founded upon. Has Robert read any Oregon history to base his conclusion on? He says he lived here his whole life. Did he have any pleasant experiences with white people? There is a search for “the root of racism in Oregon” going on. Scott gives no evidence of “murders”. He gives no evidence of being harassed by a white person. He owns fear based upon what he believes to be true. Where are the facts?

Above is a cartoon of my kin, John Fremont, that I e-mailed to Eric Ericson of NAACP. In person I told him about my German ancestors who were Forty-Eighters that nominated Fremont to be the first Presidential candidate for the Republican abolitionist party. They fled Germany, came to America, put on the Union uniforms, went down South, and killed TRAITORS who made racist laws. They put black men in office with guns pointed in the face of defeated Confederates. Many WHITE MEN died so black men can be free. What became of their inherited “disease”?

I wrote our elected officials and suggested they change the name of Lane County, to Harry Lane County. Fremont ran against his father, a pro-slaver who wanted to make Oregon a slave state. Harry did not inherit the alleged “disease” from his racist father.

Fremont helped secure the Oregon Territory from the British, and freed the slaves of Missouri – an act that enraged Lincoln. Eric did not want this REAL history. Coming from a white man, he convinced himself it was more evidence the disease of white supremacy – exists! What other evidence can a GUILTY WHITE MAN produce? All white folks can do, is be in the Disease of Denial? This is to say, a white man will defend a racist white man, just because they both are white. Bullshit!

So, what can Eric, and this Commission, really do to change THEIR PREJUDICED CONCLUSSIONS? Why don’t they try confronting the religion that condones and promotes racism – like I have? Are they cowards? Are they blind? Ne0-Confederate propagandist have infiltrated the Evangelical religion and want to destroy the Federal Government. Just like old times! Wake up!

White people have conducted hideous wars over religion against other white people. Millions have died! Coming to America to get religious freedom, does not mean Europe was full of atheists. The Ulster-Scots hated the Church of England and fought Britain, there, and here. They hate Catholics, there and here! Southerners did not hate their slaves!

Superior white people have made slaves of inferior white people. Superior Romans made slaves of Germans and Nordic folks. Superior Black Egyptians had Jewish slaves.

Here are paintings by my kin.

John Presco

When Nicollet was too ill to continue any further explorations, Fremont was chosen to be his successor.[15] His first important expedition was planned by Benton, Senator Lewis Linn, and other Westerners interested in the acquiring the Oregon Territory.[15] The scientific expedition started in the summer of 1842 and was to explore the Wind River chain of the Rocky Mountains, examine the Oregon Trail through the South Pass, and report on the rivers, fertility of the lands, find optimal sites for forts, and the nature of the mountains beyond in Wyoming

Many southern Christians felt that slavery, in one Baptist minister’s words, “stands as an institution of God.” Here are some common arguments made by Christians at the time:émont

Fremont is portrayed as the champion of a motley array of radicals and reformers. As he stands patiently at far right he is “called upon” by (left to right): a temperance advocate, a cigar-smoking, trousered suffragette, a ragged socialist holding a liquor bottle, a spinsterish libertarian, a Catholic priest holding a cross, and a free black dandy. Temperance man: “The first thing we want, is a law making the use of Tobacco, Animal food, and Lager-bier a Capital Crime.” Suffragette: “We demand, first of all; the recognition of Woman as the equal of man with a right to Vote and hold Office.” Socialist: “An equal division of Property that is what I go in for.” Elderly libertarian: “Col. I wish to invite you to the next meeting of our Free Love association, where the shackles of marriage are not tolerated & perfect freedom exist in love matters and you will be sure to Enjoy yourself, for we are all Freemounters.” Priest: “We look to you Sir to place the power of the Pope on a firm footing in this Country.” Freedman: “De Poppylation ob Color comes in first. arter dat, you may do wot you pleases.” Fremont: “You shall all have what you desire. and be sure that the glorious Principles of Popery, Fourierism, Free Love, Woman’s Rights, the Maine Law, & above all the Equality of our Colored brethren, shall be maintained; If I get into the Presidential Chair.”

“Oregon was founded on white supremacy,” said Robert Scott, a 60-year-old Eugene resident and taxi driver who’s lived in Oregon his entire life. “Not much as been done about this disease of white supremacy that has made a lot of people real sick, and the sickness causes hate.”

Scott asked that Rosenblum and the task force dig deep to examine the root of racism in Oregon.

“I don’t know what to do because Oregon has a very visible, horrible, racist, history of death, crime and murders,” Scott said. “All that stuff is all wrapped up in Oregon’s history, so again, what do you do? The first thing is to look at the white supremacy problem. It’s here. It exists.”

Robert Scott is an African American who’s lived Eugene for eight years. He says as a taxi cab driver there are certain areas of Oregon that he doesn’t drive to.

“I’m 6’4, 260 pounds and I’m really, really afraid. Some places I don’t go to. Some people might say, well why don’t you take me to Veneta, or take me to Cresswell, or somewhere and I’ll have to tell them I’m really afraid because of the environment the people.”

Robert Scott says he doesn’t feel safe in Eugene because he’s African American. Scott was one of several dozen people who shared stories of hatred Tuesday night.
Credit Melorie Begay/KLCC News

Scott says as an African-American man living in Eugene he’s endured countless moments of racism. Like the time he confronted an older white man who tried to intimidate a waiter at a restaurant.

“And I went up to the guy and I tell him well I don’t think you should do that at that point he decided to call me the n-word and I was just like stunned that he used that kind of language, but then again it’s kind of normal.”

Scott says he came to the hate crimes listening session to share stories like these to see if the Hate Crimes Task Force could do something about it. He says the only way to address the hate crimes is to acknowledge systemic racism.

Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, says she agrees.

“It’s not just a one off type of situation, and that’s why it’s so important for the state to be looking at this and to be a part of the solution.”

More than 60 attended the event. Rosenblum says the state can’t solve the problem alone.

“It’s about the structure of the system and it’s about kind of a deep rooted problem in our state that we need to address.”


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