Death of a Nation

Dominic West suggested Bond be a transvestite. He drops the name Colette who is Claudine, the spirit guide for my Victoria Bond, who goes into trances when she sculpts. This would be a box office flop. However, I got an idea for a HBO series.

Death of a Nation


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018


White House Security lets in the Evangelical Prayer Sessioners, to perform their monthly ritual of laying on of hands. But, these are Transvestites in disguise, come to kidnap Donald. (Can we get the Kardashians?)  Melania Trump is sworn in because no one wants the job. There is another depression.

In the Hall of Red Trees, Melania holds her first press conference. She reassures the Trump base that the spirit of Robert E. Lee is guiding her. Costa spots a elderly gentleman peaking around a red tree.

“Is that Lee? Is that your top advisor!”

“Arrest that reporter! Only I can see the Ghost of General Lee! Any more questions? I didn’t think so.”

The Nation notices how quiet Donald is now that he has been written out of the script. I want to play Lee who has astounding conversations with Melania. On the other side of town, the Transvestites are stuck in a room with Donald all day. Some are going mad.

P.S. I have entwined Camille with Claudine.

Daniel Craig is taking on the role of James Bond one final time in Cary Fukunaga’s upcoming Bond 25, but the future of the character remains to be seen. While fans are clamoring for British favorites Tom Hardy or Idris Elba to take over the iconic spy, actor Dominic West has a more groundbreaking idea: “Maybe a transgender Bond would be cool.”

West proposed the idea for a transgender actor taking on the Bond character during an interview with The Sunday Times (via Digital Spy) promoting his role in the BBC’s new “Les Miersables” adaptation. The actor said his involvement with the indie film “Colette” helped inspire the idea. “Colette” starred West opposite Keira Knightley and Jake Graf, a transgender actor who played a cis male character in the movie, a casting decision praised by IndieWire’s own Jude Dry.

Claudine Rosamond

11 Nov 1961, Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, USA — Double Image. Bel Air, California: Natalie Wood displays the two portraits which visitors to her Bel Air, California, home assume were painted many years apart. Actually, they were painted at the same time in joint sessions with Margaret and Walter Keane, a man-and-wife artist team from San Francisco. Margaret transferred the actress to canvas as a pensive, sophisticated woman. Walter portrayed her as a wistful, wide-eyed waif. Natalie holds Rembrandt, the pooch she is holding in the gamin portrait. Even the dog has been “interpreted.” — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

I went and saw the movie Colette last night, and once more I feel liberated.

In 1974, Christine Rosamond offered to teach me her style so I could be rich and famous, too. An old Persian man began painting Fake Rosamonds, posing as a woman. He hid his identity. The coroner changed his report after I told him my sister and family were not “hikers on Highway 1”. A party at Rocky Point was concealed. Margaret talks about orgies in the swimming pool. Did Wagner catch Walken trying to get a nude Natalie into the sea?

A woman talks about making a dress from the Moon image that resembles my mother, Rosemary, who made most of her clothing. She sewed with her daughter. Note the painting of the woman with the rose next to fake wall of Berlin. Are those Dreamers on the other side?

I offered to teach my daughter The Family Style so she could take over the Rosamond gallery and legacy. She is – stupid – and called me a “parasite”.  I made the same offer to Belle Burch, and was going to ask Rena if I could use her old photographs to render Rosamond-like images. These beautiful women freaked out and – hurt me! Here I am showing Christine photos of the painting I did of Rena. Note the smiles of Jacci Belford and her best friend in High School, Stacey Pierrot, who ended up with it all.

Pierrot’s father is a bad artist. I have embroiled him in the mysterious death of two famous women. He should count his lucky stars – he amuses me! If he tries to get his attorneys on me,  my lawyer will read aloud in court the evil things his daughter’s ghost writer said about my sister and mother. I have done much to promote by late sister, for the sake of my nieces, as Morris directed.

My movie script will show the world the nature of the Bad Seed he sired that has done irreparable harm to the Rosamond Gallery, and Carmel Art Scene. Celebrity News is full of Good&Bad reports. If you want to be a real artist, you got to pay your dues. Ghost writer, Tom Snyder, suggests Rosamond is capable of murder. Outsider, Stacey Pierrot, hired three ghost writers to tell the lurid tale of Christine Rosamond Benton and her family.

Claudine and Rosamond were household names. Many women wanted a Rosamond print on their wall in order to accent their 70’s lifestyle. Christine may have created BoHo Fashion Prints and Posters. Colette produces a play ‘Vagabond’. Willy bids his help to burn Colette’s manuscripts. Christine autobiography is disappeared so my nieces will not realize profits from a movie made from Snyder’s bad bio that exploits two abused siblings that were artists.  Willy and Colette exploited the Bohemian scene of Paris. There were long court battles like the one the Rosamond legacy was put thru in order to get around me. The executor should have bid me to write my sister’s biography for the sake of my nieces. Sydney Morris and Stacey Pierrot destroyed the Rosamond Brand.

With the gift Marilyn gave me, it is time to save Rosamond’s Dream. After seeing Colette I am more determined than ever to create a Brand around Victoria Rosamond Bond who will be a modern day Claudine and Rosamond with ties to Augustus John and Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor the most Branded woman of all time. I still want to use Lara Roozemond as my muse for several ideas I have. I am thinking of employing google in a new media form, where mini-movies and vignettes tell a story in serial form. The legacies of Talitha Getty, Christine Rosamond, and Poppet, will go forth into the maze of feminine creativity. Am I about to make another name change?

Claudine Victoria Rosamond Bond

John Presco

Copyright 2018

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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