Belle’s Mother – Colette

I posted this two years ago before a DNA test showed I was kin to the House of Rosenberg Schwarzenberg.

Jon “The Seer”

The Rose of Bohemia



Belle inquires about my pen name, Ambrose, which I googled after she said her lover was named Ambrose. I discovered she has been arrested. There is a photo of her hands upon which someone has written a message, like a SPELL.

On Sunday, April 20, 2014 11:51 AM, Belle Burch wrote:

Yes, those are my hands in the RG. That was the first time I had ever appeared in the news as an activist.

Yes, I got a misdemeanor along with 11 other people for trying to talk to a silent and (cowardly) hiding John RUIZ.

I LOVE Crouching Tiger. It’s one of my favorites. The scene where the two young warrior lovers are in the bath together in the desert is my favorite part I think.

Is Bohemian a language as well as a place? Or are you referring to Romani? Was Romani the language that was spoken in Bohemia?

I’d like to hear more of your personal life story. “When I got sober”, “When I was homeless”, “When I was fighting cancer”……. these are words you drop and then let flit by without much detail or explanation or storytelling. I want those details and stories. Please.

Tell me what you thought of my poem. Did it make you feel anything? Did it make you think? If so, what?”

These are personal questions a woman seeking to be engaged would ask of her future husband. My love for Belle was sealed forever by her inquiry. If I was a man of thirty, we would be married – with two children! We would have founded a Bohemian Dynasty in America.

What I will present to you my reader, is the idea that I am the Dream of the Alchemist Rose, come true! The Rosenbergs were sponsors of great alchemists. I was a guinea pig for the LSD manufacturers, the alchemists of our age. Belle had taken LSD. She was very curious who I was. Why wasn’t she satisfied with all the information in this blog? Why did she want me to e-mail her very personal information?   She wants to be seen as my close confidant. Why?

The only answer is, she wanted to steal my study! But, what part of her is the thief, and what part of her is the recipient? Husbands and Wives exchange information, including Genetic Material. Because I died, and was reborn – we became husband and wife united and made one by a Higher Law! I have chased her through the Last Door, to take back – what is mine? How about………..what is ours?

I told Belle she was going to be my Heir before we met at The Wandering Goat. I recognized her the moment I lay eyes on her. I captured the moment she saw me. She knows me. My heart was pounding, as if I had been in a long race.

Jon Ambrose


The rose is the official flower of the Guild and fresh roses are present at all Guild meetings. The placement, color, and state of bloom of the roses carry subtle messages for Guild members on the nature of the meeting

Český Krumlov (Czech pronunciation: [ˈtʃɛskiː ˈkrumlof] ( listen); GermanKrummau an der Moldau or Böhmisch KrummauKrumau; English: Crumlaw,[1][2][unreliable source?] Bohemian Crumlaw, Crumlov or Chesky Crumlov ), translated sometimes to Czech Crumlaw, is a small city in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic where Český Krumlov Castle is located. Old Český Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site[3] and was given this status along with the historic Prague castle district.

The city is named Český Krumlov (“Bohemian Crumlaw”) to differentiate it from Moravský Krumlov in South Moravia.


Roses were the favourite flowers of the alchemists. Several treatises are entitled The Rosary of the Philosophers. White roses were linked to the white stone, the objective of the first stage of the Word, while the red rose was associated with the red stone, the objective of the second stage. Red is cognate with gold. An old myth tells how Bacchus favoured Midas, whose touch turned things to gold, and that the king resided where there was a garden with roses having sixty petals and unsurpassed fragrance.


Rosamond Press

Below is someone’s work-up of Belle’s mother that resembles my posts. My home looks like the home of the Beast. My blog is a wealth of knowledge that surpasses all. I am completely isolated because people are afraid to get near me and be overwhelmed. No one wants to look………..STUPID! Belle Burch was terrified I would depict her as stupid. She is, my model, my muse, my apprentice.

Jon ‘The Beast’

However, Belle’s mother is clearly associated with a major symbol of the film: the rose.


Another new character is Belle’s mother, as the live-action movie explains that she died when Belle was very young from the plague. “The mom had to have died somehow,” said Hoberman. “We went through many incarnations of ideas, but we also wanted to be truthful to the period. The plague seemed like a natural fit.”

The reveal occurs when the Beast shows Belle…

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