Trump Destroys World of Literature (Redrum)

For a year I have held off saying Donald Trump has destroyed the World of Literature – in all categories! Fiction, Non-fiction, Historic fiction, and Fantasy. How about Romance novels and Science fiction?

After posting on the red trees and the Armageddon Son of Man Christmas at Lyme Park, I considered if I ruined a good thing, had gone too far. Many times I have wondered this, then, at the end of my posting day, I go watch the news. On The Racheal Maddow show I saw a photo of Trump signing fake bills. I got a chuckle when folks commented on Melania’s red trees and the movie ‘The Shining’. Well, here is the complete movie.

Donald says he is all alone in the big (snowy) White House signing bills. Melania comes over to help destroy Christmas for Marginal Children, who want to keep imagining things, keep seeing strange people that do no exist.

I post on the Ghost of General Lee, that is for real, but, in a 1984 scenario, he is rendered invisible.

Big rebel brother is watching you!

Then there is the remark our troops are “suckers”

Parody is found in most literature and is a means to establish what is real. For thousands of years, literature has been real thank to Socrates and Plato. They got the ball rolling by establishing the idea of Truth. What POTUS is saying is;

“Most people prefer the lie over the truth!”

This makes Trump the King of Liars, or – SATAN! We are in real Bible Time. Is the Bible -literature? Our Founding Father’s wrote a Constitution so We the People can help Lawmakers author Bills. We are………………Dead in the water! Becalmed! Are nautical terms still applicable? How many books on Christmas have been written, and, in how many languages? How about books on Magic, and, how to interpret your dreams. What about Horror stories? I can’t look at a Playboy magazine without puking.

I look at the newscasters and I having – that dream! I got a rubbery steering wheel in my hands. I can’t steer away from those parked cars. I hit the breaks, and I got air-goo breaks. If I pump them – just so – there might be something there! Fuck!

I look at that photo of Donald and Melania, and I see Mr. and Mrs. Cruel. This is a glimpse into our future where the more cruel you are to others, the higher you rise to a position of power. Where are the great Science Fiction writers when you need one?

“It’s Mr. and Mrs. Cruel calling from planet earth, the cruel planet. They want us to put our children on the phone so they can wish them a Merry Christmas. What should we do?”

Note the hot coals under Trump’s ass. He is devoid of empathy. You need empathy to make most literature work. You want the Magian’s magic tricks to work, so you can be amused. When you open a book, you have made an agreement to be sympathetic. Donald has no sympathy. He wants all books to carry his message.

“I don’t care!”

He could care less about Murder Mysteries. He said he could shoot a total stranger on the street, and not get arrested.

John Presco

Donald J. Trump


I am all alone (poor me) in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come back and make a deal on desperately needed Border Security. At some point the Democrats not wanting to make a deal will cost our Country more money than the Border Wall we are all talking about. Crazy!

  • On Friday night, the president tweeted a picture of himself and a stack of folders, presumably stocked with bills ready for him to sign.
  • “Some of the many Bills that I am signing in the Oval Office right now,” the president said, before criticizing the Democrats for failing to “help protect America’s Southern Border!”
  • When the tweet was posted, Twitter users were quick to point out that the bill on the president’s desk seemed blank.

It was the night before the third government shutdown of the year, when all through the House not a Democrat was stirring, not willing to budge.

So President Donald Trump went on Twitter and criticized them for blocking his efforts to secure $5 billion for a border wall. He did so while saying he cancelled his winter getaway to Mar-a-Lago (where he was expected to be for 16 days) and by posing next to a large pile of bills that he was set on signing, starting with the one sitting on his desk.

Here’s what President Trump said to a child about Santa Claus on Monday: “Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at 7, it’s marginal, right?”

“Yes, sir,” the child, Collman, responded twice. She had spoken with the president for at least 10 seconds before he suggested that her parents had been lying to her all her life.

She also told him she planned to put out cookies, according to The Post and Courier of Charleston, S.C., which obtained video of Collman’s side of the conversation.

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