Khashoggi Calls For Radio Free Arab

In his last report, Khashoggi called for a Radio Free Europe-like organization in order to bring The Truth to Saudi citizens, and others. There were indication Kim Hafner was not on my side before she jumped on me for saying I am a prophet. I had just found the connection between Herbert Armstrong, and Radio London.

When Kim Hafner handed me my sister’s biography back, and when I saw the pages bent back, I had a picture of Kim handing this book to Krista out the back. I saw Hog Woman putting dog ears in my book. She was not happy. She sees herself as the Big Cheese around here because she has a fierce relationship with King Jesus. Hog Woman, and El Lardo , are jealous that I know famous people. They were livid I took over Armstrong’s church – and I appear not to be a Christian – one of them. This made me THEIR IDEAL TARGET sent to them by the Rapture Jesus. If they destroy me, they will move closer to the front of the line. These are fanatical Jihadist for Jesus! I will talk to the FBI. The Hog Women invaded my privacy, and are stalking me. I am leading a Real Prophecy. I will form this Arab Radio Church.

John Presco

Human rights abuses

His column Wednesday was reminiscent of ones he had written before, which often condemned human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia. He wrote that he had been reading a Freedom House report on political rights and civil liberties around the world, and it ranked most countries in the Arab world as “not free.”

“As a result, Arabs living in these countries are either uninformed or misinformed,” Mr Khashoggi wrote.

“They are unable to adequately address, much less publicly discuss, matters that affect the region and their day-to-day lives.”

He wrote about the hopes that had been shattered across the Middle East after Arab Spring uprisings in 2011 failed in several countries. And he wrote about governments’ efforts to imprison dissidents, block internet communication and censor the media.

He suggested the formation of a transnational media outlet – like Radio Free Europe, which was created by the United States government during the Cold War – that could be a platform for Arab writers, reporters and thinkers.

“We need to provide a platform for Arab voices,” Mr Khashoggi wrote.

“We suffer from poverty, mismanagement and poor education. Through the creation of an independent international forum, isolated from the influence of nationalist governments spreading hate through propaganda, ordinary people in the Arab world would be able to address the structural problems their societies face.”

In her note, Ms Attiah wrote that Mr Khashoggi’s column “perfectly captures his commitment and passion for freedom in the Arab world. A freedom he apparently gave his life for.” – New York Times

The Royal Plantagenets by Ben Toney

This morning I discovered Herbert Armstrong gave Radio London $50,000 dollars a years to stay afloat. That is a lot of money for those times. That is Armstrong radio station in back of me. Three years ago I declared myself the Heir of his Church.

Herbert W. Armstrong (July 31, 1892 – January 16, 1986) founded the Radio Church of God which was incorporated October 21, 1933 and was renamed Worldwide Church of God on June 1, 1968, as well as starting Ambassador College (later Ambassador University) October 8, 1947. He was an early pioneer of radio and tele-evangelism, first taking to the airwaves on January 7, 1934 from the 100-watt station KORE Eugene, Oregon.

Arising early, I went in search of an answer to my question. Did Radio London broadcast the News between playing Music? I was ready to publish Ben Toney’s essay on the Plantagenets that I found. It was lost. Ben’s daughter, Rachel, could not find it. I was full of despair. Losing a man’s life-work after he passes, is a tragedy – atop a tragedy! Ben was keen in having his history with Radio London, preserved.

Ben called me ‘The Sage of Oregon’. He knew I was a conflicted theologian. We posted messages about the abuses of the Religious-right. I wondered what Ben and I would be saying about Trump declaring the press the ‘Oppostion Party’. Then, a miracle happened. A real miricale! Do you see that radio tower behind me? That tower funded Radio London. That tower belonged to Herbert Armstrong who broadcast a religious program here in Oregon, and later, in Pasadena. These two towers are connected! They are TWINS seperated at birth!

The cost of the station was covered by local and national advertising and the half-hour religious commentary, The World Tomorrow, presented by Herbert W. Armstrong or his son, Garner Ted Armstrong. The Armstrongs’ Worldwide Church of God sponsored the station with £50,000 a year. The World Tomorrow aired at 7pm, outside prime hours.[1]

I have considered Ben to be my bigger brother. He was there for me. He never edited me, or, considered unfriending me from facebook. He knew I could be the real Howard Beale, and, go off on a prophetic tangent. This did not bother him, because he is kin to the Plantangents. When King Henry Plantagenet’s drinking and whoring buddy, found religion, and began to rat him out to the Pope, Henry had three Knight Templars murder Beckett in the cathedral, All in a bloody day’s work for this infamous family! (see video) Eat your heard out, Donald Trump!

On July 13, 2016, I sent an e-mail to Neil Laudati beseeching him to purchase KORE, and turn it into a monument. I mention my dear friend, Ben Toney. Was Neil amused, he kicking back at City Hall, enjoying another instalment of ‘The Howard Beale Show’.

Ben and I had discussions about me being a secular newspapermen, with a calling. My genealogy says  I was destined for the church!  My life would have been a much easier one if I had published a religious pamphlet, chock full of light and simple pleasantries, but, the Light of God is not concerned with these easy matters. He is not found, there. He must be somewhere in the middle? Evangelicals abandoned the middle ground when they voted for Trump. Can I claim I saw this coming? See my video below.

I did not expect to find God off the coast of England, on a small, rusty ship, that was kept afloat by a prophet, on a mission, that began in Springfield Oregon! I can just begin to tell you how profound this is. Ben conversed with the Beatles and their manager, who cringed when Lennon said they were bigger than Jesus! Then, there is Mick Jagger’s tune, ‘Sympathy For the Devil’. And, when that tune ended, here is the voice of Hebert Armstrong! The British Invasion. The Springfield Invasion! What a world! Freedom of Religion, and, Freedom of the Press, go hand in hand. Hands across the water!

I will not rest until there is a brass plaque at the site of Armstrong’s Radio Church that I took over. I have been carrying on Armstrong’s Mission for several years. I will not rest until I read the name of my Fallen Friend, my fellow Plantagenet, because, that’s the way God, or, the Devil, hard-wired us! The history we have left behind, is no small wake. The waves we have made in the air, is no light breeze, the seeds we have planted – is England!

The show……..will go on!

God save the Plantagenets and the Two Towers! Note, my glasses are – eschew!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

From January 1965 Big L carried a religious programme, The World Tomorrow, initially weekly but quickly extended to three times a week and then daily. The programme was sponsored by the Worldwide Church of God of Pasadena California who paid £300 per show for the privilege of being on Radio London. The income from this one programme paid for the basic running-costs of the entire ship. Other sponsored shows arrived, both evangelical and secular. The Voice of Prophecy began a weekly broadcast every Sunday from February 1965. From 7th March Miners Make-Up financed UK Tops The World also on a Sunday. This was later joined by The Cema Bingo Show, The Colgate-Palmolive Request Hour, The Bromley Half-Hour, Call In At Curry’s and many others. (More on sponsored shows here.)

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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