My Friend Ben Toney – Again

Ben Toney passed away on May 10th. I did not want to look, until I felt grief for the passing of so many people I counted as friends when I awoke this morning. I felt I was the only one left on the ship. Ben was the only friend who fought the Christian-right. We stood side by side for several years. We took a risk. We went public. We aired our Democratic views and opinions, that are raised higher over our Nation than any ongoing religious dispute that continues to take more lives, and not one truth replaces those wasted lives.

After I posted this, I had a vision of Toney’s family reading what I titled a “pre-eulogy” to their father. I had mentioned my near-death experience to Ben, several times. No good captain goes to sea without a chart. At sea, one can not afford to turn your ship over to The Fates. No one sails blind. If we do not get a clue, and behold a calm in the storm, then, there is always the vast horizon to be our guide.

Toney did not waste his life, or distract from the blessed time we have on this beautiful planet, that is always made more divine by the one who seeks the truth. Goodbye my friend, my fellow truth seeker.


“It is with a very heavy heart that I share the news that my dad Ben Toney passed away this afternoon at the VA Medical Centre in Dallas. Cheryl, his niece, and I were there by his side and he went peacefully, pain free, and surrounded with love which we are so thankful for. The hospital staff gave him a very moving military send off and they took care of him so well all throughout his stay there. I am utterly devastated but I am so glad I got to spend these two precious weeks with him. We also really appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that you sent previously. Cheryl and I read them out to him and he really loved that. R.I.P dad. I just know you are already on that pirate ship in the sky playing top 40 and singing along”

Rosamond Press

Ben Toney had a fall a month ago, and his health has declined. He is in the hospital. For six year we have been fast facebook friends. We shared so much information. We fought side by side the rise of Trump. Ben is a friend – and ally! He managed his facebook the way it was set up to be. He has so many wonderful memories to share, and there were no outsiders. If you found Toney, you were in the ‘In Crowd’. I found Ben while looking at the genealogy of Rosamond Clifford, his kindred.

I learned Ben was gravely ill when I posted on my Ian Fleming revival, that brings the Bond lineage back to life in his granddaughter, Victoria Bond. She has this dream, this vision, where a great fleet is gathered once again. The famous British artist, Augustus John, had a son, Caspar John, who…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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