The Ghost Victim

Senator Lindsey Graham’s outburst and declaration that Ms. Ford’s testimony was a “sham” told millions of people all over the world – who are thinking of battling their dictator so they can have what WE are supposed to have – that Democracy is not anything worth dying for, because, many U.S. Senators said OUR SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK! This was a unanimous declaration! Oops!

What if it was ruled Ms. Ford should not testify, because it would be too painful for her, and thus, a Ghost Victim was hired to testify in her stead?

In telling my late sister’s life story, that included her battle with alcoholism and incest, a Ghostwriter was hired. No one wanted my book to be published. All Recovery Books are written by someone – in Recovery! Books about incest – are written by victims of incest. A strange man was hired to reveal Christine’s and her families dark secrets. The executor of Christine’s estate sold it to outsiders who hired a ghostwriter. These outsiders do not FEEL ANY PAIN. How much easier would everyone’s life be – if we felt no pain – or pretended this was the case? How Christian would that be? Oops!

Senator Flake got caught in the hall by real victim’s who told him they do not know their pain, and have no idea how much pain he will cause if he approves Kavanaugh. That is the unknown factor – that was not presented by the Democrats – or the Republicans. Why hurt victims more than you have to?

John Presco

She did leave the Bob guy, but not before – in whatever her state of mind was – she pointed a revolver at him and pulled the trigger. No bullets were in the gun, but, if she had been drinking, I have no doubt that she could have nailed him.”

Sanity Hearing On The Rosamond Express

While waiting to see my new therapist I read exerts from Mark’s, Garth’s, and Vicki’s evil biography of our late sister. Here are the words of Scott Hale, Christine’s live-in lover who takes credit for much of her success – at such a cost! (page 52)

“She had me cornered. I was trying to reason with her and get away before things got out of hand. She kept coming at me, and the bed was right there, so I finally whapped her. And it was like Bozo the clown. She bounced off the bed as if nothing had happened, and just kept right on coming. I was finally able to get around and out of the room, and years later I asked her if she remembered me slapping her during that episode. She had no memory of it whatever.”

I am now going to do a “Me Too!” for my late sister whose death scene is full of holes. Christine’s autobiography was disappeared. Vicki Presco told me our sister was accusing many males of inappropriate sexual contact with her daughter, Shannon. Snyder says Shannon Rosamond lost her virginity when she was ten. This ghost writer conducts a Sanity Hearing – and he has no degree! Snyder employs Scott Hale as his Star Witness as to how insane and violent the world famous artist ‘Rosamond’ was. Shannon was also subjected to this Vile Hearing. When I read this, I became alarmed. Crimes are being committed! Where are the police reports?

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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