Pence and Graham Are Traitors

Nations and kingdoms always have citizens who are sinners. Jesus said that he came for the sinner and not the righteous. Pence and Frankin have let Putin know – before Trump got elected – they would un-lock the gate to the castle so Putin and his soldiers can sneak in and kill their king who tolerates gay folks.

Obama was not a king, but an elected President of my Democracy. He is a black man, who they hated. These are racists. The holy traitors talked each other into believing Putin was not a bad man but, a good man. Jesus was/is – on his side! This is to say King Jesus is not a American Patriot, and, has his coming World-wide kingdom in mind, verses a secular Democracy. Graham is saying it is best America have a king – for life – than another black President, or, another Democrat in the White House. Graham is not FOR Democracy. His king Jesus, says;

“It’s just fine to betray your king – in my name!”

There was no such thing as a Democracy when Jesus was born. If God wanted a true Democracy, he would have freed the slaves and given women the right to vote in 1776. Graham says his sole purpose was to shed his blood on the cross for our sins.  This is a new idea that does not hold water. God did not send His son to earth as a human sacrifice – that failed! Trump’s sins are forgiven because he isn’t a Democrat! Franklin is gleeful Democrats are sinners! The Russian Orthodox priests don’t mind if their man murders members of the Free Press. Does Graham believe Putin holds fair elections? No!

Putin understands this deluded and treasonous thinking. He knows he is being wrongly trusted. Putin took full advantage of these foolish men who helped put a Traitor and a Tyrant in office. They felt prideful and powerful. They went about with puffed chests stuck out the night Trump won! Back in Moscow, Putin chortled.

“What self-righteous Bozos! My Jesus will teach them a lesson they will never forget!”

Putin, Trump, Graham, and Pence shared one main goal…..Destroy the Democrats! Now we know why these religious leaders overlooked the degenerate they helped put in office. They didn’t care what sins he committed, or, how many women he abused, or, if he spent a million dollars silencing them. As long as THE AXIS OF THE EVIL JESUS destroyed the Democrats. This is a CONSPIRACY to overthrow our Democratic Government.

Graham is the acting President. He is dictating policy to a Traitor. It is Graham who hates the European Union because he believes it sustains World Secularism. Graham is the MADMAN who wants to convert the whole world – everyone but the Democrats! He and Putin have schemed to make them utterly powerless!

Lock them up! Then – HANG THEM FOR TREASON!

How about bringing back the guillotine? Look at this hypocrite’s righteous mug! Is this Jesus? Best shed his blood – for Republican sins! They are fucking trouble-makers. Bush got us in their last holy war, in Iraq, after men of God helped spread the lie Saddam had weapons of mass destruction! Graham wants to shed the blood of all non-Christians. He is convinced he can TRICK Trump into doing just that! This is a bloody monster! It irks the shit out of  him that all Americans are not his brand of Christian. If they were, then there would only be a need of ONE PARTY, the Party of Franklin!

Many evangelical ministers are concluding Franklin betrayed his father’s mission. Of course he did! He wants to be the First Protestant Pope of America – and then the world! It is written all over his not so pious mug. I would love to punch him in the face as hard as I can! I’d like to break his jaw with an upper-cut! This, thing, is everything Jesus hated!

I’d love to get in a ring with him – with boxing gloves! He condones the President committing act of ADULTERY, and hopes he does not get caught with his pants down, again! I declare the Christian Church – DEAD! God spit Graham and his followers – out of His mouth! We are a Nation of Laws. Graham is not God. He does not get to choose who is forgiven, and who is damned – for political reasons! He is a Liar for Satan, as Trump is a Liar for Satan who can’t believe how lucky he is to have a guy like Graham at ready to give him absolution. Putin has his Graham!

“I could shoot someone and get away with it!”

Push YES if you want this Evil Bastard to get in a ring with me so I can pound on his face!

John ‘The Nazarite’

Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev of Moscow, who chairs the Russian Orthodox Church’s external relations department, spoke with Pence backstage at evangelist Franklin Graham’s Washington summit on religious violence against Christians.

“It is only one united, international anti-terrorist coalition which can combat terrorism and win,” Hilarion told TIME during an interview in a suite at the Trump International Hotel in D.C., a few blocks down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House. “The two countries should put these political differences aside.”

A White House spokesman confirmed Pence’s meeting with Hilarion and said the cleric’s comments also reflected President Trump’s views. Additional religious leaders were also present backstage. Hilarion says that after talking with Pence, he feels “very positive” about the future of the relationship between the U.S. and Russia.

While progressive Christian leaders and some leaders within evangelical Christianity are highly critical of Trump, Graham has long been a staunch supporter. He’s used his popular Facebook page to comment on the president’s actions and often, to defend Trump against attack.

On Sunday, Graham praised Trump for his tax plan, his approach toward ISIS, and the growth of the U.S. economy.

“Whether you’re an atheist, whether you’re a Catholic, whether you’re a Protestant, a Jew, it doesn’t matter. We all are benefiting from this man,” Graham said.

He also applauded the president for being able to work under intense scrutiny from the “left,” which Graham claimed is trying to force Trump out of office in a “digital coup d’état.”

Because I Use Religious Words

Thinking I might be on their side, the LGBT person reads my posts, then stops when they come to a religious word.

When a Christian thinks I am on their side, they stop reading my posts when they see I oppose them, and their heresy that defines their mission as going after people that are not one of them, and don’t resemble them.

The Christian church was declared DEAD in 70s and 80s due to ADULTERY and the high DIVORCE rate. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Ministers became marriage councilors – to no avail. Couples were cheating on each other, getting caught, then wanting a divorce. Church Leaders looked for another mission. Here’s what they came up with:


2.Lower taxes

3. Take over the Republican party

5. Hate gay people

6. Destroy Big Government

Here is what the Bible prescribes as the punishment for committing adultery…….


Why is God so harsh on Adulterers?

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    Jesus is not a TRAITOR! He did not betray the United States of America. Jesus is working with the Democrats to stop another attack by Putin, and put the TRAITORS in prison!

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