Evangelicals Follow A Fake Imported Religion

Evangelical Rapturists do not follow a Patriotic Religion. They love Putin – who is a Patriot, and knows Trump is not. Due to backing an un-patriotic con man, it is time to help God take away their license to practice.

John Presco



The Rapture Is A Lie

As fate would have it, my ex-friend, Ed Corbin, is kin to one of the founders of the Evangelical Rapture LIE! Any Evangelical Leader who puts his hands on our President, and believes in the Rapture – IS A DEMON!


I posted this on 10-17-2017 when most American did not have a clue Trump was a Jesus-Freak. I have no followers or friends. I do not seek these things. Acting all alone, I have been persecuted and punished. I am just………..The Messenger!

And, now we got what they prayed for. It will be very hard getting rid of Satan. He will try to destroy the world rather than give up power.

Jon ‘The Nazarite Judge’

Trump Employs Evangelical Terrorism

The Rapture and End Time Terrorism of the Heretical Evangelical Cult, has declared Holy War on America. They employ the Republican Party founded by my kindred as their base. They claim Jesus-God came to rule America in 1776, but, the Dutch ministers were here first. God and Jesus came with them. They built churches. The Orcs of Darby do not get my ancestors!

Get out of the Republican Party! Get out, or I will take a bullwhip to your evil leaders!

Jon Presco

The False Rapture Doctrine



NEW ORLEANS — Two rookie New Orleans police officers were fired and charged with battery in the beating of a man they allegedly called a “fake American” following a confrontation at a bar. Spencer Sutton and John Galman were booked on one count each of simple battery in connection with the beating of Jorge Alberto “George” Gomez early Tuesday, reports CBS affiliate WWL-TV.

Gomez said the two off-duty officers, who are white, began harassing him inside Mid-City Yacht Club, saying they didn’t like his camouflage clothing and asking him whether he had served in the military, reports the New Orleans Advocate. Gomez said he told the men he was born in the U.S. but was raised in Honduras before he returned to live in New Orleans and served in the National Guard, but the men wouldn’t accept his answer.

WWL-TV confirmed that Gomez, who is Hispanic, served with the Louisiana National Guard.

Gomez told The New Orleans Advocate that officers asked him whether he was an American.

“They kept telling me I wasn’t an American citizen, that I was a fake American,” Gomez told the Advocate.

Shortly after the confrontation at South Murat and Baudin streets, Gomez was beaten a few blocks away from the bar. Court records obtained by the Advocate said Galman struck Gomez with “an opened hand and fist,” and Sutton also struck Gomez.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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