Pence and Graham Are Traitors

Jesus is not a TRAITOR! He did not betray the United States of America. Jesus is working with the Democrats to stop another attack by Putin, and put the TRAITORS in prison!

Rosamond Press

Nations and kingdoms always have citizens who are sinners. Jesus said that he came for the sinner and not the righteous. Pence and Frankin have let Putin know – before Trump got elected – they would un-lock the gate to the castle so Putin and his soldiers can sneak in and kill their king who tolerates gay folks.

Obama was not a king, but an elected President of my Democracy. He is a black man, who they hated. These are racists. The holy traitors talked each other into believing Putin was not a bad man but, a good man. Jesus was/is – on his side! This is to say King Jesus is not a American Patriot, and, has his coming World-wide kingdom in mind, verses a secular Democracy. Graham is saying it is best America have a king – for life – than another black President, or, another Democrat in…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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