Liz Taylor’s Bond Connection!

McClory was romantically involved with Elizabeth Taylor. Although he and Taylor reportedly had plans to marry, Taylor would eventually leave him for her future husband Mike Todd. Todd and McClory fell out over Taylor yet they managed to complete the final cut of the film side by side. The trio would eventually reconcile and they remained friends until Todd’s untimely death in 1958.[8][9]

MGM and Danjaq have acquired all of the rights and interests in James Bond held by the estate of Kevin McClory, ending more than 50 years of litigation between the producers of the franchise and an author who penned Bond scripts with Ian Fleming.

MGM, ‘James Bond’ Producer End Decades-Long War Over 007

O.K. This seals the deal.  I got to get busy promoting myself. I am going to contact Don King and see if he can get me in a ring with Franklin on pay-per-view! I want five mill.

I am destined to write a great Bond Novel. It is in my family tree! I declare authoring a Bond book – my rosy families Art Form and Religion! Liz almost married Kevin McClory. Would one of their children have married a Getty?

Every day I see a Liz and Bond story on google news – along with our kindred! We are the alternative reality to Putin, Trump & Graham who hate my people – and Hollywood! Why is that? I will unveil our Family Cosmology that hopefully will replace Christianity. Justine Lovesit sounds like Miriam Starfish Christling who grew up in Christian Nudist Colonies.

I have written myself into ‘The Royal Janitor’. I am ‘The Wizard’ who administers the final pseudo-psychological Loyalty Check – I invented – for membership in BAD, employing a Babe Ruth baseball, if you are a male, and a stuffed Unicorn, if you are a female. How candidates handle me is the real test, conducted by the panel behind the one-way mirror.

All my distractors and false accusers have been vanquished. A unseen hand has led me to discover the Love between Kevin and Liz, so I can go on with my story – with my head held high! I am a certified Bond Author, blessed by my ROSE DNA.

The G on my white cap stands for………..GANDALPH! In spirit, Shadowfax will replace my beloved felines, Greyhaven and Brembe.

John Presco

‘Family Bond Author’

Kevin O’Donovan McClory (8 June 1924[1]20 November 2006) was an Irish screenwriter, producer, and director. McClory was best known for adapting Ian Fleming‘s James Bond character for the screen, for producing Thunderball, and for his legal battles with Fleming (later United Artists, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Eon Productions).[2]

Unmade Movies
Will we ever see a Bond girl called Justine Lovesit and robotic sharks delivering nuclear bombs through the sewers of Manhattan? Perhaps not, but those were some of the concepts in the 1976 “Warhead” script that was a collaboration with Sean Connery and Len Deighton. Described as ‘Star Wars underwater’, Connery got nervous about the legal entanglements, saying “Before I put my nose in to anything, I want to know it is legally bona fide.” Then Paramount got nervous too, and walked away with their $22m budget. McClory tried to recycle the script again in 1989, retitling the film “Atomic Warfare”, and approached Pierce Brosnan who had missed out on the role to Timothy Dalton due to an NBC contract.

Above: Warhead (1978) concept artwork – interior of the Statue of Liberty depicting a chamber containing a dock within which there is a submarine, and a robot ‘Hammerhead’ shark hanging.

Bryce was a close friend of Ian Fleming. In 1958 Fleming approached McClory to produce the first Bond film. McClory rejected all of Fleming’s books but felt that the character James Bond could be adapted for the screen. McClory, Bryce, Fleming and Jack Whittingham developed the new James Bond character through a number of treatments and screenplays. McClory, Fleming and Bryce settled on the screenplay Longitude 78 West (later renamed Thunderball) and went into pre-production. Fleming had assigned his interest in the film to McClory and Bryce’s company Xanadu and would make no more money from the project. He conspired with Bryce to force McClory out of the film, denying that McClory had any legal interest in the screenplays and treatments that had been written during their collaboration. Later and without permission, Fleming novelised the draft screenplay Thunderball, his ninth novel, in 1961, which initially did not credit McClory or Whittingham. The two sued, and the case opened to the High Court in London on 20 November 1963.

After nine days, the case was settled. Fleming paid McClory damages of £35,000 and his court costs of £52,000, and future versions of the novel were credited as “based on a screen treatment by Kevin McClory, Jack Whittingham, and Ian Fleming” – in that order. Fleming and Bryce conveyed to McClory any rights they held in the screenplays and treatments that McClory, Whittingham and Fleming had written during their collaboration. Fleming conveyed to McClory the worldwide film rights in the novel Thunderball. Harry Saltzman’s and Albert R. Broccoli’s production company Eon Productions later made a deal with McClory for Thunderball to be made into a film in 1965, with McClory producing.[2] Under the deal, Eon licensed McClory’s rights for a period of ten years and in return they assigned to McClory any rights they had in the scripts and treatments. McClory made an uncredited cameo in the film.[11]

In 1968 McClory announced plans to make a film about Irish revolutionary leader Michael Collins, to star Richard Harris.[12] The film was to have been shot at Ardmore Studios in 1969 but was never made.[why?][13]

McClory subsequently continued to try to make other adaptations of Thunderball, including Warhead 2000 A.D. which was to be made by Sony.[2] MGM/UA took legal action against Sony and McClory in the United States to prevent the film going into production. MGM/UA abandoned the claim after settling with Sony. His rights were untouched. In 2004 Sony acquired 20% of MGM; however, the production and final say over everything involving the film version of James Bond is controlled by Eon Productions, Albert R. Broccoli‘s production company and its parent company Danjaq, LLC.[citation needed]

Prior to Sony’s settlement with MGM in 1999, they filed a lawsuit against MGM claiming McClory was the co-author of the cinematic 007 and was owed fees from Danjaq and MGM for all past films. This lawsuit was thrown out in 2000 on the ground that McClory had waited too long to bring his claims. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals later affirmed this decision in 2001.[2][16]

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    Ian Fleming had to be interested in creating a dynasty that was worthy of a coart of arms.
    Related to Hollywood Stars
    Posted on July 11, 2018
    by Royal Rosamond Press
    Here is the link to the Getty and Fleming family, that includes many Hollywood Starts. I am kin to them via Dame Liz Taylor who is in the Peerage. I found a new candidate for James Bond, Derek Ainslie Jackson. Come back to this post that is still under construction.
    John Gregory Presco

    Elizabeth Anne Pol (John) MP
    1997 (85)
    Immediate Family:
    Daughter of Augustus John and Dorothy John
    Wife of Willem Jilt Pol
    Ex-wife of Derek Ainslie Jackson, DFC, AFC, OBE, FRS
    Sister of Vivien White
    Half sister of Sir Caspar John; Edwin John; Amaryllis Marie-Louise Fleming and Cole
    Added by:
    Fiona Evelyn Guinness on July 11, 2010
    Managed by:
    Tina and Fiona Evelyn Guinness

    Elizabeth Anne (“Poppet”) John: born Alderney, Dorset 9 March 1912; married 1930 Derek Jackson (marriage dissolved 1935), 1942 Villiers Bergne (marriage dissolved 1945), 1952 Willem Pol (died 1988; one stepdaughter); died London 22 October 1997.
    Poppet always seemed faintly glamorous to the younger members of the John family; she was the aunt who lived in the South of France, mixed with grand people and loved a cocktail party. She had an exotically named stepdaughter, Talitha, and a charming husband, a Dutch painter who was always known by his surname, Pol. At their best they were a delightful, animated couple, who none the less suffered devastating turns of fate.
    View All
    Immediate Family
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    Showing 12 of 19 people Showing 19 people

    Derek Ainslie Jackson, DFC, AFC, OBE, FRS 6/23/1906 2/20/1982
    Derek Ainslie Jackson, DFC, AFC,…

    Willem Jilt Pol 3/26/1905 8/15/1988
    Willem Jilt Pol

    Dorothy John 12/19/1881 7/23/1969
    Dorothy John

    Augustus John 1/4/1878 10/31/1961
    Augustus John

    Vivien White 3/8/1915 5/20/1994
    Vivien White

    Talitha Dina Getty 10/18/1940 7/14/1971
    Talitha Dina Getty

    Ida Margaret John 1/24/1877 3/14/1907
    Ida Margaret John

    Sir Caspar John 3/22/1903 7/11/1984
    Sir Caspar John
    half brother

    Edwin John 11/27/1905 2/2/1978
    Edwin John
    half brother

    Lady Ottoline Cavendish-Bentinck 6/16/1873 4/21/1938
    Lady Ottoline Cavendish-Bentinck
    father’s ex-partner

    Evelyn Beatrice Saint Croix Rose 1885 7/27/1964
    Evelyn Beatrice Saint Croix Rose
    father’s ex-partner

    Amaryllis Marie-Louise Fleming 12/10/1925 7/27/1999
    Amaryllis Marie-Louise Fleming
    half sister

    Derek Ainslie Jackson
    June 23, 1906
    February 20, 1982 (75)
    Immediate Family:
    Son of Sir Charles Jackson and Aida Elizabeth Williams
    Ex-husband of Poppet John; Pamela Mitford and Barbara Olive Skelton
    Brother of Vivian Jackson
    Added by:
    Fiona Evelyn Guinness on January 27, 2008
    Managed by:
    Fiona Evelyn Guinness, Tina and Unknown
    Dame Rosemond and American Peerage
    Posted on July 23, 2013
    by Royal Rosamond Press

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