Assad Putin&Trump Will Launch Holy Crusade

Chris Mattews just said on his show, perhaps there is some kind of adventure going on involving Putin and Assad, where the northern people do battle with the southern people, including Iran. He stopped himself from usinng the word “Crusade” but, add it up. The free press is the enemy of the Crusader Church because they do not hear, nor respect, THE SUPRMEME WORDS OF THE WHITE GOD! Of course there will be Crusader Cops that will not honor man-made borders when it comes to Holy Law and Order. When you are on a Mission of God, no one has the right to get in your way.

These are Putin’s Thoughts having a field day in the Messiah’s head. Israeli rabbis have called Chump, the Messiah. Putin is playing that swelled ego – BIG TIME! The Genie is out of the botte. There’s no going back. That’s what the smirk on Putin’s face, said. I warned you. I am a rare fish. I am a leftist Liberal Theologian who speaks their language. I have been demonized by Liberals. I must be insane because I claim I know what Jesus wrote in the sand. I am considered…………………one of them!

In the Senate, Republicans objected to two nonbinding measures that would have put the body on record as being in support of intelligence agency conclusions that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, called on Mr. Trump to fully impose sanctions against Russia and pressed for oversight of the summit meeting, including the production of any notes taken by Americans.

“If ever there was a moment to think not of just your party but for the country, this is it,” Senator Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona, implored his colleagues before his bipartisan resolution was shot down.

He hasn’t got any real solutions to offer, of course. A classic demagogue, he offered up reassuring slogans and few specific proposals. In putting together his foreign-policy team, he selected (or seriously considered) people with strong a-priori views, clear ideological biases, a disdain for careful intelligence work, and a willingness to demonize individual regimes—people like retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn (Trump’s pick for national-security adviser), David Friedman (his pick for Ambassador to Israel), and John Bolton (who is reportedly being considered for a top job at the State Department).

Rosamond Press


Assad invited Trump to come to Syrian and help him and Putin fight ISIS. A line has been crossed. Trump is authoring fiction for his base knowing they will buy anything, so he can pit them against the democrats who he called his “enemy”. There has to be a reason for his lies. Fascists have used this technique. This is a loyalty check. It may be crafted by Putin who is filling Trump with the idea he is another Patten. He is also the head of the SS Waffen who invaded Russia, but, this time the Russians are on Hitler’s side. How can you lose! This is why Trump and Putin are so concerned with crowd size. They know more than half of The People do not want another Crusade in the Middle East. This is why Trump keeps saying he was against ‘Shock and Awe’ but, not against ‘Desert…

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