Poking The Bear

Yesterday I posted on a I Love Putin page. I poked the Russian Bear. I got 17 replies, but, only one was chosen for my viewing pleasure. LOL! Can I assume the rest were sex and marriage offers, with dirty pictures thrown in for good measure? Trump can not pass up an opportunity like this – and says so on the bus! He wants to grab – bear – too! Do you think Putin has video of Donald walking in on naked teenagers at the beauty contest? Did he back them up against the wall? Would it matter to evangelicals who expect Donald to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem – so the end of the world and Jesus – will come?

Darlene Penn sent me a gruesome reply with cute pink animal. Children are being raped at a deep underground cloning centers on military bases. Twitter Trump entertains many fake conspiracies. Let us hope German and British Intelligence has a Think Tanks working on which ones. Penn may be a Troll-bot. Why did she pass inspection? Trolls would look at my posts and quickly assess I am a conspiracy buff. The idea Queen Elizabeth owns a cloning rape center in Canada, may hit the spot for me. Perhaps Ian Fleming set those centers up for Her Majesty?

My readers get frustrated with me. They want nothing but the facts. I am a poet, artist and beat writer, first. I throw in fiction and images. Most people don’t wat facts. I give good facts, too. This is why I cut and paste so much. I have created a reference library. I am a search engine. Google finds my stuff – via my images – too.

Putin and his team of facebook experts know they got Twitter Trump by the short-hairs, and are reeling him in. Trump can’t believe how easy it is to be the leader of the Free World. He follows his hunches, and, my God he is right on the mark! This is better than a casino. The odds are in your favor. Now we know why the Canadian Brat was so rude to the Messiah. He’s a clone-bitch!

Players like my blog. I got connections to Monte Carlo via the neo-Templars and Grace Kelly. There is a mass suicide and a Templar Treasure. Who knows what the truth is? Trump don’t. All our President cares about, is playing with the Big Boys, at the Final Table. Erdogan is there. They are walking Chump in the park!

“This is sooooo easy!”

My first encounter with the Russian Troll Farm was on facebook Support the Kurds pages. I thought they were Right-wing Christians. They bid the Kurds to back the Republicans. There is the Kurdish Diaspora. I confronted the Trolls every day for a year. I was afraid of getting hacked. I ran into a famous Kurd who hacked ISIS. I thought he was bullshit. He got in my computer. I begged him to stop. They work off a master screen. There are several of them in the room. When they get on you, expect very fast replies in the exchange.  One is doing research if you try to get over on them. They will try to overwhelm you. After Trump was elected – many of them disappeared! I couldn’t find an argument anywhere. But, they are piled up behind Putin’s Pink Cyber Wall. Many of them pose as women.

John Presco


ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday stated the historical relations between his country and the Kurdistan Region would never be harmed despite ongoing conflicts in the region.

During an annual end-of-year press conference, Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, said his country shared important, long-term relations with the Kurds.

He also added there were no roadblocks regarding the strengthening of bilateral relations between the Kurdistan Region and Russia.

“Generally, our relations with Kurdistan and the Kurds are historical, long-term, and good and there is a good trust in our relations,” Putin told reporters.

“Our companies, especially Rosneft, are working in the [Kurdistan Region],” the Russian President continued. “We believe this will benefit Iraq, Kurdistan, and, in particular, it benefits the Russian economy.”

He said Russia notices “the challenges facing Kurdistan on several sides,” noting that there is “no obstacle before us to develop our relations with the Kurdish people.”

“Russia will continue to work on enhancing such relations with the Kurds,” Putin added.

Regarding the Kurdistan Region’s Sep. 25 independence referendum for secession from Iraq, Putin said the Kurds decided to hold the vote, and the Kurdistan leadership even offered to freeze the results to begin a constructive dialogue with Baghdad.

On the disputes between Erbil and Baghdad, the Russian President stressed that all the issues have to be resolved “within the framework of the Iraqi Constitution, away from violence, and with respect to the sovereignty and unity of Iraq.”

Editing by Karzan Sulaivany

The leaders of Russia and Turkey, Vladimir Putin and Rexhep Tayyip Erdogan, said after the meeting in Ankara that the conditions for ending the civil war in Syria were achieved and that a referendum on Kurd independence in Iraq was not legitimate, reports Reuters.


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