Extortion by International Provacateurs

Above is a photo I took of Belle at the Wandering Goat at the end of our two hour meeting. I wanted a photo. She would not let me. She had just agreed to model for me. I told her I work from photos, too. She says she has a problem with being beautiful, and alters her face. She puts on a mask. Not the two dogs on the wall, and Alley Dog. These women are artists. This is – all good! Belle is about to hand me her phone number, which I got. When someone is Sub-rosa with you, it does not get more intimate. She is stalking me. All this is material for my Victoria Bond book and movie.

When Belle Burch approached me in Ken Kesey Square on First Friday Artwalk, she was going to hit me up for money. She and her lover, along with Alley Valkyrie, had been arrested for invading the City Managers office. Their attorneys needed money to defend them. When I told Belle I owned a newspaper and blogged about saving Bohemians, she asked for my number. She brought up the idea of nude modeling. When I discovered she concealed her identity as an anarchist, I told her the modeling was off. I mean, they eliminated free expression – out of the gate!  They almost had me as their puppet on a string. Belle was everything I wanted in a woman. They studied my blog for a week before they rang me up.

I wondered if THEY were trying to HIJACK my newspaper, first by using friendly persuasion, and then, by claiming I molested Belle Burch. The threats I got from Alley, were sent by e-mail. I gave Belle my e-mail address – and not Valkyrie – who admits she was a street hustler in New York, and in Eugene. Several people who have read my blog have asked me why I don’t put up a Pay-Pal fund raiser. Did Alley consider this?

When I talked to the FBI four years ago, the agent said these threats would be extortion if money was involved. The fake abuser report was first a message put on Kitty Piercy’s facebook. She did not give a shit about Belle’s safety, because they go a cult following. They wanted to slander this blog, so people would not read it. I was the competition – to be! They rushed to get their own newspaper that solicits money. They have a writers guild that earns money.  I will talk to the FBI. I am under siege. My daughter is a dark example of a child extorting money out of a parent. She holds my grandson hostage.

In a taped interview Alley says people who are down and out are more likely to rise up against capitalist systems – and be VIOLENT! Most of the people who made these threats on her FB, were homeless advocates, and mentally ill creatures of the night, who would come up behind you, and stab you in the back for a fix. I was warned not to go to a City Hall meeting.

I considered what would happen if I caved into the threat to smear my reputation using Belle. Would they make more demands, seeing I am filled with FEAR? People fear witches and warlocks, and the crazy homeless. They became afraid when I was not afraid.

Scroll down to see their Wiccan support teams. One of their wiccans got elected to the Eugene City Council. She was a Slug Queen. Mary Broadhurst is a advocate attorney for the homeless and tries to stick up for me, but caves. I am sure Alley has shown some of my “disturbing” posts to Lara Roozemond, and others, such as comparing myself to Jesus. Why would I do that?

Mary reminds Alley it is about protecting Belle, not sliming my newspaper. This is evidence of CONSPIRCY! Here are my disturbing posts about my muse, Belle Burch, that should go into a museum. I will do a show around Belle – Beauty! I have fair use of all Alley’s arrest and street demonstration photos. Bringing down my newspaper is the main concern – not protecting Belle. Follow the Money Trail. An un-named donor was giving $400,000 to homeless advocates at the time. SLEEPS of Whoville, wanted it all.

‘Belle and Her Seven Ugly Anarchist Sisters’ a new Disney sitcom to replace Roseanna. I can’t be sued because my blog is – helping the cause! How many wackos joined the Valkyrie cult after reading this blog?


When I threatened to turn our escapades into a reality T.V. show, they got wise. They created the Wiccan Network and charged wanna-be witches money to WATCH Alley in action. I offered the same deal to Belle, and my daughter. They sold US short, and ended up with a free pile of wood no one wanted. I’m the only anti-Capitalist of the bunch. Why not help people I like, and love, get rich? I offered to make Belle ‘The Rose of the World’ and, now she can’t even give away that pile of old wood.

Meanwhile, Alley and Rhyd are having a non-stop LSD party in Rennes France. She always dropped Acid before going before the Eugene City Council. Watch her eyes in those videos. This couple is FOR violence by ‘The Poor’. They surround themselves by the poor, and see them as bodyguards.

Violence is “Not Good”


“I should also admit: I am probably more comfortable with the idea of violence against the rich then, say, a pro-capitalist prosperity sorcerer might be. The reason why should probably be obvious: I am probably not the sort of target the poor are likely to go after. Likewise, in any revolutionary scenario, the police and military are not going to be protecting me or anything that I hold dear. I do not own a business or a home, I do not own a car or stocks, and everything I do ‘own’ (including the computer I write on, which cost $150 two years ago) can fit in my backpack.

Thus, the angry poor are likely not going to be coming for me, but if they ever do revolt, they’d be more likely to go after people like him.”

My friend Jeff was a Whiteaker Pioneer, as is M. I had the first art gallery there. Then that New York Bitch-Witch blew into town and fucked everything up.


Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

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Mary Broadhurst some people feel threatened by homeless people.

May 9 at 9:13am · Like

Ashley Hewes I understand and respect your thoughts Mary but I also feel that he should not be allowed to feel comfortable in this community. He rates right up there with child molesters for me.

May 9 at 9:13am · Like · 1

Alley Valkyrie: Mary, this is legitimate. This isn’t based on prejudicial fear. Read his blog. This man is sick. Cyberstalking and defamation, not to mention DMCA violations for posting my copyrighted photos without permission. He’s already been reported for that.

May 9 at 9:15am · Like

Mary Broadhurst and this is what I mean. now someone who writes disturbing thoughts and publishes them on the internet is now thrown into the same box as a child molester.


May 9 at 9:15am · Like

Alley Valkyrie: Have you read his blog? I’m not comparing him to a child molester, but I can’t believe you’re defending him!

May 9 at 9:16am · Like

Mary Broadhurst: I read his blog. It’s disturbing.

To the editor: Congratulations to ABC for immediately canceling Roseanne Barr’s TV show after her racist, disgusting tweet about President Obama’s advisor Valerie Jarrett, a move that will cost the network millions of dollars. It is unfortunate that on social media and because of President Trump and his supporters, a culture of intolerance has grown so strong in our country, but ABC has shown that there are ways to fight back against this incredibly bad behavior. Jarrett’s response was right on the money: She pointed out that demeaning acts like this are now happening many times a day to people all over our country and never reported.

How can people support G&R and are there orgs/groups that G&R is allied with?

A few ways. First, we are always excited to meet new writers and artists. We pay for writing on our site now, and welcome as many diverse voices as want to write with us. Secondly, we are a non-profit and accept donations to help us pay our writers. Buying our books helps a lot as well-that’s how we pay our print writers. And sharing our stuff, of course, is always really helpful, especially now that most social media sites throttle views in order to get their users to buy advertizing.

Other groups that we work with but aren’t affiliated with directly, groups that might be of great interest to others, are Heathens United Against Racism and Appalachian Pagan Ministry, both of which are doing a lot of work to fight fascist organizing within Heathenry. And we have great relationships with quite a few Pagan communities elsewhere in the world fighting these same struggles, particularly against fascists.

In this episode, I speak with Alley Valkyrie about the recent events in western France regarding the communal, long-term occupation at the ZAD (French: zone à défendre; English: zone to defend). Alley provides a much needed explanation of the events currently unfolding there; she contextualizes and expounds on the overlapping and interplaying cultural, political, and historical trends that have led to the present situation on the ground there.


I’ve got some medium sized length wood if anyone needs some for some projects



In those early days, much of my healing came from my first attempt at self-employment: playing ukulele at the southern entrance of Washington Square Park by the chessboards while offering three-card tarot readings for $5. I didn’t find much financial success, but I found myself over time, and over the course of a few years managed to pull myself out of my trauma and enter into more stable forms of self-employment by teaching myself how to silkscreen. Blocking out the fact that I lived a stone’s throw from the confluence of two rivers, the Hudson River and the East River, I made peace with much of my past.





Alley Valkyrie

alley-valkyrieAlley Valkyrie is a social activist, writer, artist, and spirit-worker living in the Pacific Northwest. She currently divides her time between Portland and Eugene.

Alley has spent the past several years working with homeless and impoverished populations throughout the Willamette Valley of Oregon, acting as a source of advocacy and support for individuals as well as an outspoken activist in the public forum. She has also been working as a freelance visual artist and photographer for over a decade, and has been producing a clothing line, Practical Rabbit, for nearly that long.  More recently, Alley has started her own Patreon account to help enable her to become a full-time writer and artist.  

Alley’s writing aims to demystify and humanize the experiences of homelessness and poverty while examining how histories and energies of place and the mechanics of power and oppression intersect. She is committed to fighting oppression and exposing injustice as an act of service and devotion to the Gods.

Alley has been writing for with The Wild Hunt since 2013.

Complete list of Alley Valkyrie’s Wild Hunt articles


One of the first things I noticed upon arriving in France last summer is that battles were being waged on multiple fronts.

There was the most obvious battle, the one that the media was covering, a nationwide uproar over a set of controversial labor reforms that were widely viewed as a betrayal of the working class on the part of a supposedly left-wing government.

There was a secondary battle that was playing out alongside that uproar, a guerrilla battle against capitalism and international finance that was being waged by leftists and anarchists in the form of smashed bank windows and repeated violent confrontations with police.

And then there was the battle for the imagination, the battle of dueling narratives that leftists and fascists alike were waging on every blank surface imaginable, from street poles to mailboxes to the walls of boarded-up buildings. As opposed to the aforementioned battles, the battle for the imagination was one that the leftists were obviously and solidly winning.

The words and imagery that adorned pretty much every conceivable surface passionately and effectively reflected the world that could be, the world that they were trying to build. With stickers and graffiti and street art, those who believed tha

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