Keeping My Child A Dirty Secret

There is no hope of me seeing my daughgter and grandson again. Therefor, there is no holding back. The people who severely wonded me, are going to be exposed – and demonized!

Rosamond Press

It is hard to fathom how, and understand why, a mother would not tell the father he born a child, a daughter. When Patrice Hanson sent me the top photo, what came to my mind was……my mother, my father, my brother, and two sisters did not get to see my child. This never occurred to this narcissistic witch. She had given birth to two sons, but, needed a daughter to round her out, make her complete. Heather is her procession. Being born involves two people, a real mother and father. That is my father with Mark. That is Ryan Hunt with Heather at her graduation. I was invited, until she was kidnapped according to California State Law. This pic was taken in the house of a DA Mullins, who is really into genealogies. Linda’s sons, and siblings knew Heather was my child. I lived one block down the street –…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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