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Here are more posts from the yahoogroup I belonged to just before my daughter came into my life. Some of the members had published, or, were about to publish. If Patrice Hanson had not began a confidence game with me and members of my family, with the help of her sister, Linda Comstock, I would have had my “rose line” out on the market before Dan Brown. The Hanson have kept me in the dark and off balance with the desire I owned to have a family. They put I and my grandson in suspence six years ago. I have not seen him for that long.

Jon Presco

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This is a list for people interested in the crypto-historical reality of the movement known as the Priory of Sion. They are connected with the 19th century mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau. The group existed, of that small fact we can be sure; but whether it was a surrealist joke enacted by three Frenchmen in the 1950s or a 900 year old secret society pulling the strings of western civilisation is still open to debate. With renewed interest from the millions who have read Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’, along with the millions already familiar with the story through ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail’ this forum exists to encourage rational and non-sensationalist debate.

Topics likely for discussion include, the Templars, the Holy Grail, The Merovingians, the catholic church and the literature surrounding this area of study. New directions welcome, naturally.

Our expectations:
There will be consideration for all members.

Flaming, personal insults, or profanity (of any nature) will not be tolerated

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Been lurking for about a month since I unsubed to PoS — just found the
censorship to extreme on that site; plus the not wanting to open new
windows on old topics was a bore.

Just thought I’d throw in a personal tidbit regarding Sauniere. Way
back in the 50’s when I was sitting in front of the old black and white
TV having my morning cereal and watching old Fleisher Bros. (sp??)
cartoons they used to do these little “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”
segments. (I think this was in 1957) I’ve never forgotten the story
they did on this mysterious priest Sauniere. It focused on his wealth
and the mystery of how he acquired it. Over the decades, most unusual
for me with my Swiss Cheese memory, I had never forgotten that little
“news story” or his name. It was something of a shock for me when I
opened up HBHG and there it was, needless to say I was hooked. I also
had the same reaction to the story on the finding of The Dead Sea
Scrolls; I waited once again decades for the mass publication of them;
and I’m slowly working my way through the Nag Hammadi and The Scrolls.

Addressing the subject of the alternative histories and interpretations
of Christianity and Judism I do hope this forum will be available for
discussions of the same. I admit when I was on PoS some of my initial
anger about what I perceived as 2000 years of lies and deceit was still
rather intense; but “I’m much better now!!”


43Godefroy de Bouillon

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Nov 30, 1999

Hi list members, I am new to this list but not new to the myteries we all seek to solve. I first became interested in this subject because of a genealogy study I was doing on my family. I was researching the name “de Bouillon” (My maternal line) and some really odd things kept poping up in my research. The Priory, Merovingian birthmarks, sangraal, etc. At first I dismissed it as fringe weirdness, but after reading HBHG and a few other things I was hooked. I can’t express my excitement that this list exists. I look forward to reading your thoughts and observations about the “Prieure” I have a ton of information of Godefroy I will share freely, if it will help anyone. I also welcome anything about St. Anthony de Padua (who claimed lineal decent from Godfrey via his Father Martin de Bouillon) thanks again for this list and am looking forward to your posts. DrSkeet


Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned

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Paula Kutvonen

Dec 7, 1999


I while ago someone asked about “Gabriel Knight 3 – Blood of the Sacred,
Blood of the Damned” game about the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau. I�m
posting this to other lists too that deal with the subject.

I just finished it, after a week of playing. Yes, you *should* play the
game! GK3 is set in RLC and you actually get to solve the mystery. The
ending solution is rather “interesting”… 😉 The game is different from
reality in some ways but it�s basically the same –for example at one point
you�ll have to analyze the Puossin painting, but some clues you�ll find are
different from real life. The famous landmarks like the church and Tour
Magdala have been copied to the game and it�s very fun to be able to
examine the details in 3D! You�ll also visit other areas near RLC that are
connected to the mystery.

Personally I liked GK3, but I don�t think it�s nearly as good as the
previous Gabriel Knight mysteries. They were darker and more supernatural
and IMHO written and designed better. However the reviews so far have been
mostly praising –one even called GK3 the best adventure game of all times!
I�ve collected a few addresses if you�d like to read more:



45Re: Welcome to

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Dec 20, 1999

Hello, like most of your other enquiries this message comes from someone
facinated by the activites of the prieure. I am surprised to find you
openly courting support on the web. If this is for real why on earth would
you wish to accept a total stranger into your group? It really can’t be
that easy! After so many years in the underground stream I would be
surprised if I was about to get up to speed on the real story of the Prieure
de Sion.

As a taster/tester please would you tell me about the Cutting of the Elm as
I was unable to get to the bottom of this when I visited Gisors!

If this site is for real – please accept my apologies for my cheekiness!!!


52Let us start a debate

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Feb 14, 2000

I am presuming that everyone on this list is aware of the refutation given of the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery by the Time Watch programme in the UK, which stated that it was all an elaborate hoax and included a semiological explanation of the meanings of the coded parchments. I would like to know why people still refuse to accept this more than reasonable explanation.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Regards, Philip



Digest Number 36

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Feb 15, 2000

Okay Philip I am game!
My first point would be who really gains from this fraud???
What would be the point of such an elaborate hoax carried so long?
Such incidents as the Cardiff Giant were clearly for gain and soon exposed
Who really has gained from this and why?

In a message dated 2/15/00 6:19:59 AM, writes:


Dear Diane,

That’s a new one on me. Where did you hear/read it?

I would also wonder how anyone could know that the Templar wealth was
mostly in silver.My guess would be that most of their wealth was in real
estate, and that most of their cash would be out on loan or other
investments. That’s my opinion on why Philip found no treasure in the
treasury. My best guess is that the cash was mostly out on loans that
never had to be repaid. There probably is no lost or hidden Templar
treasure–in the material sense–except for records or artifacts. Their
most valuable legacy would seem to be a spiritual one.

Furthermore, Mexico is a LOT further from Europe than Nova Scotia, and
Henry Sinclair’s voyage to Nova Scotia didn’t take place til long after
1314. The above theory would indicate that he was not exploring at all,
but rather following a very old sea lane established hundreds(?) of years
previously. That’s quite a stretch.

Best regards,



63Urgent Help Save the Bears

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Tracy R Twyman

Jul 10, 2000

I know it’s off topic, but it’s pretty serious, I thought.

Please read this and, if you feel strongly about it,
do the following…

We ask the Chinese government for compassion.

Today in China 10,000 (ten thousand) bears are kept
prisoner for extracting bile form their gall bladders.
The bears are kept in a horizontal position, in cages
that look rather like coffins . They wear a metal
collar and are held down by pressure bars. A catheter
is introduced into their body that continuously
absorbs the liquid from their gall bladders.. The
bears cannot change their position and remain in this
condition of permanent pain between 15 and 20 years!



The Rapture

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Bob LeMaster

Jul 23, 2000

If anyone is interested in discussing the rapture and end times,
there is a great group called RaptureDiscussion. Come on and join
in, or just sit back and learn. Just click on below to join.


66contacting …

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Jul 25, 2000

Hello. I’m new to this group. I wondered two things:

1) Is the principle directive of the Prieure de Sion today still the
preservation of “Jesus'” bloodline? (This is NOT about the
“Merovingian Dynasty”!)

2) If so, any idea how to contact them?





Nobody knows where it came from, who made it or what
purpose it
served. For untold years it lay in a corner of a room
in the old town
hall of Kirkwall, a painted scroll with mysterious
images and symbols
incomprehensible to the secret society of Freemasons
that owned it.

Now a Cambridge historian believes he has cracked its
ancient code to
reveal a treasure map that could indicate the burial
place of the
Holy Grail in Scotland. According to Dr Andrew
Sinclair, a graduate
of Harvard University, the artefact is also a
priceless “missing
link” between the Masonic Order and the Catholic
Knights Templar of
the Crusades.

It was in 1307 that 50 Templars, fleeing persecution
by the King of
France, sailed from La Rochelle with sacred relics
dating from the
Crusades. Some of them are said to have landed in


Re: [Prieure-de-Sion] Digest Number 46

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Jul 27, 2000

Regarding Digest 46:

There is strong evidence suggesting that the 50 Templars of which you speak,
came to Nova Scotia, Canada (which is all Scottish Tartans and tartan
candles!). It is my belief, based on personal research, that these Templars
were not embarking on a “new venture” but rather, following the trail of
“someone” before them.

What did strike me in particular about this digest was the comment: “The
mummified head of Christ is among sacred items that legends speak of being
smuggled to Rosslyn by the descendants of crusading knights.”

Which legends speak thus?




Pierre Normand

Aug 5, 2000

— In, “Hav’ah” <havah@s…> wrote:

> Regarding Digest 46:
> There is strong evidence suggesting that the 50 Templars of which

you speak,

> came to Nova Scotia, Canada (which is all Scottish Tartans and


> candles!).

Why would French Templars of the early 14th-century have anything to
do with the presence of modern-day Scottish Tartans? French Templars
did not wear Scottish Tartans, and as far as I am aware, Scots did
not wear the now popular family Tartans until the 19th century.
Further, Scots did not settle what they named “Nova Scotia” until the
British took it from the French settlers (who called in “Arcadia”) in
the mid 1700’s.




William P Arney

Sep 15, 2000

Dear Terry,

Plantard’s been up to…dying. He died this year, either in Feb. or June.

On Fri, 15 Sep 2000 20:30:03 -0000 “Terry Melanson”
<guitarconspiracy@…> writes:




Sep 20, 2000

Greetings E-Group,

New to the group,just joined last week and have spent time cruising
the archives to see what has been up for discussion. Now its time to
jump on the bandwagon and make myself known. I’m trying my second
posting as the first one does not appear to have gone through….so I
hope I’ve figured it out. How difficult can it be ???

I’ve been following the Prieure-de-Sion since a few years after HBHG
first came out.Have read theirs and countless other books on the
subject. Although I do find the bloodline most interesting, I am far
more interested in their involvement with cultures, economics,
sciences, philosophy, etc. etc. and that they would appear to have
been involved and behind the scenes of many significant events and
people in our history.

Their trail would appear to lead to Nova Scotia and surrounding
areas. I see this has been up for discussion recently and if you are
still subscribed to this egroup Ha’vah I would love to discuss
anything on this topic with you. Westford Knight??? Newport Tower???
Oak Island ??? I think Canada has a far more interesting historical
background than our storybooks tell us and it is all tied into the
the Priere-de-Sion, Templars and Rennes-le-Chateau. Scottish templars
have been to Canada before Columbus and they have left their mark for
those with eyes to see….



Sep 22, 2000

Hi Kathleen…

I suspected I’d find you here. I am in the other group too priory-of-
sion egroup.

See you there.


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