Was My Mother Insane?

The book and movie that is already written is ‘The Search For Miss Bond’. Our story is ‘The Phantom of the Opera Two’. Everyone is waiting for that one. If only a Good Fairy would wave her magic wand, to render me twenty-four again.

Lara spoke of doing a television show. Let me get out my unlimited imagination, and create…….’Calling Doctor Roozemond’

This series will be shot out at the Scary Dairy that was run by mentally ill inmates. Lara looks like she is wearing a doctor’s frock. There will be a stethoscope around her neck.

“Hello! My name of Doctor Roozemond’. I’m not really a doctor, I am an actor. Well, that’s not true. I want to be an actor. Tonight we will delve into the mind of another female celebrity – who went insane! Last week we analyzed the horrific mental condition of Gene Tierney . Tonight, we will go into the nightmarish world of Christine Rosamond Benton, and, as a bonus, her mother Rosemary. We wanted to include her brother ‘Mad John’ but, he is still at large in the French Alps. As you know, he thinks is the embodiment of James Bond. Yet another one of Mr. Presco’s manuscripts has appeared, and has been dutifully assigned to the ash heap.

In the olden days, professional doctors performed lobotomies. Today, any Bozo can get on social network, and go to town on anyone who exhibits any kind of abnormalacy. We are living in the Age of The Amateur Psychiatrist. There are many Nurse Ratchets out there – having field day!”

If there is time to make my movie, I will run into Lara Roozemond on the train. She will be reading my fourth Bond book ‘Horses From Hell’. She catches me taking her beauty in.

“Well! You have a lot of never staring at me like that. I think I will report you to the She Police!”

“I was enjoying you reading my book! Sorry!”

“Oh my God! You’re him, the man I tried to destroy on the internet. Well, all’s well that ends well!”


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018




Hi, Lara! Welcome back to our spotlight! Today we have new reason to spot you and we want to let our and your followers to know about it!Can you share more about your new study?

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Determining whether or not your mother is insane was, but, is no longer the consideration of Bohemian Author, Ken Kesey, because he is dead? However, Thomas Pynchon is still alive, and according to me ex-wife, he had issues with his parents. Mary Ann does not offer much detail about the parents of the elusive Pynchon, leaving many to wonder if it was his mother who drove him insane, and thus, he wrote crazy-ass novels that predict the coming of  Word Grafiti mixed with Jazz. I have been very liberal with my tales about Might Mo, who was generous with her madness, she sharing it with anyone who got in range of her psychic six-shooter.

To sandwich myself in between two hugely famous Beat authors, has doomed me to failure, for most will conclude I am trying to emulate them – and am insane! However, Ken was never incarcerated in Camarillo State Mental Hospital as…

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