Was My Mother Insane?

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Determining whether or not your mother is insane was, but, is no longer the consideration of Bohemian Author, Ken Kesey, because he is dead? However, Thomas Pynchon is still alive, and according to me ex-wife, he had issues with his parents. Mary Ann does not offer much detail about the parents of the elusive Pynchon, leaving many to wonder if it was his mother who drove him insane, and thus, he wrote crazy-ass novels that predict the coming of  Word Grafiti mixed with Jazz. I have been very liberal with my tales about Might Mo, who was generous with her madness, she sharing it with anyone who got in range of her psychic six-shooter.

To sandwich myself in between two hugely famous Beat authors, has doomed me to failure, for most will conclude I am trying to emulate them – and am insane! However, Ken was never incarcerated in Camarillo State Mental Hospital as was our family friend, Sue Villiani, who was my lover, and Christine’s best friend.  After failing to get her out, my sister Vicki, and Keith Purvi,s took her off campus, and were taking her up north, when she got scared, and asked to be taken back. Keith was the lover of Nancy Hamren of yogurt fame. Sue was a very beautiful and talented actress. She is the hidden Star of my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’.

Yesterday I discovered the Scary Dairy that lie on Lewis Road. It was built by the hospital that built on land purchased from the Lewis family who were good friends of Rosemary Rosamond. A Lewis sent my mother the home movie he put together in 1990. He, whose name I forgot, never stopped asking Rosemary to marry him.

I also discovered the Perry Lane Cottages that Ken and Faye Kesey lived in at Menlo Park. They were torn down. Consider the Columbia cottages, the graffiti, and Stefan Eins, the Creamery mural, the movie ‘The Horses Mouth’ and the Quest for Belle. Here it all ends, in a field of broken and lost dreams, that amuse the Graffiti Ghost as the Scary Dairy.


Rosemary was a Veteran. The WAVES must have overlooked her madness due to the fact she scored the second highest score on their aptitude test, and they put her in a code room in Seattle spying on the Russians.

Below is are images of the Insane Asylum taken by a Lewis whose brother dismounts from his horse to…..to pose. These young people are entertaining the possibility they may be in The Movies. There are two scripts out there about my crazy sister, the famous dead artist. The Lewis movie was made long before Ken’s movie. Rosemary told her children se had a scholarship to Camarillo after they rode up and talked to the head doctor. I think he was looking for a Star Patient. Hollywood cranked out some fine psychological melodramas. I’ve been depicted as a dangerous and scary mad man….who escaped from The Funny Farm!

I am going to write the university and declare the Scary Dairy a work of art, a Fashion Moda West is you will.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015



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The Scary Dairy is an old dairy farm adjacent to the former Camarillo State Mental Hospital, now California State University, Channel Islands.[1] It was run and maintained by the staff and patients of the hospital as a form of work experience and additional income for the hospital. In the 1960s the dairy was closed and the buildings fell into disarray and have since been heavily vandalized.

The land is now a part of the California State University, Channel Islands. The public is welcome to explore by foot during the day. University police officers patrol the area frequently and are on the lookout for large groups of youth, vandals and firearms of any kind (including paintball guns) and any other suspicious activity.[2] The field adjacent to the dairy has been used for sheriff exercises and training. The trails around the dairy are used by hikers, runners and photographers.

Wedged between Menlo Park on two sides and the Stanford Golf Course on a third, the subdivision is 100 years old and forever resisting incorporation. There are no sidewalks or streetlamps. But there are a lot of ambiguities, starting with the name. It is either University Heights, University Park or West Menlo. Scott lives at the corner of Stanford and Palo Alto, which is in another county. The area is bordered by a Menlo Park public school — Oak Knoll — but even the kids who live across from it can’t go there.

The biggest ambiguity of all is Perry Lane itself, which is one thing the white-suited Wolfe got right by getting it wrong (along with misspelling Sebern’s name). On maps it is Perry Avenue, though to call it that “you might as well call it Perry Boulevard,” Scott says as she looks down a street that is just one block long, two cars wide and seems narrower with all the overgrowth.

The approach from Leland Avenue is marked by one of the original wooden cottages, a one-story box unpainted and unlandscaped. There is only a smattering of them left. Given real estate pressures, it is amazing all of these shacks haven’t been scrapped.

The cottages, built as shotgun houses when adjoining Stanford University was taken over as an Army camp in World War I, are also disappearing. “Most of the Perry Lane houses were only marginally modernized,” says Paul. “And even those that were don’t suit the tastes of people nowadays. Our house was over 100 years old and didn’t meet any current building codes. I had to work hard to keep the house alive without attracting attention of officials.” (Aside: Street signs say “Perry Avenue” but locals it Perry Lane.)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mynzbmrtp9I scaryd2 scaryd3 scaryd4 scaryd5 scaryd6


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    The book and movie that is already written is ‘The Search For Miss Bond’. Our story is ‘The Phantom of the Opera Two’. Everyone is wating for that one. If only a Good Fairy wave her magic wand, to render me twenty-four again, then I could love ‘My Wing’ unconditionally. But, it is clear that I have freaked Lara Roozemond out, because I remind her of her father, the Forbidden Love. How can she ever get from out of his shadow? So, she goes to The Mirror to be just half the narcistis Cees is, and this is goof enough for her; for already the young men she had BONDED with, have fallen short. Once the meet Father Rose, I am sure he makes sure they go away, feeling, impotent. I will continue writing Lara poems from afar, down in my dungeon making watercolors of the stages I design….for her!
    My Dear Wing spoke of doing a television show. Let me get out my unlimited imagination, and create…….’Calling Doctor Roozemond’
    This series will be shot out at the Scary Dairy that was run by mentally ill inmates. Lara looks like she is wearing a doctor’s frock. There will be a stethoscope around her neck.
    “Hello! My name of Doctor Roozemond’. I’m not really a doctor, I am a actor. Well that not true, I am want to be an actor. Tonight we will delve into the mind of another female celebrity – who went insane. Last week we analysied the traffic mental condition of . Tonight, we will go into the nightmarish world of Christine Rosamond Benton, and as a bonus, her mother Rosemary. We wanted to include her brother ‘Mad John’ but, he is still at large in the French Alps. As you know, he thinks is the embodiment of James Bond. Yet another one of Mr. Presco’s manuscripts has appeared, and, been assigned to the ash heep.

    Hi, Lara! Welcome back to our spotlight! Today we have new reason to spot you and we want to let our and your followers to know about it!Can you share more about your new study?

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